Xperia ZL

€549,99 inc. VAT or subsidized on contract, now available at

After going on sale in Canada yesterday, Germany now gets a chance to order Sony's premier smartphone, as the Xperia ZL is currently shipping from in black only. Those looking for a red or white version of this phone will have to wait a little longer, as is stock listed as "available soon." The phone is priced at €549,99, but can also be purchased with various subsidy prices on contract.

Potential buyers only have one option at present, because is the only retailer taking orders for the ZL at this time. has no launch date listed on their site, and is reporting they will start taking orders and shipping phones in May.

While we here in the states are still waiting for our launch, time can be well spent looking over a close relative of the Xperia ZL, the Xperia Z, in our detailed review. Be on the lookout for a our review of the Xperia ZL, in the near future.

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Sony Xperia ZL goes on sale in Germany


Lolololol. Talk about a pricing fail on Sony's part. The US Xperia ZL is more expensive than the German price including VAT? Guess they really don't care about the US market. Sigh...would've been my next phone.

Lol, yes. And the US price is still $50 more! Then add tax and you're looking at $800 US from Sony. And I haven't found anywhere else that has the LTE model for less.

Ok I see the pricing does really suck then but isn't that for pretty much all phones from Europe so? I am from Germany and for me to buy American phones is cheap. But branded and Simlock (but getting the Simlock out is not to expensive) but yeah phones from Europe are expensive. I recall the LG 4x Hd you paid 500 600 dollars or so for it? U get it as cheap as 250 euros here. What even in dollar isn't nearly that 500 600 dollar price range. And if u r even unlucky the imported European Sony won't even work with USA LTE and most of the time not in T Mobile USA 3G/4G. Most likely just Edge. Same with USA phones. Pretty much the only once that work in Europe in 3g and 4G are the ATT branded phones. T Mobile USA mostt likely don't work beyond edge. And USA Lte phones don't seem to work on German or most European countries either. I have an Titan 2 obviously ATT branded. It works fine for everything except LTE. My T Mobile USA Galaxy S2 won't work beyond Edge. Tried every provider. Is the frequency that T Mobile USA uses is funky. But back to the topic. Yeah the pricing is expensive no doubt. For that price you get plenty ofcheaper and better phones. Like the uupcoming Galaxy S4 will be way less since on contract and also regular sold in the USA. By the way the Sony Z didn't get so good reviews. Screen hast really good viewing agles and isn't good in sunlight either. Battery isn't that good either. Is a phone that could have been so much more.

And if you do a little reading (forums), you would know that the LTE USA model can be had for under 600 USD from some US retailers.