Adobe to contribute to Google's Blink browser engine

Director of engineering for the Web Platform team at Adobe Vincent Hardy has announced that Adobe will contribute to Google's new Blink browser engine

A week or so ago, we talked about Google forking off WebKit to create their own browser rendering engine. Chrome and Chromium deal with multiprocessor architectures differently than other WebKit based browsers, and because of the big changes and confusion it can cause, they decided to go their own way.

Adobe's Vincent Hardy thinks this will strengthen an "already healthy" browser competition, and announced that Adobe will be a contributor to Google's Blink. Adobe has traditionally been a contributor to both WebKit and Google's Chromium project, as well as Mozilla's Firefox, and will continue to do so. By doing so, they "hope will help keep the web open and foster innovation as long as all browsers strive to implement ‘the same web’."

We're not sure of how this will affect the web in the future -- things may work out well, or there could be a huge rift between browsers. What we do know is that Adobe is going to do what they can to make their products work on them all.

Source: Adobe

Jerry Hildenbrand
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