Adobe to give free Android phones to employees

Following in the footsteps of Google, Adobe is giving away free Android phones to its employees. And before you all rush to work for Adobe, remember that Flash is coming to Android in 2.2 Froyo. Adobe needs its employees to be familiar with Flash on Android and there's just no better way to do that than to give them Android devices on which to develop. After all, Adobe doesn't want their employees to use that other phone. The device that Adobe will be giving away isn't known yet but it's probably some combination of Nexus One, Droid, or Droid Incredible. If they give away the Evo, well, then you can rush to work for Adobe. [cnet]

  • I would be very surprised to see them give away either the Incredible or the Evo simply because they will take a while to be upgraded to froyo. I do realize that both of these phones have flash already but it is through Sense and I am not sure that is really what Adobe is going for. Just my opinions - I now am jealous of the Adobe employees...
  • Now this is a great proverbial middle finger for Apple. Don't wanna use our products on your precious phone? Fine, every Adobe employee who has an iPhone will most likely switch, turn off their iTunes account, & vote with their wallet. Hopefully, this will instill personal pride in Adobe & it's employees to make Flash so good on Android, it will make iPhone users jealous with features that the iPhone can't do with HTML 5.
  • I don't get what's up with the Evo hype. Yeah, its a good phone, but it's barely different from the Nexus One or the Incredible. It's got a 0.6" bigger screen and a front facing camera. Also an LCD versus the better AMOLED screen in the Nexus and Incredible. And unless you have WiMax in your area (I don't) you're stuck using it on Sprint's 3G. I'll never go with Sprint. My boss borrows other people's phones sometimes because he doesn't get a signal in the building.
  • Barely different than the Nexus One or the Incredible?? The EVO is much different, aside from the larger screen and front facing camera, there is, HD 720p, HDMI, apps optimized for 4G. Video chat/calling, etc. Obviously you do not know the EVO is a revamped HD2. Being "stuck" on Sprints 3G is not a bad thing.
  • it's most likely gonna be the Nexus, cuz that is a Google exclusive phone, and they are using the Nexus to try everything out, like they did with the G1
  • Having worked at Adobe (a long while ago) - they used to give out gifts at the end of the fiscal year (which is around now) if sales were good etc. One year we got iPod's ;), one more poor year we got coffee mugs with a logo on them. But yeah a lot of people use an iPhone on the corporate network there - although I believe the official company standard phone is still a RIM Blackberry.
  • Has it been confirmed that 2.2 is Froyo?
  • It has to be Froyo, the only device that has been mentioned to get Froyo in the next coming months is the EVO. Froyo is in EVO's SDK as well.
  • The N1 will be updated to 2.2 before the Evo is released , NO WAY Google allows another phone to be ahead of there own flagship
  • Adobe should take all of those iPhone's that their employees aren't using anymore & send them back to Apple in a big box with a giant Adobe Systems label on it. They should put a note inside. "Dear Steve, Since you won't do business with us, we won't do business with you. Here are your iPhone's back. You just cost yourself several thousand customers for life. Thanks. The employees at Adobe Systems."
  • Wow, That's something to be proud of! Forcing Android phones down employees throats whether they want it or not. Hooray for choice, huh? And what a way for Android to gain market share. Most agree that Flash should have been put to rest long ago. Thanks to Apple that day is approaching and nothing will stop it. Keep in mind that Adobe doesn't really care about Android. What they really want is to have Flash run on the iPhone. If Apple changed course and said yes. They would abandon Android and the other smart phones in an instant. By the way, good luck with that Falsh 10.1 when and if it's ever delivered. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa...