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Show pictures in gmail

A little headache in Gmail is that embedded images don't show up by default. That actually makes sense, as that can be data-intensive. Until recently, there was no way to force images to always load. But Gmail recently updated so that you can tell it to always display images from a particular sender. Just look for the button you see highlighted above.

You can also clear the list of senders that will automatically show images. Just go to Menu>More>Settings>General Preferences>Clear "Show pictures" and you can reset the list.

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Reader comments

Android 101: Force Gmail to always show pictures from a sender


People, DONT always show the pictures. I tried this and within 4 hours, my phone was locked up and I had low memory warnings.

That's strange. I have mine set to display all pictures & don't have that issue at all. I'm wondering if that was caused by a different app.

What phone do you have?

I do not want to automatically load images. I think that some junkmail senders are fishing for valid e-mail addresses. If an embedded graphic is downloaded from their server it is a way to verify if they hit an active address. I could be wrong....

That's why it's not an option to load *all* images automatically, it's an option to load images automatically from a particular sender...

i don't get this. of course this is great to finally have. but why can't gmail just see which sender's are on the always show images list from the desktop version? you would think they would tie it all in together. now i have to manage 2 lists of approved senders to show images for.
Labels, colors for labels, your signature, your name, etc., all those settings are copied over when you use gmail on your phone. the same can be done for the option of showing images for emails.


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I do not see any of these options on my Charge.. Nothing in the individual emails to choose other than the regular "show pictures", and my settings menus do not look like this.. As far as I can tell- there is no update available. Is this referring to Gingerbread?