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Parental controls are a slippery slope on any platform. And make no mistake about it -- your child will at some point find a way around any walls you erect. But if you still want to give it a go, you can set the Android Market to only allow apps or a certain "maturity level" to be downloaded to a device, also known as content filtering.

Market controls Basically, every app that is submitted to the Android Market must declare a maturity level. They are:

  • Everyone
  • Low maturity
  • Medium maturity
  • High maturity

In the settings on your device's market app (hit the menu button, then choose "settings," you can restrict the level of app you (or your child) can download. And then, of course, you'll want to set a PIN password to lock down the settings.

Is that going to kid-proof the device? Hardly. And it doesn't keep the device from actually seeing an app -- which would make a little more sense if you're looking to shield little Timmy from the seedier side of the Market -- though the app will display a message saying you can't download it. But it is a small option if you're looking to lock down a device from curious eyes.