The LG Watch Style has seen its first major price cut, not even two months into its retail life. The watch isn't even available in Canada yet, and already Best buy is cutting the price down to $179.99 for all three colors.

Colors shouldn't cost more

The LG Watch Style isn't the most future-proofed Android 2.0 watch on the market, but it's small, comfortable, and runs Wear 2.0 smoothly for your entire day. There's regrettably no NFC, heart-rate monitoring, or GPS, but the Style is sleek and easily blends into both business casual and everyday outfits easily.

In short, it's not ugly as sin and will get the job done for most of us who don't have wrists the size of coffee mugs. And with its first sale, it's finally down to a price that I'm willing to pay for one. $180 isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but for a watch without all the bells and whistles that still practically brand-new, it's quite reasonable.

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