HTC Surround

Microsoft dominated headlines this morning with the announcement of their new Windows Phone 7 platform.  For all Windows Phone 7 news, check out our sister site, WPCentral.

Along with the announcement came a slew of interesting devices. The HTC Surround, pictured above, sports dual Dolby-capable speakers with a 3.8-inch touchscreen. 

Phil was at the announcement, so we hope he hasn't left Android just yet (he's madly in love with Zune pass, you know).

What does everyone think? Are you jealous of some of these new features such as the Dolby speakers or the fact that all phones will be updated together? Or do you see Windows Phone 7 as another Microsoft Mobile flop? 


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Windows Phone 7 launches with a slew of devices [the competition]


It is intelligent actually, I've use MS products for 2 decades... and I will go out of my way to use anything but a MS product, Win 7 can suck it.

Is it just me, or is the WPcentral site not working. Irony, or an indication of how things are gonna go. Good luck Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft is great at PC Computing. They have their niche clientele when it comes to mobile. They have come close to the mainstream a couple times, but I think their marketshare will not expand beyond that niche clientele for now.

No way.....still loving my evo....and after using Windows, Linux, OSX, and now android.....I would never get another Windows reason.....Tuesday there is a huge 16 updates to fix 49 security vulnerabilities. I hope that doesn't ever happen to android!! I do use all four systems for fun and for when you just need a function that won't work with any other program....but really, the evo has been my best electronic investment in years......

Sorry Android, but i'm probably ditching Android for WP7. I think it's what Android should of been. I don't agree with all these stupid skins and brand new phones coming out with outdated specs. WP7 is the perfect combination of Android's openness and iOS's closeness.

While you're entitled to that opinion I must say that there is nothing open about WP7. But from the sounds of it thats what you're looking for in a phone. You'll most likely see the exact same interface on every phone. I don't think its such a bad thing. I also don't think its a bad thing to have skins and branding. Google had just done a bad job of implementing this. It should be like a Gnome or KDE desktop. Anyone can put any skin on these without being affected by upgrades to the OS. If they manufacturers would keep the end user customizations at the app level there would be no problem anyway.

I think their tiles are more interesting than the i*hone's layout, for sure, but with Android, it's only a matter of time (months? weeks? days even??) before we see a nice Android theme that not only emulates WM7's look, but improves on its deficiencies (soon to be discovered, no doubt).

I agreee there will probably be a skin soon, but those tiles look like something that should be on a kids phone. I don't like it, of course others probably will. Just my opinion.

As an avid Android user and fan, I'm really excited and impressed by Windows Phone 7.

-Zunepass... 'nough said
-Tiles-These are really slick looking widgets
-Overall the UI is extremely slick, and it seems to make it easy to get wherever you want in the phone easily.
-all high end.. You got no bargin bin stuff here folks

I don't plan on giving up android, but don't write this off just because it's different.

This is a complete rewrite of windows people and brings a lot of amazing ideas to the market. If we're lucky, this thing will take off because intense competition makes EVERYONE stronger.

Seriously? Tiles are what turn you on?

How sad must your life be when you are more comfortable in little boxes...

How sad must your life be when you have to resort to trolling comments to add value to your little existence.

Wow..."Fanboy" much? You sound like you are trying to sell this crap to us. Android will not be challenged by this abysmal attempt from M$. Winblows7 phone will FAIL. Just what I want for a phone feature....BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!

So I say I am an android user and a fan of the OS, and that I have no plans on leaving the os and this makes me a windows fanboy?

Do you even read posts or just attack anyone who doesn't say windows fail?

I'm not trolling...very honest question. Could you please explain the "amazing ideas" they are bringing to the market? I looked at some of the release stuff yesterday and I saw alot of features touted as new or amazing but they were really the same old thing with the Metro UI. For instance the People Hub is the same as everybody else's contacts and Facebook integration has been done already. The tiles are simplified widgets...nothing amazing there. Zune Pass is a music service like any other. I'm thinking about going with MOG personally...haven't found a song I couldn't find with them yet. And honestly the media ideas Google has on the horizon seem much more interesting. The UI is text on a picture or black background. I think in real world use there will be many mixed reviews on it.

I don't think you should look at lack of enthusiasm on the part of Android fans as writing them off. Theres just nothing seriously interesting about that platform yet except maybe what could become of the gaming and XBox integration. Everything else is the normal MS marketing hype where they take something thats already been done, put a name on it and market it like its never been done before. I'll give you the high end comment though. Google could actually be further along now if they wouldn't have allowed all the now-crappy-in-retrospect phones to be released before they Nexus One'd everybody.

MS was so indecisive on what features they were adding and taking away from WP7S that they lost themselves.

The phone in the pic looks horrid, did they get that speaker grill from an old 60's radio???

And lets not get started on the "building blocks" interface. Do they think everyone is a year old or what?

Oh and lets not forget the Iphone launch style.. I.E... no cut and paste! WTF MS did you all have an aneurysm over there or did you do this because you ran out of time? And if they left that out, what else did they leave out? I for one will be keeping a fair distance from this OS....

Well, like them or not, I think they have a LONG way to go to displace Android and iOS as the leaders. On the other hand, this could strike webOS a death blow...

To be honest this has got to be the ugliest ui I have ever seen on a smart phone. People want bells and wistles and customization. The average consumer wants pictures of their dogs or cats and cutesie stuff not this generic sterilized look. I highly doubt this is going to bring new fresh blood to the windows 7 mobile platform.

That OS skin/tile layout looks damn boring and totally archaic. Can I get a totally different skin package and customize it to look like the home page on my Droid X?

(end sarcasm)

This UI is designed for those that want a "simple" way to use their phone. It will probably be a hit for the older crowd, and those that don't care what OS they are using. They buy if it appeals to them in the store. Or if the rep is pushing it in store...

