Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

We're taking this one with a pretty big grain of salt, but word around the water cooler is that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 -- currently languishing with Android 1.6 -- will get its upgrade to Android 2.1 in September. And on top of that, it'll miraculously get multitouch, too, never mind the report that it's supposed to be physically impossible due to a hardware limitation. We're not getting too worked up over this as the X10 isn't actually available in the United States. But for everyone else's sake, let's hope September brings some good news. [Cell Phone via Electronista]


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Xperia X10 now said to get Android 2.1 -- and multitouch -- in September


Sony Ericsson.....ahhhhh....this is why I have stopped buying their phones, while their build quality is usually excellent, you need at least one software update till all the bugs are worked out.

My W760i had Bluetooth issues out the wazoo until a software update which fixed the problem for good.

My W995a has WiFi built in but would rarely re-connect to my home network, until TWO software updates were released and then it would reliable re-connect to my home WiFi network. The W995a has a YouTube Application that worked over WiFi but would fail over 3G, then came along a software update and lo and behold, the YouTube Application worked over WiFi and 3G. Not to mention that each software update made the phone usable, when it was barely functional in its shipped form.

And so it goes with SE,

I bought the X10 yesterday, and i'm curious as to what bug you're talking about. The software is well done and flawless, i don't have any lag, even on timescape.

Sooo pretty.
But by the time I'll ever get a chance to play with it time will have bit it in the butt and it will be outdated.

Since Verizon is discontinuing the phone, it might become available, but they won't push it out to you. You will have to take it to a Verizon Wireless Communications store in your area, and have them do it.

Ive owned mine since the end of March. I have the black and got the white for my wife. Ive owned every hot phone to hit the market since back in the SE P800 days. I currently still own my Nexus. The X10 is a solid device and I know we all have been shafted by Sony but serious the X 10 isnt as bad as every makes it out. I went thru the P990 debacle and i get it, some of us still hold a grudge against Sony. Im on my third nexus...ive had the dust, the 3g hang up, the touch screen inconsistencies yet i still tolerate it. My SE X1 had the hairline cracks the resistive screen yet it still was a solid device. My HD and HD2 had its WM bugs but guess what, i love both them damn phones. I just think people complain too much and love to hate something and the X10 is one of them. People gonna hate Sony for whatever they do. For the time being, im enjoying the X10 imma let the haters hate and keep talking whats coming out in the future. Im enjoying now. And when that stuff comes out in future, i will get it. Im in the US and ive been using the the X10 for almost a month. if you dont have the device and commenting about it, then your point is invalid to me since you havent even tried the device firsthand. Again, the X10 is a solid device. You will not be dissapointed.

P.S. hey. And Phil you're full of s**t too...see my comment on your lazy "hands-on" article you wrote. You need to edit that aritcle bro. you outta be ashamed!

Dear leonus crookz!

Before I begin, I would like to point out two things. I have never held an X10 in my hands, but that is irrelevant, since I won't be commenting on the device itself; and I have actually gone back to read your - let me put the quotation marks there - "comment" on Phil's hardware hands-on article. Now having done so, I have the following impression of You:

You have owned a lot of phones. Good for you! It means that you have a good base for comparison.
You currently own the X10, and you like it. Again, good for you! You own a device that satisfies your needs.
You have a different opinion on this device, than most other people. This isn't a bad thing, you are free to DISCUSS it here. In a CIVIL manner. Which brings me to my last point:
You go and openly bash everyone who has complaints about the X10, and you insult Phil. Congratulations! You went straight from discussion to Apple fan-boy douchebaggery level!

You said yourself, that you'll ignore everyone who has complaints about the X10. Feel free to do so! But if this is the only tone you can voice your opinion on this site, then we will feel free to ignore You!

Best Regards,


Foxman.Btw thanks for judging me, post police! However..the X10 has it flaws, there's no question. Just like every other device. My problem with Phil is that as a reviewer its his job to state the facts. People who dont have the device is going to go by what he says. In his video he was trying to barbarically open the battery cover, complaining its hard to open when in fact it isnt. He goes on to say that the screen is plastic when infact it isnt. I just want him to state facts so people can know the truth. How you not see that? I can give a damn about how many people like the X10, im not here to promote it. No where did I indicate that I bash anyone who dislike the X10. All i said it was a solid device and isnt as bad as people make it out to be after trying firsthand. I gurantee most who do get to try it out would say the same thing. Sorry if you felt insulted by comments but I stand by what I said. How is what i said on a douchbaggy level? Im sure you wrote a post somewhere where you disagreed with someone. Phil messed up man, plain and simple. I still respect him, and will continue reading. I just want him to step up his game and report the facts.

Compare these two sentences:

LOL. Hey Phil, there's a factory screen protector on there you need to take off!

You're full of s**t and your review sucks.

insert witty phrase about flies, honey and vinegar here.

LOL the screen is plastic he says.. in another review.??? I have an X10 and the screen is glass it comes with a Plastic screen protector.. hahah this Phil Nickinson needs to get his facts right. I do have to say this phone is slick and i'm getting selling my Nexus One because the X10 is so slick and does not have the screen issues my Nexus One has.. I can't even read it in sunlight the x10 you can. only had the phone for a week and i'm Lovin it..

@ tric
The X10 is very nice. Definitely one of SE's best. I have the same problem with my Nexus too and currently on my third one. But you are right, the X10 is slick. SE has finally done a good job.

lol. You know, now that you guys mention it, there WAS a screen protector on there. Can't believe I didn't see that while in the midst of writing other reviews and moderating comments for infantile and profane responses, but there you go. Don't think that's gonna help the X10 out much when it comes to the software side of things, but you'll have to wait for the full review for that one. :p

Thanks, for the update Phil, kudos.. but what about the battery cover?? ( Im kiddin)...looking forward to the software hands-on.

Great phone in all aspects except for battery life and the bigger of the two problems, lack of flash. Wish SE would have jumped to 2.2 instead of 2.1 so when the update is released we still have to cross our fingers and hope flash 10.1 will be available/compatable for xperia.

The design is and feel in the hand are 5-star.