Android 1.6+ ZumoDrive, a cloud media storage/streaming/sync solution, is now available for Android. Here's the skinny: Install an app on your computer, and media (music, photos and the like) become accessible through the ZumoDrive app on your phone. You get 1 gigabyte of storage for starters (take a tour and get it upped to 2GB), and tiered pricing is available, from 10GB for $2.99 a month to a whopping 500GB for $79.99 a month. [ZumoDriveMarket link]



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ZumoDrive now available on Android


You don't HAVE to be stuck. I am running DamageControl v1 and its awesome. Its based on the Eris leak, but it works amazingly well.

The website is devoid of information on whether or not the content you upload is encrypted. Without a statement about that, I won't even be trying it.

It has received many bad reviews and I don't see a use for it personally. 500gb is $80 a month. The user interface on the web and on Android are bad. Wouldn't recommend this to anyone.

Holy frijoles!

They have a Linux desktop client. That alone earns them my $2.99 a month just to show support.

anyone can do this already with orb then get 3rd party orb program on android market. top it off there is no limit since all on your computer and its free. whats the point of this zumo thing. ORB does way more

A client for Dropbox should be on the way, Dropbox had recently an opening for an Android developer, in case anyone cares :o)