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After the seventh day, devs created the SermonAudio app for Android

If you need some inspirational words from the holy book or want to hear words of wisdom from greats like John MacArthur and R.C. Sproul, SermonAudio has got you covered. The newly released app will help you find over 350,000 popular audio and video sermons. If you want to see one of these sermons live, simply use the search option to find a local church that offers great sermons. Full list of features and download links after the break. [SermonAudio]

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  • New! Built-in player allows for fast & easy listening!
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  • ....... o..kayy... then. . . Guilt Trip Wednesday huh Andrew
  • Whoa.
  • Bah, what a waste of an app. Religion is for suckers who want to believe there is something out there better then being worm food.
  • Wow. Nothing like respectful differing opinions! /sarcasm
  • Religion is the main problem with this world, middle east crap jews and Iranians, terrorism, priests and there love for preteen ass, plus covering it up for decades. Religion is about control. No thanks, I just treat people the way i wanna be treated. And yes there is no God in the sky that says "well ok i created earth so just the Christians can come up to heavan when they die, screw the rest. And when people die in natural events he looks the other way, but when i wack off in the bathroom he cares about that, please.
  • This is an Android forum right ??? What the hell ???
  • What people cant rant anymore??? what the heel??? but there is no hell so there.
  • Cool application. Well designed. Crashed every time it was loading a page and I opened my keyboard (bad nervous habit). Got to give them credit for a quality product. Thanks for giving time to a religious app.
  • Say what you will, but this looks like a great app to me! Thanks for posting this Andrew
  • Actually I think this is a great program for shut-ins. I personally don't go to church but I sent this article and some info on the website to my parent's church. Hopefully they'll be able to put this to good use for their congregation and maybe even be a great and cheap outreach program. I approve.
  • oOoBoNgOoO, Richard Dawkins could not have said it better my friend. Total useless app.
  • thanks for posting this. it's quite the impressive list of sermons in this app!
  • This is a great app I've been waiting for them to come out with an app. If you want to know a great preacher look up Paul Washer!
  • LOL people are hilarious. Religion is all about power and money. Religion ruins this world. What you think most wars were/have been over? Stupid beliefs of people believing in old writings. I believe in aliens before anything the bible says. Simple way to live life, treat others like you want to be treated, don't rape and don't kill people. Sorry people science happens.
  • Seems like all the religious people leaving comments here are respectful and all the non-religious people can do is bash an opposing view. Who is it that's judgmental here? Or is it only Christians who aren't supposed to judge?
  • First of all, I think that there are a couple trolls in here who are just trying to get a rise out of people. Secondly, I think it's stretching to say that, in general, religious people are more tolerant of others than non-religious. Can anyone really look at history and current events and make that statement?
  • Christians are the most judgmental people on the planet. The nature of the religion lends itself to being judgmental with its claims that it is the one true religion and that all others are false.
  • If Christians are the most judgmental people on the planet, how come the only people spreading hate in this comment space seem to be atheists?
  • Well said guys, it looks like we have some smart people here.
  • It's not about spreading hate its about spreading truth, and not believing in a magical being in the sky. Sorry but just sitting by and being tolerant of religion is getting old, sometimes you have to speak up for what is true. We know the earth is not round anymore, but if religion still had a hold they used to have we would still believe that. It's about the exploration of the sciences and not being stuck in the past. And yes i agree this thread went way of base, ill stop now.
  • I love how everyone likes to dig at other groups and never looks at their own groups. So what if there are some perverted Catholic Priests? Lets not forget that there are perverts in EVERY social, religious, political, ethnic, gendered group in society. To assume because a bunch of priests got caught demonstrates all priests are perverts is like saying that because some dads were caught molesting their daughters all dads molest their daughters.
  • There aren't just 'some' perverted Catholic Priests. Child molestation is a pervasive systemic issue for the entire church, from the priests who engage in it to the leaders who enable it by knowingly covering it up.
    No one is saying all priests are perverts, but they are *supposed* to have disavowed all pleasures for themselves and dedicate their lives to God. They SHOULD be held to a higher standard than the creep down the street that molested a kid because they are in a position of greater trust.
  • Well, I'm protestant, not catholic-- but that aside, I really doubt that that child molestation is as pervasive as you think. It certainly gets the headlines more than others. And I agree that people in positions of authority are to be held to a high standard. But don't forget that people are the same everywhere. Really, all the catholic child molestation problem shows is that Christianity is right when it says that "all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." That's the hallmark point of Christianity: Nobody is able to be good enough to get to heaven, and they need someone who was perfect to do the saving-- Jesus Christ. Which means, even in the best of institutions (including the churches) there will be sinners who allow their sinful passions to get the best of them. I think we are all hypocrites here. We expect the Christians to be perfect because they tell us what is right and wrong meanwhile there are things everybody things are right and wrong and they themselves have violated their own moral code. Whether you hold to the Bible or your own system-- if you have ever done something you think is wrong, then you are a hypocrite if we say a Christian is a hypocrite for doing that which they say is wrong.
