Late last week we got word of an update for the Motorola Xoom rolling out, and while the main purpose that we saw for the update was the upcoming flash compatibility, the update appears to have done more then just this. Android Central forums member wnrussel3 noticed that after the update to HRI66, from the previous version of HRI39, Quadrant benchmarks on the device improved by 28 percent, jumping from 1775 to 2283. It's not necessarily indicative of an overall experience, but nobody wants lower benchmark scores. [Android Central Forums]

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storm14k says:

So were these benchmarks that are circulating against the iPad 2 done with this update?

crxssi says:

There was only one Xoom benchmark done against the yet-to-be-released ipad2. It was from anandtech, it was graphics performance only, and it has been re-quoted over and over again as if it is meaningful, which it is not. It was not even adjusted for screen resolution! It is not objective, verifiable, repeatable, concrete data to draw any conclusions. And it certainly says nothing about any other aspects of real-world performance. We don't even know which benchmark, how it was compiled, exactly which aspects of graphics it tests, etc.

Once the iPad2 is released, I am sure more comprehensive benchmarks will give a real picture. To answer your question- I don't know, but it is highly unlikely. But the real points are that it doesn't matter yet and this update to the Xoom shows how benchmarking can be all over the map.

gtg465x says:

iPad 2 has already been released bub. Typing this from one.

johncblandii says:


HAHA! :-)

crxssi says:

Wow- time really flies! You must have gotten one very recently. Now, hopefully, we can look forward to some meaningful benchmarking surfacing soon.

voghan says:

Just because you saw it on the internet doesn't make it true. I have a xoom and the update didn't make the quadrant scores go up like that. My guess is that person is using one of the over clocked kernels available.

Rootmepls says:

Can't wait till these go on sale at Staples. Bought 2 iPad2's on launch day and sold them same day. Thanks Suckers (Apple FAnbois)! After the iPhone4 disaster I quit buying Apple products. Glad there are awesome alternatives to the trendy iCrap out there.

Wesley1 says:

What is with this Quadrant program, it only has older phones always to compare against. How about the developer updating the database. I mean c'mon it doesn't even have a Galaxy S on Android 2.2. Never mind released products like the LG 2x, Motorola Atrix and all the tegra 2 tablets.

lrn2swim says:

um, my epic 4g scores 2200 regularly on quadrant. running midnight rom with the genocide kernel.