Microsoft should have had this out 2 years ago, then they would have stood a chance. The market is SATURATED with iPhones and Android devices, and they think people are going to switch now??? Oh, and launching on AT&T? Great move! LOL! This platform is doomed!

The newsweek from this week said exactly the opposite. The front cover about android comments about the huge expansion made, and the expanction expected too. No, far from be saturated. This market grows like any other, so there are lots of space for a few companies imho.

Oh, I multitasking??? WTF? Windows phones have had multitasking for YEARS. Also, I am NOT a fan of them choosing a "closed" app store model. I know they are eager to clone the success of the iTunes store, but they really think a closed, proprietary environment is what people these days want? Epic fail...hopefully, this one costs Ballmer his job!

It actually has full multi-threaded multi-tasking for the OS and the core apps. Chosen third party apps will be allowed to utilise this over time (some form the outset) as the system is developed. They are not letting anyone with a fart app at the multitasking.

I love Android but am actually pretty excited about this release. It brings real competition an innovation in terms of how the user interacts with the device (experience based rather than app based) and I think it should keep Google honest in terms of development of the next generation of Android and ongoing competition.

Ideal world I would have a dual boot phone but I may be tempted to get one of these to play with. These are exciting times in the smartphone market and we may as well enjoy them while it lasts.

Phil nooooooo! I see you writing for WP7 website -_- I hope you're not leaving us.

As for WP7, I haven't seen it in action yet. I'd have to try it out. I have my doubts with it being an M$ product though.

WP7 will have success based on the lack of innovation from crackberry. They should be able to steal marketshare from RIM in the enterprise. As far as consumers go, they already have a built-in user base with X-Box Live. If you are an X-Box user, you will want a WP7 handset for a seamless cloud gaming experience. MS is very late with this re-set, but they made it in time to have an impact. That said, MS will struggle to compete against Android or iOS. I am an Android user and won't switch (I own 3 Android phones right now and will add a 4th before Christmas), but I will own a WP handset next year when they include multi-tasking and full Flash support for 10.1 and I will own the Nokia N9 when it becomes available. Why can't we support multiple platforms at the same time?

The UI is complete crap IMO. I don't like the way words just run off the screen. And from the videos/reviews I've seen about it, the UI looks really counter intuitive (most of the reviewers even agree).

Not interested. I watched the presentation, and there was nothing about it that grabbed me other than Zune Pass. I have no doubt both Apple and Android will have defectors, but I won't be one of them. If the advertise this properly, it may put a thorn in the side of HP/Palm. iOS and Android ... not so much ...

Kudos to WP7. As a tech fan, I'm interested in what Windows will bring to the table among other platforms out there but it won't make me leave the emerald express (Android). Zune for Android would be better than Bing for my Dinc.

Zune 80G(Red)>Zune HD 32G (Christmas 2010)

If it had come out in February, it would have been interesting. But now, it looks like yet another smartphone. I don't like the tiled boxy look. To me that's ugly and hard to read.

I'm not a gamer nor a Zuner so there's really nothing here for me. I'm so spoiled by things like Google Voice Search and multitasking gems like Locale. I've tried Bing and it just doesn't compare. Finally, I like having an actual phone signal wherever I go so I'm on Verizon.

So I'm not going there. But maybe they'll mop up the last of the Blackberry holdouts. :-)

Sometime people complain microsoft design is too clunky...

Now people complain that is too simple.
People are never satisfied...

Anyway, I know here is a Android forum, but a lot of users here are geeks that expect the maximum for this money, so it is strange that almost every comment here is totally biased. Yes, I'm a fanboy... Fanboy from my pocket. Google, Apple, and now Microsoft, please fight and give the best possible smartphone possible.

btw, Android design its terrible, Google should contract a few Photoshop freelancers to put some structure in their plataform.

I foresee Android sales leveling out in the near future and iPhone and Blackberry sales continuing to decline. Google needs to step up its game now and bring us a GPU accelerated UI. The skippyness of scrolling and animations is one of the most common complaints I hear about Android. If Microsoft enables multitasking in WP7 before Google enables GPU acceleration, I think Android users will start jumping ship. There, I warned you Google. Hurry!

I'm impressed, while I don't like the blocks UI, I think MS got a lot of things right but I think they got a few things wrong.

No cut/paste, no flash, multitasking is closed.

I think this is a foundation for MS to build upon and other features.

Will it be a success, to a degree, I believe they can capitalize on RIM's mis-steps in the enterprise arena and android's short comings. Yes, android does have some short comings.

Will I get one, probably not, I'll wait until VZW comes with a WP7 phone before I make a decision. I do like android's UI better but some of the issues with email and multimedia have has me befuddled.

Seeing various comments here is humorous because I see similar comments from apple fanboys posting about android phones and now also wp7 phones.

Competition is good, google has made some mistakes, perhaps the increased competition will goose google along and make android a better platform.

even though the Windows Moble 7 phones are pretty nice I think they are going to fail because the platform is closed and so nobody will want to develop. They were making Heck, Mobile Firefox said "we won't make for windows mobile 7" because there is no native SDK for it. MS is being dumb here.

Judging from what I have seen about it, there will be some things about Windows Phone 7 that will make me want to trade my DInc for a WP7 phone immediately, and there are some things that will make me glad that I bought an Android phone. With that said, I think Windows Phone 7 will be popular (as long as Verizon starts selling them!).

Microsoft and another failure. Mark my words. These devices will fail. Android is dominating with apple right behind. I don't even think windows 7 phones will surpass palm os for that matter lol.

Its funny too all the boatloads of money microsuck is pouring into this with advertising everywhere. Steve Balmer is bringing down Microsoft in a landslide.