  • The hypocrite is the one espousing a certain message and not living up to it. I do not tell others how to live their life. My moral compass is my own.
    However Christianity has discipleship as its very core. Go into the world and spread the gospel of truth. Tell others that their way is wrong and our way is the only true way.
    These are the hypocrites. Those that preach against contraception and pre-marital sex but are cheating on their wives.
    Those that preach about tithing and offerings but are spending TAX-EXEMPT money on buying private jets and several luxury properties These are the hypocrites.
  • I agree there are pervs all over, but you would think as a priest in a religion where they are more in the now they have devoted there life to it and they know the consequences of sin, you think they would stop. but the catholic church has protected them for hundreds of years yes hundreds look it up. now ask your self if why are they not afraid of god vengeance. Either they dont think anything will happen, or they will get absolved by a high clergy member. its all bull shit.
  • Not for nothing, but the Christian minister in Florida that wants to burn the Koran isn't helping believers at all.
  • Believer and Non-Believer die Scenario: No God No thought afterwards believer dies knowing theres a God, Non believer will never know wheter he was right or wrong no other thought, both the believer and non believer share the same fate in this scenario. Believer and Non- Believer die Scenario: God Non Believer in big trouble, believer once again covered just like he was in previous scenario as he suffered the same fate, but this time around the Non-Believer is badly exposed. Conclusion: Believer whether or not there is or isnt a God has nothing to fear, Non-Believer well they are taking kind of a risk there arent they, and nobody knows for sure if there is or isnt a God thats why its called having faith, So no matter how sure anyone is of there position they cant prove it so it leaves them open to be wrong, the main point is how protected are you if you are, think about it.
  • So you are a christian just because someone told you if you didn't you will burn for eternity when you die? Try to think independently.
  • religion is not based on theory it is based on belief
  • Yet another fail-safe built into religion to prevent it from being put up to scrutiny.
    "walk by faith and not by what you see" NO thanks. It (religion) is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. - Karl Marx I'll go with Karl Marx on this one.
  • Hmmm wasnt Hitler a Marxist?
  • religion is based on faith, but if you are told as a kid the an animal is sacred and it is god you would believe it. but we know that ridicules. But at the same time millions of people believe in animal gods and and what not, so in keeping with that what makes up the correct religion? millions of people believe on thing while millions believe another. Is god so limited in his omnipotent powers that he cant make the whole planet believe in one god. i find that impossible for a being that created the universe and all that we know. Sorry GOD is bull, i sleep well at night knowing that i will lead a full and happy life and treat others the way i want to be treated. And not dwell on the matter that if i do something i mite go to hell, or not be reincarnated to a higher life form or not reach enlightenment or get me a bunch of virgins, on and on and on.
  • No Im a Christian because of my faith, and belief, trust me no preacher made me a Christian, The evidence points to Creationalism, but then again Sciences explanation on Origins is kinda intriguing too....BOOOM! and life just like that.
  • Sure, just like how the earth is 6000 yrs old.
  • The Bible doesnt date the world, the misconception of 6,000 years is gotten off a genealogy in Genisis(not sure if its this book.) And I have heard not just theologians but scientist also agree, that life being put together by mistake has the same probability of a tornado running through a junkyard and perfectly putting together a boeing Jet, engine parts and all. So until science comes up with any other response on creation then ummmmmm Boom? Id like to think the complexity of life would need an intelligent creator, and the evidence Im given says God, not some green alien off the Syfy channel.
  • Well if your understanding of science is limited to "some green alien off the syfy channel" then I'm not surprised with your rationalism. What you have basically said is "since I cannot understand and comprehend how human beings came to be, I will go with the Biblical explanation". This is exactly what christians have been saying about scientific discoveries that aren't fully proven yet. E.g earth is not the center of the universe, earth is not flat. One would think that people wouldn't be so arrogant as to think that once something eludes them, it therefore cannot be true.
  • Hey we where all born of Adam and Eve, and they had kids and they had kid and so on till the world was full. Dude if that was the case we would all be walking talking inbred retards.
  • Can I add my own sermons? "And thus he touched Jebadiah with his noodly appendage and gave onto him Penne Rigate. Blessed be his meatballs, Ramen."
  • You can add your own sermon for $29.99/month, but I don't think your message meets their conservative Articles of Faith. They are not open to "extra-Scriptural revelations, tongues, healing, women pastors/preachers/elders, etc." I think the Flying Spaghetti Monster falls somewhere between tongues and women pastors.
