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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 for Android now available

Version 10.2 of Adobe Flash Player is now available on the Android Market for devices running Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb. The Honeycomb version of Flash Player 10.2 is technically still a beta, so a little wonkiness is to be expected as Motorola Xoom early adopters get their first taste of Flash. On Honeycomb, Flash Player 10.2 will take advantage of hardware acceleration to speed up the display of Flash content, particularly H.264 videos. Xoom owners should grab the recent Android 3.0.1 update before installing the new version of Flash Player.

On Gingerbread and Froyo devices, Adobe says version 10.2 will deliver performance boosts across the board -- especially on dual-core devices, as well as improved soft keyboard support and rendering changes to improve the way Flash content is displayed in browser windows.

Our early impressions of the new version are that it definitely seems faster than both Flash 10.1 and the build of Flash 10.2 that leaked a few days ago. It also bears a different version number to that leaked build --, compared to

To grab the new version of Flash, use the Market link or QR code after the jump.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • Installed and works great on Thunderbolt..thanks for the heads up.
  • nice, woot!
  • finally i have been looking at market all day and wondering where it was. And No i was not one of those people who give 1 star for 10.2 not showing up on market.
  • Finally and it is a newer version than the leak so hopefully it is better.
  • Finally. People have been promising this all day long in news stories.
  • What's the advantage of it
  • According to Engadget hardware acceleration on the Xoom is currently turned off and will be enabled in a subsequent release: ... this beta release doesn't take advantage of full hardware acceleration -- it's actually turned off right now. Though the Tegra 2 is natively decoding video, Adobe told us that hardware rendering and compositing will be added in a subsequent release, and when they are it "will bring 720p playback to a really smooth, enjoyable level." Source:
  • Is this update the best yet or what.... I'm loving it Google. :)
  • I click the market link from my Xoom and it directs me to 10.1?
  • What version of Android are you on? You should be running 3.0.1 Xoom owners should grab the recent Android 3.0.1 update before installing the new version of Flash Player.
  • I am. Went back after about an hour, and it was at 10.2 then - downloaded and running... sweet...
  • Aaaand now Adult Swim video is broken on my Nexus S. Thanks, Adobe. >_<
  • Just installed it and works fine without problems. Seems to be faster and smoother
  • Anybody test yet on the hulu app to see if it breaks it? Stupid question, but im being lazy.
  • well, given that hulu didnt work with the leaked 10.2 when i tried it ... so had to go back to 10.1, i doubt this one will as well, however dont take my word for it. i just got hulu to work again on my epic. dont see a reason why i should care to go ahead and break things. THANX BUT NO THANX ADOBE.
  • How do you get Hulu to work. I have a rooted Epic with ext4.
  • How do you get Hulu to work. I have a rooted Epic with OTA eb13 and ext4. Wasn't supposed to be a double post. AC said I was spamming and I tried to edit it to clear up anything. Worked and didn't work apparently. :)
  • I find it funny that you're blaming Adobe when it's Hulu actively blocking Android devices from watching video that every other platform can access.
  • I'm not blaming Adobe. They said they had it working and I wanted to know how they did it.
  • what makes you think im blaming anybody? just said "no thaks" to the update. hulu didnt work with the leaked 10.2 but did with the original 10.1 therefore... "no thanx" to the update untill it works again. also, regarding hulu. there is a thread in AC Epic forum with the hulu.apk, check it out. even the landscape view works. you need hulu ver 1, not .3 and flash 10.1(uninstall updates)
  • If u want Hulu to work with out all the crap, update to the latest Adobe Android flash player, Google the hex modified flash file, use root explorer to copy and past it in the installed flash directory. it works great on my rooted 2.2 still same HTC sense Rom.
  • 10.2 is much faster on my Droid X. The Flash page that monitors my solar panels used to take longer to load then the screen timeout. Now all the flash loads with 17 seconds before the screen timeout.
  • Great, now videos in full screen don't work.
  • I assume you're using a HTC device? You need to put your phone in portrait orientation before going fullscreen, or it won't work.
  • Works fine on my xoom seems faster than the leaked version good new all round. En
  • just tried HULU.... stock EVO.. nogo on this side.. do I need to root if so. I know where to go.. thanx AC!
  • Hulu will NEVER WORK with any version of Flash. Hulu can detect the Android key or flash and block videos from playing on their site. So what u have to do is Google the hex edited flash file and copy it into the phones flash directory. But this requires Root access, you don't need to install any custom Rom, just use the unrevoked app to root and install the flash file. Other then that, well get a laptop if u want Hulu.
  • To all who want Hulu on their phones, xoom and Nooks there is a program on itunes market which is coming to android I hate to say I have an ipad on a android forum but the program is called iswifter look it up what it does is it actually links to iswifter servers and then threw technology of witchcraft the flash works HULU works.
  • Wonderfull I. Like it