Analysts Say Android Will Rank Second in Smartphone Marketshare by 2012

We're not the only ones who think that Android is about to take off. Analysts at Gartner forecast that our favorite OS, Android, will rank second in worldwide smartphone market share by 2012 (behind Nokia). They estimate that 14% of the global smartphone marketshare will be Android devices--higher than Blackberry, higher than Windows Mobile, and even higher than the iPhone.

Gartner cites multiple reasons for Android's impending success but points mainly to Google. Android will succeed, "because of Google Inc.'s backing of Android and the range of cloud computing functions and related applications that Google will make available in coming years". They expect Android to run on nearly 40 different handsets by 2012.

We're glad that people are finally noticing Android and believe in its potential. But Android in 2009 currently sits 6th in worldwide marketshare with only 2% of smartphones running Android. It's a long climb to the top but we definitely believe that Android can make it--the OS has shown a great balance between offering third-party applications and maintaining high usability--you can have it your way.

We can't wait to meet all you future Android users.

 [via computerworld]

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Casey Chan
  • Hola muy buenas, acabo de realizar un fantástico post, sobre el mundro de Android, y había pensado que era probable que te interesase esta informacion, podriamos intercambiar los enlaces, de las paginas o por lo menos el de los post, muchas gracias, un saludo por cierto tu pagina es un gran trabajo,
  • How does Nokia have the highest smartphone marketshare? Name me 3 Nokia smartphones? I think this must be a typo. Do you really mean that Android will have 16% of the cellphone OS market? Not just smartphones.. but ALL CELL PHONES?
  • GLOBAL marketshare. Nokia smartphones may not be that popular in the US, but I'm pretty sure they are big in Asia. Asia = A LOT of people.
  • In North America Nokia does a pathetic job of marketing. But Europe and Asia (especially India) are HUGE consumers of of Nokia phones. You're right; the vast majority are not smartphones but they do have many: 1) N97, 2) N85, 3) E71, 4) N900, 5) E63 But don't fret. Looks who's ahead of Android: 1) iPhone, 2) Nokia, 3) Blackberry, 4) Windows Mobile Windows Mobile is hemorrhaging loyal customers. Just wander over to WMExperts to see that. Blackberry's share will dip as more easy-to-use devices are available such as different Android UI phones and WebOS phones. RIM's terrible menus are what will kill them. My wife ditched hers for a myTouch and couldn't believe how much easier it was just to discover and add a wi-fi connection vs Blackberry. Android is/will chip away at both RIM and WM. And don't forget; Android was designed to run on basic hardware and high-end. So yes, 16% of the entire cell phone market is very viable.
  • Nokia is big just about everywhere except the US. and like MrSelfDestruct said, "Asia = A LOT of people." I've loved just about ever Nokia phone I've ever toyed around with. They seem to run and function a lot smoother than most other phones I've seen/used. I've been holding out on Android bc I didn't want to switch from Verizon. Really excited about VZW/Moto and Android- this move could be what really gives Android the boost it needs. Hello Android!
  • I am looking forward to that Android.. I can't wait to that! That's really interesting..