Zite for Android

If you're a big consumer of news and information on your Android device, you'll be happy to hear this news. Zite, the personalized magazine app that's been popular on iDevices for about a year now, has finally been brought over to Android.

Zite aims to bring you the news most tailored to your interests, and it continues to learns what your preferences are the more you use it. Fortunately, the app doesn't leave you out in the cold after your first boot. Once you've opened the app once, you can link your Twitter and Google Reader accounts to give Zite a starting point for what your interests are.

After you've linked some accounts, you can then pick from a list of different genres to further tailor the news you'll be brought. The list is fairly expansive, and should give nearly anyone all of the options they could hope for (and more).

Navigation around the app is easy; simply swipe left or right to move from genre-to-genre. Articles are presented in a list fashion, and if you tap an article, you're shown the full contents of what was written. A little niggle I noticed is that certain articles decided to automatically launch in the browser instead of the app. I'm hoping that's just an early release issue and will get fixed soon.

Otherwise, on a tablet, the UI is pretty plan, but functional. Zite doesn't look like it was optimized for Android tablets, but it runs, nonetheless. With Ice Cream Sandwich out, I was kind of hoping for more in terms of visual polish, but if just getting a working app out the door was the goal of the developers, they've done that much.

Zite for Android definitely comes off like it's still in beta, but it's been a hit on iDevices for some time, so if you were pining away for it, it's finally here. If your run-of-the-mill RSS feeds (or Pulse or Google Reader) weren't cutting it, definitely give Zite a shot. If they were, maybe you should give Zite a shot, anyway. It's definitely got room to grow, but I'm sure the developers will be hard at work, ramping up their app for the Android faithful.

We've got a whole bundle of screenshots after the break.


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Zite for Android officially launches, learns your habits and tailors your news


A few apps featured recently on AC were ported to Android from iOS. Unfortunately, they all seem to suffer from "iosification" -- they lack intuitive controls such as the option menu (just because iOS is too simplified to use a dedicated menu button), or they contain poorly rescaled images (because the originals came as one-size-fits-all). I wish that the devs put more effort in tailoring the app to make full use of the advantages of Android.

Hi DrDoppio,

We aimed for a consistent user experience across all platforms, one that is unique to Zite and not to one specific platform (you'll notice that we don't use native-looking iOS controls). As for the menu button, the latest phones do not have one, and Google has indicated that this feature of Android is disappearing soon, so it didn't seem like a good idea to build that into the core experience.

Thanks for trying the app!

Thanks Mike,

I appreciate you taking the time to participate in the discussion.

I am using Zite now and I really like the UI -- very elegant and intuitive. My previous rant was slightly off-topic, targeting other apps that were featured previously.

I occasionally use Zite on my (webOS) TouchPad. It is a nice breath of fresh air. It's like a combination of StumbleUpon and Pulse. I use Pulse on my Android phone, though. Maybe once Zite has its Android wrinkles ironed out I will use it regularly on my phone.

Agreed. I'm glad Zite finally published an Android version, but this is extremely rough. It looks terrible on tablets, and it doesn't follow Android UI guidelines. I really hope they overhaul the UI, because the app is useful.

This release is really meant for phones, not tablets. I'd be interested in hearing more about what guidelines you think we're not following. Feel free to email me at mike at zite.com.

thanks for the feedback!

this is one of my favorite apps for ios. glad to see it's finally landed on Android (after WebOS for some reason...weird). i've described it to friends as a kind of pandora, but for news/articles. learns what you like the more you use it.

Useless app and doesn't even work on my honeycomb samsung 7plus. It's really sad that android development is so bad compared to apple IOS. I know it all comes down to money but this, no flipboard, no instagram, janky nytimes (perhaps the worst implementation of ny times is on an android tablet), and a host of other applications (not even google plus hangouts works on tablets). With the sheer numbers of tablets out there running android, its sad that my original ipad one still works better than them all day to day because of the software. I want to stay android (been on this bus since froyo G1) but i keep buying tablets that don't have software that make them useful. How sad is it that savvy and loyal android tech folk with know how on tech have worse experiences than some 12 year old suburban kid or a 65 year old man using an ipad for the first time just because all the good developers are living and thriving in the IOS ecosystem. This latest Zite app which only works on my android phone not android tablet is horrible looking next to Zite on IOS and useless in usage. when will developers who aggregate RSS feeds learn that boring vertical layouts with zero multitouch options/no optimization died off in 2010. The Pulse, Taptu, and News360 formulas for aggregation are just plain pitiful. The consumer deserves more. I'd rather just read USA today (who fittingly also have a great ios app and a janky useless android app). Flipboard and Zite, call yourselves on it! give the android community an aggregated experience worth the time and you'll get millions of users (see rovio angry birds cross platform formula as an example. Not even google currents works decently on android tablets (load times/refresh times are just horrendous). I like ipads and own all three but can someone make my 7" tablet just as useful with good software!!??? Throw us a bone!!!

"I know it all comes down to money but this, no flipboard,"


"no instagram"


"janky nytimes"


If I wanted to read articles about Apple, share pictures of my hipster friends, or see dumb op-ed about the health benefits of eating kale I would have bought an iPad, and you probably should have too. Next why don't you complain that there is no facetime-compatible app for your tab.

Been waiting for this but need a tablet version. There is room for Zite or Flipboard on Android tablets as I am not completely satisfield with reader, currents, pulse, etc....

Please get a tablet version up and running ASAP.

Why is everyone on about flipboard? Have you compared it to Google Currents? Every time I use flipboard all I see are reposted articles like "Apple's Share Price and YOU" or "Ten Best Things about being an iPhone 4S owner". Seriously, the graphic presentation is nice but the content makes me barf every time I open it up. Personally I would rather just fill my twitter feed with news handles and get my daily dose of generalized information that way (which is what I do.) If you are in love with flippant full screen frivolity try Google Currents, and please respond since I honestly am curious to know if/why it is not as good as Flipboard; I have heard "omg flipboard rules" about a million times but no one can actually explain why.

Same here... I've used and lord Zite for month on iOS, and I would br delighted to use it on my Android Galaxy Note. In fact, I've. Been writing for weeks for it. But for some reasons I cannot find it on Android's Play Store in Germany. What's wrong? Did you pull it off? Please, let's have it... Thanks!

Hey, thanks much! That link does the trick... Don't know though why the app doesn't show up in the Play Store.

Love Zite. I use it on my iPad, iPhone 4S, and now thankfully my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Got to post this new to my site. Thanks AC!