Pick up your invite from contests, forums and friends who already bought the phone

In the true spirit of riding the hype train, OnePlus has announced that you'll need an invite to buy its flagship OnePlus One phone when it launches. Taking to a forum post to explain, OnePlus says that an invite-only system — dubbed the "OnePlus Invite System" — is the best way to bridge the gap between supply and demand right at launch.

Rather than do a more standard reservation or pre-order system for the limited number of devices, OnePlus will offer up invites to purchase the phone via its forums, contests and from other OnePlus One buyers. The thinking is that there will only be invites made available for precisely the number of phones that are made and ready to be purchased — though it seems a bit exclusionary to make people go looking for an invite rather than having a simple online store where you can place an order and be backordered if no stock is readily available.

OnePlus isn't offering up any invites right now, and says that more information on how the initial wave of invitations will roll out when the phone is finally launched. As time goes on, the invites to purchase a OnePlus One will be easier to obtain until presumably at some point you'll be able to just buy one like every other phone.

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You'll need an invite to purchase a OnePlus One at launch


Sounds like a great phone. Why not do a preorder instead of an invite?

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

if I get an invite, can I sell it so someone else can buy the phone?


if I get an invite and buy one, am I allowed to resell it for money? (profit!)

So tired of these fools. There's nothing they can release at this point that will live up to this stupid hype... Not to mention if you can even buy it.

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+1...except I'm sure you'd be able to buy it if you want. Can't see them selling too many but I guess we'll see.

So far they have done something the faPple can't even do...still a week left till presentation

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

I'm getting strong memories of Phantom game console. They're almost doing a textbook "how to piss off people who might actually buy the phone" hype - which may lead to "people didn't appreciate our innovative style" excuses.

Spot on. At this point they're actively making me care less and less about the thing. "Ooh, we're so enigmatic and cool!" Pfft.

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I'm officially unhyped at this point. I was all ready to sell my unopened Moto X (exchange from Motomaker) and save the money for the OnePlus, but if they seriously thing I'm going to work just to be ALLOWED to buy the phone, they can keep the damn thing. I'll go check out one of the 50 other devices out right now or just keep my iPhone 5s and Moto X until the new models of those phones come out.

Agreed, I went ahead and posted on their forum about how stupid I think this is. Customers should be the ones chased by companies, not the other way round. Looks like I will wait out for the Nexus 6/Project Ara at this rate.

Yeah so I feel the hype is well worth it. But it is taking a long time for us to see the damn thing. I'm buying into the hype. I'll wait it out for what could be a phenomenal product.

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Im wondering where cost is cut to sell it at 400. Since theres no pictures of the phone Im a little worried the cost is cut from design and material of the phone.

Not from design or materials...xiaomi does the same by selling a top spec phone costing under 35o us...mimimum advertisement outside of web and a couple of thousand employees...One plus has only 15o-16o employees
... ( 0ppo F5) ...

I dont know if this will work. I expressed my displeasure on G+, but theres just too many variables with this. I for one dont think I need to 'earn the right' to purchase this phone through contests and post counts on a forum. Id rather not be apart of such a niche group if thats the way it will be

I'm a part of the forum group and I follow OnePlus on G+. I'm down for some contests and stuff to win an invite. It keeps things fresh and fun. I think the OnePlus One will live up to the hype.

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You are a better man than me. I'm only down for contests if I'm getting something for free, not for the chance to pay for something.

I agree with you if it's a contest to win free stuff am in but not a contest to win the right to buy something that's just stupid to me

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Hmm... No. If you want to sell something, just sell it. Don't arse about!

seems similar to how Google handled glass.

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And glass was essentially a stepped beta rather than a release product like this is supposed to be also.

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Was thinking about getting one until they announced this stupid invite system. They want to have me search for an invite to give them my money!!!!!! Pass I will wait for the LG G3....ridiculous

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I think this will finally break their neck (and tbh, will remove them from the daily blogs with their quirky viral marketing campaign). Too many people already listened to them and trusted them without a proof that this device exists.

I would wait until the 23rd and if there is no announcement then I'll get off the hype train. But until then I'm gonna ride it out.

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I think he thought he was trolling because there's only one other flagship phone that has a removable back and SD card slot. So there isn't much choice. That dude knows what phone he wants and so there was no real need to post what he said.

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Invites? seriously? I wanted to experience the traditional new product launch. You know, orders open up at 2AM EST, website starts going down 5 minutes later, we all get on here and bitch about it, some people got as far as putting in a credit card, others couldn't even add the phone to their cart. Meanwhile we are all refreshing 5 different tabs hoping to magically hit the right time, servers crash totally, phone goes back on sale in a week but this time you need an email code to order, and everyone is still pissed and no one is happy, not even the people that got a phone because well they stayed up 10 hours straight trying to get their order through only to have to get their order pushed through over email and then they fell asleep at work and got fired for it and now they can't afford their phone, but of course, there's no way to cancel their order now because it's already being prepared for shipping.

Yea you guys are right, invites suck.

Based on your scenario, it's an open admission that they can't handle the load of having orders open to the public. Since nobody seems to be able handle that, not a real surprise, but it's the tone and attitude that have put me off. This isn't being slated as "to ensure we serve our purchasers properly", it's being used as yet another step in the teasing marketing fail. This is my opinion only so take it as that, please.

Well the fact is that they probably won't be able to meet demand. They have to figure out a way to sell what they have, so they're doing what google did when it launched gmail: invite only. At least this way they avoid dashed hopes, lost time and lots of frustration.

