Android Central Stocking StuffersSo we're kind of starting to wind down this contest a little bit. We say "kind of" because we're actually a week or so behind, and we're going to make up for that before the end of the year.

Anyway, here we are again, with another $10 Google Play Gift Card to give away. It's one of 31 that we're awarding, and remember that all 31 winners -- one for each day in December -- will be entered to win a new Nexus 4, which is sitting here on our desk, unopened, waiting for a good home.

What hoop shall we have you jump through today? Hows about this: Name, in reverse chronological order, the last three smartphones you owned. If you've owned less than that, it's cool. Hell, we envy you a little bit. Just tell us what you've had. We'll pick a winner at random and bestow upon you $10 worth of free apps, music, movies, magazines or TV shows.

Good luck!


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Win a $10 Google Play Gift Card because it's Dec. 28!


Galaxy S3, t-moble HTC G2, and t-mobile MyTouch. And I still can't believe how fast the S3 is; it's faster than my laptop. Boo-ya laptop!

Samsung Galaxy S (temporary till i get a new one)
LG Optimus 2X (Big mistake. Was cheap and looked good on paper, but thats it)
Nokia E71 (needed a very solid phone with good battery since i travelled a lot)

Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S II
T-Mobile MyTouch 4G

I've actually been using a smartphone since the first Palm Treo. I went from a succession of Treos to iPhones and then to Android phones, where I happily remain.

Ben H.
iPhone 3GS - the only smartphone I've ever owned - I need an upgrade (I do have a nexus 7)!

Since I'm the only one that seems to have listed my name like instructed, do I automatically win!?

Galaxy s3, HTC evo 4g,HTC hero, Samsung instinct and a Samsung flip phone.....oh and its also my birthday!! Would be a pretty sweet gift wouldn't you say?

LG Nexus 4
LG Optumis T
HTC MyTouch 3G

Yeah, I was a little late to get a super-smart phone... but when I did, I got a good one! **Nexus 4** which is why I deserve the gift card more than anyone!

VZW Galaxy Nexus, HTC Thunderbolt, and the Droid Eris. It pains me to look at the Eris these days...I gave it to my 7 year old as a toy!

Samsung Galaxy S IV (Future)
Motorola Droid X2 (Current)
RIM Blackberry Storm (Previous)
Various non-smartphones prior...

Current: Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4G (first generation)
Previous: Palm Centro

I was kind of late to having a cell phone at all, and it took a while before I moved to smartphones, so I haven't owned many. Thanks for the offer!

Samsung Galaxy S3 (started with a rezound that was exchanged for a vzw nexus and then for the S3)
HTC Thunderbolt
iPhone 4

HTC Desire S, imate JAMA - that's my only two so far! :)
PS: The Nexus 4 from your desk will be a great addition to my list! :D hee hee hee..

HTC Evo 4G LTE, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, HTC Evo 3D.

Patiently waiting for sales to start again so I can add Nexus 4 to the list soon! Or maybe I'll win one from AC.... =)

I have really only had two...
Samsung Epic 4G Touch (current daily driver)
Samsung Intercept

did have a LG Rumor before that but more of a feature phone.

LG Nexus 4 :), Samsung Galaxy S3 (couldn't swap quick enough once I got the Nexus 4), Samsung Captivate.

Motorola ATRIX (Current) >> Motorola MileStone (Gone) >> Nokia E75 (Current as 2nd line)

If the Nokia doesn't count, I Have a XOOM :)

Samsung Galaxy S 3, LG Optimus S, Blackberry Curve 8330 (if we're considering blackberries smartphones)

Please no one laugh or cry. Just give me free stuff! :)

Nexus One
T-Mobile Shadow
Motorola Razor

I tend to hack the crap out of my phones and make them last as long as possible. I also have to buy them outright because I don't want a data plan (The air is alive with the sound of WiFi!), so I try to make my bucks last.

Believe it or not, I''ve never owned a smartphone...never. I do, however, own a Nexus7. Now, were I to win that Nexus4....

Apple iPhone 3G and now the sexy Samsung Galaxy S3 !! Once you got Jelly Bean you'll never hunger for an Apple :)

My darling galaxy note 2, a hand-me-down iphone 3g, and my first smartphone ever, a samsung blackjack 2.

Oh I dreaded that iphone for years. It was just never the right time to buy a android, until now :)

Loved that blackjack. I remember hacking a phone for the for the first time when I upgraded it to the latest windows mobile software.

Oh man those years with that iphone are like a nightmare now. A slow buggy, crashy, and locked down nightmare.