Tweet to win one of five phones on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T

We all love a good contest, right? Sure we do and the fine folks at RadioShack have a killer midweek giveaway to win one of five brand shiny new LG G3s on either Verizon, Sprint or AT&T – sorry folks, no T-Mobile. Sounds good, right? Entering to win is really easy so listen up for the full details.

To stand a chance of winning you need to fire up your favorite Twitter client and tweet @RadioShack exactly why you want to win a new LG G3 and stick on the hashtag #G3contest. That's it. Not in the comments on this post, only entries tweeted to @RadioShack will be considered for entry. If you want to win you need to act fast and get your entry in before 5 p.m. EDT Weds July 9.

RadioShack will then pick the winners and make contact about delivering the winners prizes. Have at it and good luck!

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TechZOnline says:

US only I presume?

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Vlad d-eVl says:


Given the carriers...yes

tdizzel says:

I wonder how Radio Shack will react to going from 25 followers to over 9000 overnight

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ryanmtech says:

Bahaha poor RadioShack

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kj11 says:

Hahaha A+

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Hunter Petit says:

I don't get it lol

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rgao007 says:

RadioShack was popular in the 90s - 00s. They have no following now. Thus, no Twitter followers since everyone buys from Amazon, eBay, or other places on the Internet.

I guess you're too young to know judging from your profile picture.

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L0N35T4R says:

I don't have Verizon, AT&T, nor Sprint. Nor do I use Twitter. Oh well.

atlas9171 says:

I use Verizon, but not Twitter, oh well indeed, I guess I'll have to buy one if I decide I want one.

Warrenisit says:

Yup, Twitter can suck it.

No special hashtags required?

seanjenkins says:

If I had to guess, I would say you would need #G3contest

I'm only guessing so I could be completely wrong


ayg says:

Read harder grasshopper...

I did read. That was not in the article before at all.

Shawheim says:

To stand a chance of winning you need to fire up your favorite Twitter client and tweet @RadioShack exactly why you want to win a new LG G3 and stick on the hashtag #G3contest. That's it. 

Like I said before, the hashtag part was not in the article when I originally read it - was not in there at all. Read what I said. Thank you.

markluna1 says:

T-Mobile here. Oh well. Good luck to everybody else.

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UJ95x says:

The AT&T version would work on T-Mo...

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Dizfunctions says:

Not if it's locked into AT&T. It has to be unlocked by AT&T before we can use it on T-Mobile.

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TomW093 says:

Same here. If by some miracle I win, I'll just sell it and buy a T-Mobile one

Hand_O_Death says:

Same here

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tlaswell says:

So would that be a DM tweet or a regular tweet that mentions @RadioShack name. I'm guessing with the hashtag mentioned it probably should be a regular tweet.

Hope I win :)

I think this is one of the few times I wish I wasn't on T-Mobile. Good luck to everyone else though.

You could get the AT&T model unlocked and have AWS band LTE on T-Mobile. Wouldn't have HSPA AWS though. I believe it's the case with the Verizon model too since they also started using AWS for LTE, and all Verizon phones now are GSM unlocked out of the box.

Verizon is CDMA not GSM right? so you cant us an unlocked one on Tmobile?

All Verizon LTE phones I am pretty sure are GSM unlocked now, the CDMA part of the phone doesn't matter. If you want another example, every Nexus 5 in North America has an identifier to be activated on Sprint, and each one is also unlocked GSM and LTE. And since newer Verizon phones including some from last year have compatibility with the AWS LTE band, which is the primary band T-Mobile uses for LTE, a phone would work fine on the GSM part of the network and LTE if it's available in the area the phone is being used. Only other issue is there's no AWS HSPA+. Only PCS (1900MHz). I've seen the question asked on I think Wired.com. The only Verizon phone that doesn't seem to work with other LTE networks is the Moto X.

Polvoron says:

Hope I win this time :)

TKL74 says:

Tweeting is lame.

oyeyemi808 says:

lame if you follow LAME people on twitter. It's fine not to like/ use it, your hate is irrelevant.

Zay92 says:

Tmo users could win it then sell it cause its free but then again its a phone you might want which sucks

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MarkSeven says:

U can probably trade it in.. Unless they force u into a contract if u win, which would suck.

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rlbrooks says:

Thanks for the heads up Richard.

Can't wait for this phone!

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Hand_O_Death says:

I foresee forced 2 year contracts for the winners.

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Boy Wonder says:

please I need a new phone...still rocking the GNex which is dragging now..

benthe1 says:

That phone was dragging the day it came out.

mclasser says:

Wait, I thought the G3 was only compatible on GSM networks. How is it on Sprint?

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Watch This says:

You're kidding right?

rgao007 says:


I guess Verizon wouldn't have their own version either then

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vansmack says:

AC - do you have a link to the fine print?

I'm assuming this will require a contract, but all interweb searches lead back to you as the source. I'd like the phone, but won't take a "free" phone for a contract.

I dislike these contest that use social networks to win. We are on your site not theirs. A world controlled by advertising.

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dizzle16 says:

Don't use twitter. Same reason I passed on the one plus one until it's released to the general public. Probably the only 31 year old in America who doesn't. I would LOVE A G3 though. Pass

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benthe1 says:

Probably NOT!

sheba510 says:

Just sent my tweet. I have Verizon (HTC One M7) and Tmo (Nexus 4). Played with the demo model at Best Buy on Saturday. Awesome display and takes great pix.

rgao007 says:

There are G3s at Best Buy?!?

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sheba510 says:

The LG G3 at Best Buy was just a working demo. There were none in stock and no dates listed when Best Buy would be getting them.

rgao007 says:

Yeah that's what I meant, it'd still be awesome to play with it. Which best buy that you went to has it?

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jayochs says:

i still don't get twitter. sigh.

anyway, attempted to tweet for this contest lol

Wouldnt it be unlockable to tmobile?

Verizon will likely work for T-mobile as it's unlocked out of the box, how well is the question.

sinjo says:

This should be open to people that don't have twitter too. Like to people with Facebook accounts or other accounts.

FiretrUCK2k says:

1) I don't use Twitter.
2) I have T-Mobile.
3) Thanks for nothing.

TechNut79 says:

Stupid question, but now that I tweeted, do I need to be following @RadioShack too?

moysauce says:

I won! Received a dm from RadioShack. Hoping it's not a scam.

bgbagz says:

so how do you find out who won