We all begrudgingly came to terms with Amazon Prime increasing its yearly fee to $99, but now if you're an AmazonFresh customer in the Seattle area you'll likely be okay with the price bump. In a message sent out this morning, AmazonFresh — the grocery delivery service run by Amazon in select cities — informed Seattle-area customers that they will now be required to have a Prime membership in order to take advantage of the service.

That's a bit of a downer for those who used AmazonFresh sparingly, but compared to the $299 per year "Amazon Prime Fresh" membership (which offers you access to the grocery delivery and same-day delivery of all Amazon items) required in other cities like Los Angeles it's a steal. And with this change, all AmazonFresh orders over $50 now get free delivery (saving you $7.99), down from the previous threshold of $100, and you no longer have to strive for Big Radish status to get free delivery.

Considering its limited availability and relatively young customer base I find it hard to believe there were many AmazonFresh customers around Seattle who aren't also Prime members (you're practically required to have a membership in the city limits), but comparing to other cities it's hard to argue with the price.

Current Fresh customers can keep using the service for six months without a Prime membership, which is a nice grace period, and I'd expect a strong conversion rate of those who aren't yet Prime members to hop on the bandwagon. This still isn't doing much to help the confusing city-by-city strategy of AmazonFresh, though, as it falls far behind Google Shopping Express in many ways.