This iPhone accessory makes me wish the Pixel 8 would steal this useful feature

Using a Spigen MagSafe Webcam Ring on my Motorola Edge Plus (2023)
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

I'm a person who loves to go caseless with my phones. While I totally understand the necessity of a case for a myriad of reasons, I just don't like using most of them. My default go-to solution for fixing slippery glass phones has long been slapping a Dbrand skin on it, but I have a new favorite solution: Spigen's O-Mag Rings.

More specifically, I'm rocking the Spigen O-Mag Ring Webcam Mount, which sounds a little funny on paper but works marvelously in reality. This puppy is a 3-in-1 MagSafe attachment that works like any of the best MagSafe accessories and can snap onto your Android phone via a Spigen MagFit ring.

I got the idea after adding MagSafe to my Pixel Fold last week and loving the result. Now, I'm on a personal quest to find the collect MagSafe accessories, and it's entirely possible that I've already landed on the best one. Now, if Google could just add MagSafe to the Pixel 8 via the upgraded Qi2 charging standard, we'd be set to use these without having to add another thing to the back of the phone.

Rings on things

Using the Spigen O-Mag Ring phone webcam mount with a Motorola Edge Plus (2023)

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Lots of people swear by Popsockets, and while I've never been a fan of the design, there's no denying how useful they can be. Most modern phones are just too big for one-handed use, so having something on the back that your hand can use to cradle the device helps this process immensely.

That's part of why I love Spigen's O-Mag Ring design. It uses the same basic concept of a Popsocket but swaps out that cylindrical popper for a fold-out metal ring. In fact, this entire thing is made of metal and feels super high-quality and heavy-duty. I certainly wouldn't be worried about it breaking if I dropped it.

While the ring is certainly easy enough to pull out, I do have one small critique for a future version of this product: I'd like to see the ring pop out when pushing in the middle section that bears the Spigen logo. That would make it effortless to grab the phone from my pocket and have the ring ready to grab at a moment's notice.

I've currently got it attached to my Motorola Edge Plus (2023) — it's one of the only flagship phones I can use long-term now due to my PWM sensitivity — and it works just as well on this phone's frosted glass back as it did on my DBrand leather-glad Pixel Fold.

Since the O-Mag Ring is round and magnetically attached, you can easily rotate it to best fit your preferred angle of holding. That's perfect, no matter what size phone you have or what finger you want to loop through the ring.

And I really can't understate how much nicer it is to use my phone with this ring on, particularly one-handed. It makes it actually possible to reach across the screen with my thumb and not feel like I'm going to drop it. Plus, it'll take the edge away (pun intended) from my feeling of nervousness when using the phone caseless during the Winter.

Since the ring is rigid, it doubles as a kickstand in either horizontal orientation. It won't work vertically for most phones since they're too tall, though, so don't expect that.

It's also worth noting that having the elevated circular O-Mag Ring on the back both takes away the wobble — which is caused by most phones' off-center camera island designs — and makes the phone easier to pick off the table. That's especially true for phones like the Edge Plus since the sides are curved.

But the craziest thing here is the second fold-out piece on the O-Mag Ring that gives the product its secondary namesake: the webcam mount. Spigen's official description specifically says this is made "for an iPhone and a MacBook," but it works just fine for this Motorola Edge Plus (2023) and my Lenovo Carbon X1 laptop, as well.

In fact, this is pretty ideal for Motorola phones, in particular, since Motorola's Ready For software can use your phone's cameras as a higher-quality webcam than what's likely equipped on your laptop currently.

Just unfold the webcam mount, place it on top of your laptop's display, and voilà! It sits there perfectly and could probably even double as a hands-free selfie mount if you can find the right thing to rest it on.

All in all, this is probably the single most useful smartphone accessory I've ever added to any phone I've owned. It's ridiculously versatile, is built unbelievably well, and adds so much functionality and comfort to modern phones that I'd recommend it to anyone.

If you do pick one up, make sure to grab a Spigen MagFit ring and install it on your phone first, then give it a day to properly adhere itself to your phone's back before wildly removing MagSafe accessories. I've had the rings pop off before because I wasn't patient, but thankfully, if you reapply it quickly enough, it shouldn't be a problem.

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