OnePlus is not google and this is not gmail. It's a hardware launch of a phone that has a hell of a lot shorter life cycle than gmail. They should at least do a lottery system or something instead of this invite bullshit. Feed the phone to celebs and prominent people for free and that is going to get them more visibility than this stupid "invite" bullshit. Then let everyone have a fair shot at it. Go ask 100 people that walk into a cell phone store if they have heard of the OnePlus and I bet 99 out of 100 have not heard of it. Giving a bunch of phone nerds (yes I am one) an invite to buy the phone isn't going to get your name out. But put a phone in the hands of one of those douchey Kardashians or some other celeb and I guarantee more people will find out about it and want one. Sad but true. Being exclusive does not guarantee success or buzz so either they can't produce enough and are just trying to come up with some marketing plan to cover that up until they can get up to speed or they are just morons. All this exclusive invite stuff does is alienate potential customers. I just don't see OnePlus doing anything other than becoming a small niche market phone. They will probably be around for a short period of time, maybe a few years, and will then fold. Cell phone hardware business is cutthroat. OnePlus is saying all this great stuff and we haven't even seen the product yet. No way in hell they can compete on hardware as Samsung (and others) can easily one up them. Their biggest differentiator is on the software side and I don't see any way in hell that will go mainstream. Your average joe doesn't really give a shit about that. They just know that their new galaxy S5 is awesome and they are already used to the interface so why switch to some no name brand phone they have never heard of. Only time will tell though.

Obviously, they can easily compete against Samsung with significantly better hardware at nearly half the price.

Why would preorder something that doesn't even exist? The specs look great but there isn't a single photo of it.


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It's only sketchy because we are so used to seeing leaked phones now that when a phone isn't leaked, we think it's fake. Nothing sketchy about a company keeping their product under wraps until launch day.

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I think invite only means, if they sell out, then it's safe to produce more and not lose too much $. There are hundreds of thousands of teens and adults with $400 and wanting to try new anything. I predict this will be far from FAIL for One plus.

+1. I don't have the money right now. But once I see a review our hear people taking about it I'll sell my G2 with a quickness and pick up the OPO.

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And just like that OnePlus has turned into a bunch of douche bags. Crossing this phone off my list now. This is just stupid. I shouldn't have to "earn the right" to pay them money to buy a phone. This is not how you build buzz for a new product. This is how you piss off potential customers and they decide to go elsewhere. You are an unproven company with an unproven product. Such asshats.

The last few days from these dorks:

"Better than everything industrial design." (without actually showing any design)
"Our users would rather have nothing, than settle for something inferior." (the first half of that is prophetic, it turns out)
-they announce that they will decide who is worthy to buy their product
-they quote Gandhi about themselves

I was actually excited about this a few days ago. Total shmucks.

I can't comment on the design. Since t havent shown us anything. But I would imagine it's going to be nice. I wouldn't rather have nothing than settle. I would just keep my G2. Because nothing else really interests me.

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I just ordered a G2 last night, because it's solid all around and you don't have to get permission from LG to buy their product.

You understand why there are preorders right? Especially with smaller companies...and don't compare a company with up to 2oo people with LG that have 10s of thousands
... ( 0ppo F5) ...

Those go pretty much hand in hand...if you don't know..But offcourse if you had a phone company you would just make phones for all your money and would not care how many people actually want it...very g00d
... ( 0ppo F5) ...

I shouldn't have to do the work of making your point for you, but I assume what you are saying is that the invitations are invitations to do a preorder. No thanks.

And i would still try and get this device. (Unless it looks like the f5 from oppo, since i already have one of those.)

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These fools can go eat a bag of d!@ks if they think that this is a legit way to sell an unknown product to customers. They succeeded in piquing my interest with the rumored specs and sub $400 price tag. Now they have succeeded in looking like dipsh!ts. There will not be the overwhelming demand as there is with a flagship release from a known company.... the only people that know about this phone read Android forums - of those several hundred thousand people, a very small percentage will be seriously considering this phone.

I was intrigued by the phone's price, but their infantile bragging and this kinda insulting marketing gimmick made me get something else.

Was genuinely interested in this phone, until I read about these invites. Don't want my 400 quid? That's ok...
... Shove yer phone up yer arse then

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Don't really much care if I have to jump hoops to get an OPO. Hey it's at a fraction of the cost of a premium phone elsewhere and has awesome specs. I'm looking at a $200-300 savings here. So bring it on.

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looks and sound like a great phone but, there's alrdy a competition out for it way before this stupid mith was announced, i'm talking about the Galaxy Note 3, lots of you know the specs are about the same.
..1st of all, as many ppl said before, i have to get in to a contest for me to win the right to buy the damn thing,
..2nd, i'm to break my phone, send them a video for them to 'evaluate' and see if i qualify to buy or get the famous $1 coupon..
3rd, what am i suppose to use as a phone in the meantime while they decide if i'm worth the buy, should i talk through my hand? i mean i'll have no phone to use cause i broke it tho! and, what about if they decide my video is not legit and i don't qualify on the stupid smash stuff? f*ck that! i'm to unsubscribe from the damn list asap, they can email me when is available to just buy without a headache to see if i'm still up to it..

pfff. I was going to order oneplus one but this stupid invite syste. I ordered Asus Zenfone 6 then. I know it is not high end device like oneplus one but at least I can get it right now and without this invite system. OnePlus you just lost customer here with this system!