Judging from the amount of e-mails we got sent to us, a lot of you out there are actually using Yahoo! Messenger. The latest release has hit the Android Market and it brings along with it quite a few bug fixes over the previous releases.

What's new?

  • Free Video Calls (Beta)
  • Buzz Your Friends
  • Improved Photo & Video Sharing
  • Fixes inc. Sign out issue, Notification reliability & Stability

Yahoo! Messenger is available for Android devices running 2.1 and up but the video calling will only work on myTouch 4G & HTC EVO. Download link is after the break Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


Reader comments

Yahoo! Messenger updated for video calling, bugfixes aplenty

Video looks to be tied in with Sense UI contacts, so only Sense is supported for now. I'm sure Yahoo is working on getting it ported to TouchWiz, as well as the vanilla contacts app.

I installed the yahoo messenger video app for the evo and on my pc. I can get great video but there is only a very annoying chirping sound for audio on both ends. Can you give me some advice?

The apk's for messenger, and the video calling add-on came out a week or so ago. You have to install an update immediately, then remove it, for it to work. But, it worked between my EVO and my boyfriend's Droid X. It used the back camera on the X.


I'm still way happy with my EVO. I got my wife the Epic and I can see how much superior the EVO is over the Epic!

keep telling yourself that dude. no matter how much the evo owner's keep saying this still won't make it true. the epic is better in almost every way, while still only running 2.1. when it's upgraded to 2.2 it won't even be close. the evo is a great device, but it's definitely no epic.

Tell that to consumer reports...I didn't see the Epic in their top phone list but some other galaxy's made it.

funny, cause the epic is by far the best galaxy s phone. my buddies have the captivate and the vibrant and neither work as well or have the features of the epic.

Yes, it can. Too bad everyone I know uses Skype or Google Talk and they all look at me funny when I mention Yahoo.

I was wondering if you could help me. I have the yahoo messenger installed on my evo and pc. I can get great video, but the audio is just chirping noise on both ends. Is there something that I can do? I leave for a trip in January and I am wanting to find some way to stay in contact with my little ones while I'm gone. Please help!

Has anyone found a fix to the crappy audio sound that comes in both ends of the video feed. "Chirping noises" very odd that this is a problem as both seem to work on other services.

As an added annoyance, and yet another way Apple screws us yet again...

...trying to vid chat on Yahoo from my Evo to someone with Yahoo on their Mac...NO GO. Fail Steve, Fail.

I still love the analogy someone once made:

The experience of the Facetime app on the iPhone 4 being forced to only be able to use it to talk to another person with an iPhone 4 and only via WiFi is much like someone buying a Lexus with a car phone that can only use the car phone when parked in their own garage while it's hooked up to their land line and can only call another person with the exact same Lexus with their car phone hooked into their landline sitting in their garage. EPIC FAIL!

I have the ripped version running on my Captivate and have used it several times to talk to my wife on her iPhone 4 without a hitch. Over wifi and 3G.

I upgraded and now it won't let me log in. It says Bizmail accounts are not supported which totally blows. I have an sbcglobal.net email address.

agreed. Sorry but I just get sick of everytime there's an article some evo user will invariably start saying how much better their phone is than everyone elses. Yes, it's a great device, everyone already knows it, just shut up already.

Agreed! You would think that some people had stock/shares in either company. Enjoy your phone, whatever it is.
EVO rules! Sorry, couldn't help myself. LOL

I installed messenger and it works great on my evo. This soooo cool, especially the option to do cell to pc. It renewed my interest in using messenger.

I installed the app on my evo and pc at home. I can get great video but the audio is all chirping noises and echoes of chirping. It then disconnects the call. Can anyone help me?

Has anyone found a fix to the crappy audio sound that comes in both ends of the video feed. "Chirping noises" very odd that this is a problem as both seem to work on other services.
(Mytouch 4g)

I just installed the app and attempted to call my laptop computer. When I send out the call from either my phone or the computer the other account does not get the option to answer the call. Can anyone help me to figure out why this is. I really want to use this app.

i need help i got htc evo my yahoo messenger and add on worked fine,now i cant get PC video calls or send video calls to PC i even deleted the yahoo messenger and install it again and again on my EVO but its not working i even deleted the yahoo on my PC its not working i need help help