From the department of things that really suck: Yahoo! Mail for Android is prompting users to upgrade to version 1.2.0.  Normally we all love updates, but this time Yahoo is forcing users to download and install this update from outside the Android Market.  Users who fail to accept and install the update from are unable to use Yahoo! Mail on their phones or tablets.  We've reached out to Yahoo for a response, especially since AT&T users are out in the cold -- unless they use the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine that is -- and if they respond we'll update accordingly.

We get it -- Yahoo and Google are competitors.  But this only serves to alienate your users, Yahoo.  Here's hoping you care enough about them to get this righted. Thanks Matthew for the heads-up!

Update from Yahoo! Mail for Android's Market page:

"IMPORTANT! A pre-release alpha version update was accidentally published on OCT 25th. If you downloaded this broken non-market version, please remove from your device and reinstall 1.0.4 from the Market"

So there you go, it was all a slip of the finger, err mouse.  Uninstall and reinstall from the Market and you're set.  I take back all those evil thoughts.

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jelly roll says:

I love that you're using the incredible for screenshots

cory2107 says:

I love how the Incredible they're using has no Sense UI. (?)

Blah says:

Sense UI isn't part of the Yahoo mail app.

kmo97 says:

Yes, but on the Sense UI the status bar is black, not white.

Insp_Gadget says:

But Sense UI has a black status bar (even in Yahoo's mail app), not white.

Go Android! says:

It's Phil that hates the Incredible, not Jerry.

StuRoid says:

Has anyone tried to do this update? Where is the source for this cos that link didn't work for me and haven't heard any mention of any updates...and does that mean that all updates will be without the off Market for Yahoo?

Those are pretty much the questions that we asked Yahoo. I didn't get prompted to update at first when i was testing this one either, but eventually I (and you will, too) was forced to either upgrade, or quit.

I chose to quit.


Dhamp2g says:

Who still uses this anyway

icebike says:

Exactly. Why would you use that? More bloatware.

Just use K-9 mail and use Imap on your yahoo mail. K9 will handle virtually any mail platform. It does Gmail better than the Gmail app.


Incoming IMAP Mail ServerSetting :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Incoming Mail Server :
Mail Box Name : Yahoo IMAP
Mail Box Type : IMAP
Security (Port) : Off
Port : Default

Outgoing IMAP Mail ServerSetting :
Email Address :
User Name :
Password : your email password
Outgoing Mail Server :
Security (Port) : Off
Port : 587

Exactly. If you use yahoo mail on an android device you deserve problems, and Yahoo is more than happy to oblige. :)

StuRoid says:

I must be the only one then that likes this app. Works better than any others I've tried cos I never use my Gmail account...other mail clients when you delete a message only delete it off the phone where this deletes the message completely. Was such a pain deleting things on my phone only to see them still there when I logged on my laptop.

Xenx says:

K9 gives options as to what to do with a message you delete on the phone. The option to delete off the server is there, you just have to set it.

StuRoid says:

Ah man thanks so much for that, wish I had known that ages ago and not had that pissing me off. Seems like they have that in the native HTC Mail client too so probably just going to stick to that.

icebike says:

You should read up on the difference between POP and IMAP.

Hint: Never use POP. If that is all that is offered, just walk away and start using Gmail. But Yahoo supposedly handles imap just fine.

dcreed says:

The current Yahoo! Mail app there's the decision of whether to upgrade in the hopes that it works better...or just uninstall the bloated app and be done with it. Hmmm.

dcreed says:

Uninstall freed up > thing that application ever did.

vinny#AC says:

If you manually set up your Yahoo mail I dont think you will have to upgrade. Only if you used the yahoo mail application from the market to set up your e-Mail account. (I think)

hindustani8 says:

I had been using yahoo mail app for a few days and never go the new mail alert even though the app was running. installed this update and the problem stayed, so I did the best thing...uninstall!

Jaredd130 says:

hesitantly installed the update and now it does nothing but fc's every time I open it up. Total waste. yahoo sucks. Uninstalled and I feel liberated.

GensBB says:

PPL actually still use Yahoo! Mail???????

darkmax says:

Yes, after 16+ years, I still do.

Kiserai says:

When I read this article that was the first thing that popped into my head as well. :)

Evo2DroidX says:

What's with all these people? Its just money rather than try and take ultimate control and force consumers to use your products only or leave. Life would be better for u and us if y'all would stop acting like 3year olds in a sandbox with one bucket. You'll get ad money based on the worth of your product. Att/bing now yahoo im stickin with google keep your bing/yahoo bloat