Android Central Stocking StuffersNow some of you may think that we forgot about today's $10 Google Play Gift Card giveaway. And that's not entirely true. We remembered it. About 6 hours ago. And then we forgot about it. But then we remembered it again, and all is right in the world.

So, in the end, we're giving away another $10 Google Play Gift Card today as we march toward 31 of 'em -- yes, one for each day in December.

What can you do with a Google Play Gift Card, you ask? You can buy apps, for one. Music for another. Magazines, movies and TV shows for three for and five. Or just flash one around in public and let people know what's up. 'Cause you're a baller.

To enter, just leave a comment in this post. A comment that rhymes will stand out the most. If Line 2 sounds like Line 1, you'll know that you're done, and increase the chances that you will have won. Or something. Just leave a rhyming post. Good luck!


Reader comments

Win a $10 Google Play Gift Card because it's Dec. 27



They tell me May all your dreams come true,
Hope you get some really great presents too!
Happy Birthday to you!
If you win a nexus four may it not be like you.

(international entry)

I am jotting down a jingle
Not for car or a platinum record single
I’ll be truly honest and tell you why
It’s because the price on Modern Combat4 “IS TOO DAMN HIGH”

My name is Earl, I'm lookin for a girl. It didn't take me long to write this song. I don't remember what commercial that was from but it's about 20 years old. Hope you got a good chuckle!

Why do I want a google play gift card?
Because its the best reward!
Besides the Nexus Four
Its something to adore!

(I dont know...just made something up :P )

None of these contest have I ever won,
I don't give up like the rising sun.
I'm ready again to take a chance.
Ready, set, go click save and advance.

On Google+ you said we'll fail,
is it because of what the instructions entail?
I don't mean to brag or boast,
but the directions only said 'most'.
I'll wait for my card in the mail.

A bather whose clothing was strewed,
By winds that left her quite nude,
Saw a man come along,
And unless we are wrong,
You expected this line to be lewd.

I just got my nexus 4. I watched my benchmarks soar.

Loving google now and it makes me and people around me say wow.

Bought a case to protect its glass back. So I can be at ease when i hit the sack.

Hello there, I'm just getting some fresh air. Whatcha got there? Oh, it's just a hair... I don't want you to be scared, but I never cared. And as she glared, I was dared.

I think that I shall never see
An Android site that is better than thee
If you give a gift card to me
I promise to spend it entirely!

Lame, but it rhymes.

After years of waitin',
After tears and cryin',
After love or hatin',
I finally won somethin',
From the community that i'm lovin',
My gift card is comin'?


Good Lord why must we rhyme?
Don't they know we haven't the time?
There's work to be done,
No having fun!
But still I can find time to whine.

A gift card to Google Play would be great. Don't be froogle or be late. Share it with me and celebrate.

When shopping on Google Play
"I wish I had some bucks," I usually say
But now someone can fill that void
The guys of Android Central and their good friend Lloyd!

There once was a man from Peru, who dreamt he was eating his shoe. He woke with a fright in the middle of the night to find that his dream had come true.

4(four) is spelt with a U
but i thought you already knew
there's no hard feelings it's not an acher
if i win the 10$ raker

Google is awesome,
Just like a possum.
I would like to win this giftcard,
So I can buy Bard.
His Tale full of fun,
Shooting, slicing, you name it, all with his gun

I like to pimp out my Razr
While I wear my silk blazer
Sometimes I'll pay
While searching on Google Play

No Matter how many different times I post,
It is everyone else that gets picked the most!
And While I still appreciate the contests here,
This will be the dozenth contest I have lost this year!
So with a raise of my new years glass I propose a toast,
To Android Central, please don't pass through this comment like a ghost.

It's not worth racking my brain to come up with some rhyming shenanigans to win a $10 gift card, but don't count me out, I'd still like to win it...

To androidcentral i go each day, no other site will do. Not only gift cards for Google play, but the best droid news for me and you.

Android Central is the Best
It for sure beats the rest.

That was for sure an easy rhyme
I can't come up with something original all the time.

I'm gonna go drink my tea.
Anything less would not be me.

The nexus 4 is out of stock, I guess all there is to do is stare at the clock. Yet $10 on google play would surely make my day. So thanks for the all the contests AC, excited to see if I've won I'll be.

With the iPhone 3GS it began,
man what have I been paranoid,
but cause I wasn't an Apple-Fan,
I continued my travel to Android!

I Started with the HTC Magic,
I swear this device is still fantastic.

One year after got the Xperia Mini Pro,
music on that thing felt like a great show.

The Motorola Flipout I bought afterwards,
the little cube found space even in small shorts.

A Galaxy Note was mine after the Flip,
it was - imo - Samsungs best flagship.

Got the GNexus then to enjoy Android in a pure way,
cause guys, be honest, most of the OEM shit is gay!

By now there's a Nexus 4 sitting in my pocket,
it's fast and sexy like a NASA rocket.

I had to wait for it, have seen it out of stock,
but finally, it's living there, right beside my...

Oh goodnesss LaSt week it was a limerick
Originally came to android central because I was up a "crick"
My poor phone it was a brick
Read the articles and posts hot damn that did the trick!
My friend says apple is sick!
This is a family site so we will just call him Rick

Twas a few nights past Christmas,
And all through my flat
Everyone discussed hate for that iTunes crap.

The stockings were hung, by the chimney with care,
In hopes that my Google Play gift card, worth $10, would be there.

