If you like to spend your days perusing YouTube videos then the latest Google offering, YouTube Remote might be of interest. As described on the YouTube Blog:

YouTube Remote creates a virtual connection between your phone and YouTube Leanback. To ‘pair’ your phone with your Leanback screen, simply sign into YouTube Remote on your Android phone, and to YouTube Leanback on your Google TV or computer with the same YouTube account.

Having tested YouTube Remote out today for the first time, I have to say it is pretty cool, although I'm struggling to find many use cases for it. If I have a Google TV then I have a keyboard to go with it. If I'm near my PC then I also have a keyboard right there. Just seems more of a novelty application or one that I would use after coming home from the bar. [YouTube Blog]

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icebike says:

Since something like .0002% of the people who read this blog have bought a google tv, maybe it would have been nice to explain what leanback is.

Ok, I'll bite. WTF is a Leanback? Is that an EVO with the "Fuzzy Dice" skin case?

Bla1ze says:

It's a portion of the YouTube website optimized for devices that connect to YouTube. ie: Google TV, PS3..etc. Has a different UI and such for better visuals on said devices. http://youtube.com/leanback

sportstx80 says:

It should be 'would use' not 'was use' in last sentence.

Bla1ze says:

Lol, I believe I was fixing that as you had just hit enter. Thanks :)

NewLife says:

Just turn the damn things off and go out and play!

Kiserai says:

Sounds like somebody's just bitter because their nursing home doesn't have broadband.

sgtfoo says:

No use-case scenarios?

Common! I don't wanna buy Google TV any time soon, so anything I view on my media server that I can control with an android phone is a HUGE bonus. I won't need to buy a keyboard anymore for my media server either, since an android phone could be applied as the keyboard, mouse, interface, etc.

Now I patiently wait for voice-commands for youtube leanback

IceBone says:

This is odd... I can't seem to find it in the market, I've also used market access to change my sim id, but still nothing. Tried going by barcode or manual search.