Adobe shows off Flash 10.1 on the Motorola Droid X

We're all excited for the release of the Motorola Droid X, and now we have even more reason to drool over it -- Senior Technical Evangelist at Adobe Systems Ted Patrick shows off Adobe Flash 10.1 running on the big 4.3 inch screen.  No, there's no word about when to expect Flash on the X, nor when Froyo should be ready, but scenes like this give us hope that it can't be far off. 

That being said, the X looks like it handles Flash just fine and Adobe seems to have Flash 10.1 for mobile devices ready for prime time.  Follow the break to see the video, and let's all count the days until July 15.  [iAndroidblog's Youtube channel via Android Central forums] Thanks Cory!

Youtube link

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • They always show low-end flash games. I just want to see how high end flash games turn out... even if it doesn't run well. I just want to see it.
  • I think you can already see the effects of running anything high level in regards to Flash, look at the difference between that slicing game and the World Cup demo. The World Cup one started lagging when he scrolled through the game summary and then lagged even more when scrolling through the group info. Flash is great, don't get me wrong, I just thought it would run a bit better on Froyo.
  • Yeah. You can see him panning slowly to avoid massive lag.
    And that's with the OMAP 3xxx series. I wonder how it'd run on a Snapdragon.
    It'd probably run better on the Galaxy maybe. I can see why Apple didn't want to put Flash on the Iphone. It isn't polished enough for them, lol. And yeah. TBH, Flash doesn't run well on certain laptops and old PC's...
    I wonder if Adobe can even optimize Flash anymore.
    Btw, Flash was running pretty well on the PAlm Pre back when they demo'd it like... last year December. I don't like Adobe for the sole fact that they had a release date of October of last year for the Palm Pre. As you guys can see, it still isn't on the Palm Pre and the Pre supported Flash ever since February.
  • Seriously? Why do they bother teasing by showing videos like this...we already know it's going to be great. Now bring on Froyo already to all phones that can handle it! With all this Froyo hype, it's making us Androidians feel a little apprehensive similar to Palm's lagginess in updating, which is one of the reasons I left them. I love Android and have found my calling but come on...Froyo needs to make an appearance soon!
  • I remember them showing it off for the Palm Pre when Sprint released it over a year ago , STILL NO FREAKING FLASH !!! Adobe SUCKS !!!!
  • I just don't care anymore. Its going to be a battery hog anyway. One of the few times where I'm on Apple's side and I hope flash dies soon. I know the alternatives are up to par yet but the fast flash goes away the better.
  • While flash would be nice to be rid of, certain things can't be done in current HTML5/JS such as recording directly from web cams like you can do on sites like you tube and a few other features. Unfortunately I can't picture flash leaving us for quite some time.
  • Maaan I remember those same presentations they used to do for the palm pre n they kept us on n on for months n still flash not there so I DONT GET EXCITED!!! seeing this not til is here too many dreams they sold us I don't believe them anymore
  • To those talking smack about flash on mobile devices, and especially to the guy saying that he can see why Apple didn't use flash on the iphone, just remember, when you are browsing on the go, if you have an iPhone or another phone with no flash, you won't even be able to access certain websites at all. That is a major fail. Even if it is a little slow, its better than not having it at all. I have flash lite on my Incredible, and it truly comes in handy for browsing.
  • Does Flash 10.1 take advantage of use hardware GPU acceleration?
  • But oh's No's you just ruined your phone by putting Flash on it. Master Jobs says you cannot do that. Please don't tell him I knew, I do not want beat too.
  • Playing with Flash on my N1 on 2.2 - its pretty cool for the most part, but truthfully it can be kinda annoying. Single tap to make the app fullscreen doesn't always work - on many flash videos/animations/games it might actually take you to a new link (youtube embedded videos are famous for this). Still - it really is cool to watch zero punctuation on the go, and honestly I haven't seen any hit to the battery life over what it was prior to having flash. In fact Froyo has increased the battery life on my N1 considerably (not sure why?). Someone had a question about performance - yeah there are games and flash objects you simply cannot use on the phone - either the buttons are too small, the game is too fast paced for the kinds of controls you have etc etc etc. There are flash objects that just don't run at the correct framerate either.
  • Don't get me wrong, I was a very strong proponent of getting flash on mobile devices. Was actually excited to have it on my N1 once FroYo came out last month. But about two weeks into it I uninstalled. Performance was okay, except for sites such as fancast or hulu, skipping frame rates that make the shows hard to watch. What really set me over the edge though was having to deal with flash ads. I can deal with it (albeit sometimes annoyingly) on the desktop environment, but on a cell phone, it's just pure aggravating to me. I know that marketers are going to find someway to force their ads onto my mobile device, but not having flash on my phone currently only limits it to AdMob banners in apps, which I can deal with the few that have it. So, until performance is improved (or I get an upgraded device), or AdBlock for mobile comes out somehow, I'll keep flash off my phone. Steve Jobs, as brash and arrogant as he is, may have been right about flash all along on this one. I just don't see the need outweighing the annoyance factor at this moment.
  • Not sure if you know but you can go into the options and put Flash content to "On Demand". I think Phil Nickinson did a video on this. That way you won't see Flash content as a webpage loads, it will just be a symbol that tells you this object is Flash and you can just tap on it if you want to activate it. I think this is the ideal way for Flash to be handled on mobile devices.
  • I'll take a look at it. It solves the ad problem at least. Thanks for the tip.
  • Gotta agree with you. Performance isn't prime time ready. Plus trying to manipulate the controls on most flash video is a pain in the ass. Doubletap only zooms the video, but to actually go fullscreen or use the volume control on those pesky videos that start with half volume, it's near impossible. Flash for mobiles should override those controls and make a doubletap default to fullscreen.
  • Sounds like you need the AdFree app. You have to be rooted to use it but it works very well. I haven't come across any flash ads so far. Also keep in mind that Firefox mobile is being worked on and already includes Adblock in their alpha. It should be quite awesome when they get it up to the release stage if the alpha is any indication.
  • I was going to stick around non-rooted as long as possible, as I've already gone through two defective N1's (one for deadzone on touchscreen that persisted even when reset, the other for dust under screen). I'm still new to the Android platform, but my idea was once I got comfortable enough with, to root and create my own ROMs and write some apps. Thanks for the AdFree tip. I'll keep a lookout for it when I do root. Does it block all ads, including in-app AdMob banners? I want to keep those active because I know it's a revenue stream for developers. My willingness to help stops at annoying flash ads though. :)
  • How about Adobe take us N1 users out of Beta 3 and into a final version so we can demo the final product before touting it for an unreleased phone?