Sony Ericsson XperiaWe'd like to say we're excited at the news that Sony Ericsson on Twitter confirmed "that the upgrade to Android 2.1 [for the Xperia X10] is due for release before the end of September this year."

OK, it's not that we're not excited, it's just that it's not new.  It was way back in June that SE announced a change to the Xperia upgrade timeline, from early Q4 to late Q3. As September is the last month in the third quarter, it looks like we're still on that schedule.

Hang in there, folks. Your phones will be upgraded to an operating system that's not the newest in the next month or so. In the meantime, you can check out our latest (and second) hands-on with the X10 for AT&T. [Twitter via Engadget]


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Xperia X10's Android 2.1 update unchanged, still on track for September


Last minute Sony Ericsson. As a Sony Ericsson user for many years I've come to expect a certain rigidity when they are highlighted for being in the wrong or out of touch with what is expected of a flagship phone so waiting an amount of months for a year old update isn't a surprise.

Though I do wonder what they will do next because at some point developers at their product launches will scream out "Where is the multi touch?" and "We won't develop for your device if you continue to be cheap ass"

I just hope they make enough profit from this current line so that the next wave of android phones they roll out give more value for money than two dodgy apps that add nothing but add a fancy interface that hogs resources and slows down the upgrade path to more complete and robust android builds

Rant over :)