Amazon Music is the next music streaming app to support podcasts

Amazon Music
Amazon Music (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Amazon is planning to support podcasts on Amazon Music and Audible.
  • The company has issued an invite to select creators this week.
  • Amazon will also require podcast hosts to not "disparage" Amazon.

Amazon is preparing to launch podcasts support on its Amazon Music and Audible apps, as per a news report from The Desk. The company sent out emails to top podcast hosts on Monday, including an offer to submit their content to Amazon alongside a few restrictions, many of which are standard. In one line, however, the company further notes that podcasters may not submit any messages that "disparage or are directed against Amazon or any service", a term that seems ill-conceived and set to ignite controversy.

"Disparage" isn't a precise term, and it seems like it could deter podcasts from hosting any content critical of Amazon if they want to take advantage of the company's platform.

A music streaming app isn't the ideal place for a podcast if you're a hardcore podcast listener, but it may work for more casual listeners who aren't as demanding. Spotify (and formerly Google Play Music) used their existing user-base to try and launch a podcasting platform, while Apple — and later Google — created dedicated podcast experiences.

For podcasters, the temptation to reach a larger audience is sure to be a lure, something Amazon notes as it dangles its 55 million customers. It's not clear when Amazon will roll out podcast support, but it'll also be made available for users of the free tier.

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