  • Seriously? You have to believe the "right" things to use their service? That's crazy. I'm a pastor at a progressive church--guess the fact that we encourage women to preach and are hospitable to everybody we don't qualify? Sheesh--that was exciting for a minute.
  • It amazes me how childish people can be. If you do not believe in religion or Christianity, then why did you waste your time posting your opinion here? Move on with life and find your own peace, that is what is important. Let others believe what they want and not antagonize them for it.
  • If only christians would do the same.
  • Well so far in the comments the Christian's are acting fine, others not so much
  • Christians and other religious groups always try to push their crap on others. Noone wants to hear about it. Yet they went around trying to push their religion on other cultures because they think what they believe is right. There is probably more proof of space aliens existing then a god.
  • And just like your trying to push atheism on others? Whats the difference?
  • Thanks andrew I cant wait to check this out. There is a big difference between being a Christian and being religious! I am not religious at all but I am a Christian.
  • I'd really appreciate an explanation so I can understand the fundamental difference between a "Christian" and someone who is religious because I am VERY certain that the two are one in the same. Enlighten me.
  • the funniest thing here is that God himself hates religion. Just look up the doctrine of the nicolaitans. Also there are going to be a lot of so called preachers and christians in trouble for the way they treat people and how they treat God. FYI evolution has yet to be proven and it never will. It is such an inconsistant theory and science had proven that it can not happen. it is a religion too for to believe in it you must have great faith.
  • Did you really just say that "evolution has yet to be proven?" I would highly enjoy a hit of whatever you are smoking and in the event you are a troll, I submit to your expertise sir.
  • Wow Android Central users are intolerant and unkind. ;)
  • haha. Android's openness isn't feeling so open in this thread. :)
  • Don't understand all the bashing of Christians in here. That's fine if you are a non-believer, but don't try to belittle anyone's religion. And please don't categorize every Christian as being the same. We are all individuals, going through different things in life. Some Christians judge people, some don't. Some curse, some don't. Some lie, some don't. The important thing is, most Christians know how they are SUPPOSED to live and act. Maybe they just aren't "there" yet. As for there not being a God, let me put it like this...I would rather live as a Christian, and when I die find out there is no God...than to live any kind of way, then die only to find out there IS a God. Great app by the way.
  • If the app is good or bad weigh in on the app. If you don't like the app content, skip on to the next article. Doing any more than this is a waste of time and just makes you look bad.
  • Buddha tells me I should look inside myself for the answers, and to show respect for the enlightenment that others have found for themselves. I'll bet Buddha never met some of you guys :)
  • Buddha sounds poetic and all, but he was the same thing just a dude fed up with all the gurus around him and he sat under a tree for 49 days and came up with his own way of doing things. And what do you know he had his own followers and has content, because in those days to have alot of followers was to be successful in your teachings.
    Ill say this out of all the religions Buddhisms is the most not threatening way of spiritualism. but still its all bull too. Kill all religion and the world will be a happier place. And im not saying lets all be marxists, or communists, or socialist. Just be. It would be a cool place to live.
  • No judgement, no condemnation, no criticism. I'll pray for you all!
  • Please don't pray for me. Use your time to do more constructive things. Ill be fine.
  • This app will never grace my phone seeing as I'm an atheist. But I do know a lot of people that will appreciate this app and hey guys just cause you don't agree with religion doesn't mean you have to bash it. Whatever helps you sleep at night believe that.
  • Its a free country I can bash on religion if I want, just like one religion can bash another. But if there was no religion there would be no bashing.
  • Your logic is so very flawed. So the world is messed and would be perfect if there were no atheist according to your logic. Atheist, steal, kill, cheat, rape, commit incest, molest children, etc. And since some atheist do these things the world would be a better place without any atheist. Atheist have no rules or moral laws and they also don't have a purpose for living. All they can say is enjoy life and then die. Which is to say your life is meaningless and you have no purpose in existing. You came from nothing and eventually will go to nothing, essentially everything in between was meaningless. Christians have the truth which has been outlined in the Bible as to whats right and wrong, and God has define our purpose for living. The God of the bible gives us human dignity. And just because a person who claims to be a Christian doesn't follow what's been outline in Bible doesn't mean all Christians are hypocrites. And you display your ignorance just like Dawkins and his ilk. The Bible speaks against all the things you say religion causes. The Bible speaks of a God the only true and living God who loves His creation and wishes for all humanity to turn from their sin and believe that He paid the penalty for their sins. I pray that one day God opens up your heart to believe this truth.
  • Maybe this app will make Steve Jobs rethink that whole "Android is for pr0n" thing.
  • John Piper is ftw. Thanks for sharing this
  • Why should the fundamentalists have all the good apps? Glad to know from the description in the article that they can drive you to a "Good" local church..."good" meaning "like us." Happy for them that they can judge other Christians so freely.