Amazon has rebranded Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming, adds free bonus content for subscribers

Prime Gaming Amazon
Prime Gaming Amazon (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Amazon is changing the name of Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming.
  • Nothing else is changing and the same benefits will remain in place.
  • This name change brings the service more in line with the rest of the different Amazon Prime benefits.

Amazon announced today that it is rebranding Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming. Nothing is being taken away from the service, which will continue to offer benefits like free PC games, cosmetic skins and DLC packs. It'll continue to be a feature included with an Amazon Prime membership. You can check here to see everything you get with Twitch Prime, now called Prime Gaming.

As of right now, there's bonus content available in Apex Legends, Red Dead Online, League of Legends and other titles. This name change is more in line with other Amazon Prime benefits, such as Prime Video. It's also part of Amazon's continued push into gaming.

The company has multiple titles in development at its internal studios, such as Crucible, a team shooter that had a lackluster reception and is now back in beta testing. Another upcoming title from Amazon Game Studios is New World, an MMO that has been delayed out of Summer 2020 and into Spring 2021. Amazon is also reportedly interested in cloud gaming, though we have yet to see an official announcement on this front.

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