Android 12L available now for Pixels, coming later to tablets and foldables

Android 12L on a tablet
(Image credit: Google)

What you need to know:

  • Google is providing more information about Android 12L, its update for large-screened devices.
  • The update will include changes to the notification shade and settings menu and other updates to take advantage of larger displays.
  • Android 12L is available now on Pixel smartphones. It is coming later this year to tablets and foldables.

It's been several months since Google first announced Android 12L as a foldable-centric update that aims to make better use of large-screened devices. However, along with the March update and feature drop, Google is providing more details about what to expect in Android 12L, which is now available for certain devices.

As we've seen in various betas, Android 12L features visual changes that aim to improve the UI on some of the best foldable phones and tablets. Among them is a new notification shade that splits into two halves; one side for quick settings and the other for notifications. This should make it easier to view more notifications at a time.

The Settings menu is also being improved with a new UI that makes it easier to jump between various settings.

Android 12L on a tablet

(Image credit: Google)

Android 12L on a tablet

(Image credit: Google)

Google is also highlighting the new taskbar, which will be able to hold up to six apps at a time. This will not only make it more Chrome OS-like, but it should also make it much easier to multitask, allowing users to drag apps into split-screen view and adjust the windows.

There are a series of more minor updates that users will be able to appreciate on smaller smartphones, such as the ability to change to a single-line clock on the lock screen, an improved wallpaper selector, and more.

Google says that Android 12L is rolling out "later this year" to tablets and foldable devices from manufacturers including Samsung, Lenovo, and Microsoft (good news for Surface Duo 2 owners). However, according to 9to5Google, Android 12L is available now on Pixel smartphones as part of the March 2022 feature drop.

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