Galaxy S II

Samsung has announced that it's sold 30 million Galaxy S phones worldwide since the series launched last April. At least a third of that number consists of sales of Samsung's latest and greatest dual-core smartphone, the Galaxy S II. As we reported last month, sales of that device now top 10 million worldwide.

With the Galaxy S II now available on three of the four major US carriers, that number's only going to increase in the months ahead. Samsung notes that the current figures show one Galaxy S II being sold every second since the device's international launch this Spring, which is pretty crazy.

More big numbers and superlatives can be found in today's full press release, after the jump.

Samsung Electronics said on Oct 17 that its flagship smartphones Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 marked the accumulated international sales of 30 million units.

Galaxy S, which has become Samsung’s representative smartphone brand, is just around the corner to hit 20 million sales. And Galaxy S2 which was introduced in last April set the fastest record to hit 10 million sales for Samsung phone (A Galaxy S2 has been sold in every second since its release) owing to its super-AMOLED display, super-fast application processor, optimized software and etc.

Galaxy S2 was also crowned as ‘Phone of the Year’ in major awards like Gadget Award 2011, Mobile Choice and Consumer Award 2011. Thanks to the international popularity of its Galaxy brothers, Samsung Electronics became the second most sold brand in the smartphone market in the second quarter of this year, and continues to lead major European markets including Germany, Italy and France.


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Worldwide Samsung Galaxy S sales hit 30 million


I'm still on the fence with this one. I love the software, but I've had such bad luck with Samsung phones. Plus I'd be stuck with it for 2 years since Sprint killed their yearly updates. Haven't seen any legitimate bad reviews though. So more than likely, this phone is a go!!!

iPhone has spectacular numbers so we will release our own spectacular numbers. Anyway, Epic 4G touch is awesome, loving every minute of it. Just upgraded from HTC Hero, the EVO, EVO 3D, Photon, Epic 4G, iPhone, none of them had what I was looking but this did. The only thing that can make me happier is if Samsung comes out with Ice Cream Sandwich without making me wait too long.

Impressive for an Android device to reach such sales considering the amount of high end devices in the marketplace.

One Samsung Galaxy S, with a completely unusable GPS, and a company that refuses to admit it has defective hardware, is enough of a Samsung investment for me.

Never again.

HTC will be my next phone. Samsung, you've lost a customer for life. And not just mobile phones. Keep your TVs and all of your other electronics.

I want you to know I've only had HTC phones for the past 3 to 4 years and I will not be going back until they start making better software AND better hardware. Call quality is so bad compared to Moto/Samsung I couldn't even bring myself to purchase a new HTC phone right now.

Galaxy S had its share of problems but Galaxy S2 doesn't. Really bad reasoning to dump Samsung and shoot for a company that hasn't had a decent speaker in a phone in nearly it's whole life span.