My boys were nestled, all snug in their beds,
But it was I with Android goodness, dancing in head.

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney St Google came with a bound.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
And filled all the stockings, then turned with a jerk.
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose!

After all the commotion I was excited with glee,
For right there in my stocking
A shiny new Google Play gift card, waiting for me!

If I could win
I would wear a big grin
Watch some videos with my kin
All while drinking a nice vat of gin!

Hello to all on this 27th of December day,
Christmas has past but Android Central continues to give away,
And wouldn't you know it its a gift card from the one and only Google Play,
So enter in the contest to win, Because you never know when it will happen again!!!
Happy Hol-I-days!!!

When I saw Phil spelled "four" wrong it made me ache,
But it's the holidays so I'll give him a break.

My favorite Android news site
Can Help Me have a good night
My victory is in clear sight
And if I don't, it'll feel like Shite

$10 Google Play card,
but you made it so hard,
I have to make up a rhyme,
but I don't have time.

Just got a Nexus 7 for Xmas and I love it. Play store credit would sure come in Handy! By the way, love the blog, long time imore user

Who loves a paid for app?
"I do," said this sap!

$10 for Google Play?
This would make all the boys and girls say, "horray!"

I would very much like this Play Card
Though most people say that it's hard
To win big at contests
You'll have to be the best
Or binge eating to increase the lard

When it comes to da dollar, I gotta holla
Cos I can cop an app that ain't crap
U know its da season right? So every giveaway makes a better day
Now usually I don't write ma Raps for free
But it's all good cos I did it for Phil.

Android only thats wtf im talkin bout/ if you using iphone you can walk tf out/ All my money spent on googles operating system/ only time its not when I make it rain on your sister/ 100s in the sky/ now going to best buy/ nexus all day got it tatted on my brain/ am I insane for living my life this way?/ Still got a galaxy nexus im not f***in with the 4/ cuz I need my lte cuz im an unlimited data whore! SWAG SWAG SWAG NEXUS SWAG ANDROID ANDROID SWAG SWAG WOOOO!

While music is scarce for me on my HTC EVO 4G LTE, getting a play store gift card from Android Central would be the perfect beat I need.

With all of the sales up on Google Play,
I could sure use a ten dollar gift card today.
Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, and Sonic too!
But nothing from EA Mobile... BOO!

Posting in comments, I've continued to do
in hopes that I would win a Nexus or two
But alas, oh no, its not meant to be
for I lose every time and come up empty

and on top of the pain, the shame and the guilt
over wasting my time when things could be built
or errands run, or work completed
instead I sit here almost defeated

But once again I give in to your cruel comment contest
in the hopes that my words are picked as the best
and yes, I do really, so want to win
but must you do a rhyming contest once agin'?

Another one where waste so much time
trying to complete a couplet or rhyme
at least the last one was for a product so great and fine
a brand new Nexus 7 tablet that could be mine

but seriously, why am I typing so much
my fingers sore from their typewriter touch
just to try and write a verse like the Bard
all for a lousy ten dollar gift card

As I read the comments this tyme,
I'm realizing most people cannot rhime.
Winning this card from Android Central for Play,
Would really be an awesome way to buy apps on New Year's Day.

My Nexus 4 seems pretty bare, without all the apps the Play Store can share.
It would be really great, if you could give me a break, and give me that gift card for pete's sake!

I'm too poor to get apps for money
If I won a $10 gift card my days would be sunny
I'd love to get some apps that were cool
If I win this gift card, I won't feel like a fool

My kids and I got a new Nexus this year
A nice Nexus 7 and it has quite been endeared
To me and each child
Who are usually wild
Thanks to it it's been quite quiet here!

Now with $10 to spend in the market
They can keep sitting there on the carpet
Maybe play some Minecraft
Or a Talking Tom Cat
And say "Daddy you are simply so awesome!"

I would love to win a gift card!
but trying to win on Android central is extremely hard!
Thank you so much for the chance win!
you should watch me stand on my head and spin!

When shopping for apps, I try to be frugal,
Not everything's free when shopping at Google
Some apps are a dollar, some even three,
Sometimes they're just priced unreasonably.
But if I win that ten dollar card,
That "buy" decision won't be quite so hard.

A rhyme you want?

Hey, I'll say,
I want a gift card for Play!

Now I gotta straighten my collar!

eh, I got nothin'...

For Christmas, I received a Nexus 10
Now it's like Android is brand new again

(in a good way—this is my first Android tablet and I'm really impressed)

In the spirit of Christmas, a gift card I could win
But only if Android Central pick's me, for if not it will be a sin

Winning a gift card would heighten my progress.
Then I could buy more gas to help team Enlighten in Ingress!

Android android in my shoe
Android android hippidy doo
I love Android yes I do
I love Android how 'bout you?

Is this like the limerick contest?
Free apps for the phone that I like best!
No more games, please for me,
Angry Birds I have three,
What the heck I'll just buy all the rest!

Today is my birthday, and I feel old.
And on top of that, I've caught a cold.

So if I were so lucky to win a Play Card.
It would make my sucky birthday not so hard!

Around, all around, the sinister creatures gather.
My dread grows as the Dark One's touch falls against my neck.
It mutilates me, and darkly my
blood drips
to the barren land.
In agony I flail madly
while the end of life takes my hand.
Now alone, my love falls upon uncaring eyes.

This is because of you

Did I win?