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SIM card lock settings

If your phone uses a SIM card, you can set a lock on the card so it can't be used by anyone who doesn't know the lock code.  This isn't anything new, and it stays tied to your SIM card -- not your phone.  It's easy to lock or unlock your SIM card on Android.  Go into the settings by pressing menu > settings > Location & security > Set up SIM card lock.  You can toggle the setting on and off by simply checking the box. 

Fair warning: you may have to get the default SIM card pin from your carrier, and too many tries can and will bork your SIM.

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Setting a SIM card lock (and why you want to)


Considering the risks involved who in his right mind would put a lock on a simcard that could render the simcard useless. Nobody's gonna steal it, or do they? As you can tell i'm new to smartphones.

The first thing thieves do when they steal a phone is run up your bill and then ditch the sim card and put in their own.

Just lock the phone and you are better off.

Nobody breaks into your phone and steals the sim card.

I've had a sim lock on every sim card I've ever had, never had a problem. I guess if you can't figure it out, then call the carrier or leave it alone.
I don't see much reason to really lock it, I'm just doing it out of habit. it's only useful if the thief reboots the cell, and I don't know why he'd do that.

I have motorola Droid 2 Global by Verizon and I want to unlock my cell phone.and its asking for network sim unlock number,Can I able to get unlock code my cell phone? How do i get network sim unlock number or unlock code?.

Please help me with my cell phone.
Thank You.
Viral Malvia

Is there anyway to unlock a sim card pin if I bought a tablet? I have my own pre-paid account with T-mobile but, bought a Zenithink Tablet. I just want to be able to use the "call" feature on my tablet. Thanks.

I tried to setup a security code for my sim card and it locked me out. I called got the puk # from at&t, and it started locking up all on its own. Still having problems with it. Dont know what to do cuz I dont want to do a hard reset.