Amazon Appstore receives minor update -- compatibility fixes, two step purchasing

The Amazon Appstore is pushing out a minor update this evening, brining it to version 1.14.  Besides a few compatibility fixes and the ever-present "stability improvements," they have implemented a new system to help prevent accidental app buying.  Now to purchase an application users will have to verify their choice, instead of the application purchase and download happening immediately after a mis-click.  This should cut down the number of accidental purchases -- all those $0.99 apps really do add up.  I've done this myself, so I welcome the change.

If you don't get the push notification about the update, you can manually initiate it by pressing the menu button, then opening the Amazon Appstore settings, where you're given the option to manually check.  It's clicktastic!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • So much for that one click purchasing thing that Amazon uses.
  • Good But How Do I Update An App That I Got From The Amazon App Store?
    I Already Went To My App Section But It States "No Apps to Update" When Wave Launcher Does Have An Update. Thanks!
  • In the Amazon App store, go to Menu> My apps > No Apps to Update > Menu > More > Refresh my Apps
    And it will tell you updates that are available. Be sure the Unknown sources box is unchecked under Applications. Every time I use the Amazon App Store, my appreciation for the Android Market grows.
  • The Appstore still desperately needs an in-device way to rate whether comments are useful. And show useful comments first. Like has. The comment section - particularly for the daily free offers - has become a wasteland of anger and insecurity.
  • hey cool, yeah i bought an app on accident and i emailed them and asked them to implement this into their store and what do you know....
  • I have the HTC evo. I once had the amazon appstore on my phone. Somehow it is now missing and won't show up in the Google market. My angry birds apps that I bought (no ads) won't open now. Any suggestions?
  • The Amazon Appstore is not available in the Android Market. You need to go to and enter your # into the box to the right of the screen. They'll text you a download link for the appstore.
  • Yay it worked! Thank you :) Feel silly that I didn't think of that myself. Just figured it was some compatibility issue and was waiting for it to be fixed.
  • Go to Amazon website on your phone. Download the app(apstore) install. Done.
  • Thanks :)
  • I just wish they would allow me to dismiss a new app or app update. They keep trying to push 'updates' to same version apps installed from the Market.
  • Anyone know why the Amazon App Store doesn't have release notes for updates? That's my biggest annoyance with it.
  • I am so glad someone at Amazon finally grew a brain and added the two step purchasing! Must have gotten tired of refunding money!
  • Wish they would focus on their cloud player instead. Have they made the cloud player suck less? I swear to go every time I hit play its: networkerror, networkerror, network error. Amazon IS a freaking error. DAMN YOU GOOGLE WHERE IS MAI INVITE!!!!