T-Pain and Android

Been holding your breath waiting for the "I am T-Pain" auto-tune app to come to Android? Ain't gonna hAAAaaa-pen. At least right now. In an interview with All Things D's Peter Kafka, Smule co-founder and CEO Jeff Smith lays out his reasons for avoiding Android, including having to contend with multiple versions of the operating system.

"Android is not in the plans for Smule," he said. "We just don't see an opportunity for us to make money short-term on Android."

"We love what Google's doing, we're really excited about it ... and people are using their products. The challenges with Android are -- the retail distrubution is not clear for us, and we don't see how we could monetize through their current distribution. It's not one platform. ... So, from the developer standpoint, it's expensive to get into Android."

Hard to blame the man for wanting to make a living. So, no official T-Pain auto-tune on Android. And you know what, we're OK with that.) Video of the interview after the break. [All Things D]


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Why you won't see 'I am T-Pain' on Android any time soon


so basically they're too lazy (or cheap) to invest time/money into making an app that will work across the different versions of the android OS?!

Obviously you've never been a developer! contrary to popular belief it isn't that easy to code for multiple OS' across varying hardware. I don't blame them for not wanting to go down that road. But instead of not making the app for Android they should just do it for Android 2.0 and up. Problem solved!

Actually, they'd make way less money...because from what I see in app store comments, a lot more people use stuff like Heroes....

That guy annoyed me (and so did the interviewer, but anyway...)
I think that it would be a great investment, but Android is a bit messy right now. Just think, the Desire, Legend, Nexus...those are all different phones that people would want to use the app with. Just think of them having to make it specific for each. It would just cost too much. I think that Google should try and lock people in with the Nexus and get an approved phone program where anything that can run on the nexus will be able to run on X phone making devlopers more welcome.

Sorry for errors, typed in a hurry.

It's times like that that make me glad I'm old and outdated enough that I have no idea what or who a T Pain is.

I wouldn't pay 50 Cent for such a stoopid app anyway. And for the record I was using Autotune for effect long before these no talent rappers got wind of it.

Hate to break this to ya, but us old folks were using a phase vocoder for both vocals and instrumentation way back when. I present you with Frampton Comes Alive.

Well, I guess many developers are on riding apple's back. I don't like when he says that they would have to train the developers, and so forth. But the thing is of course you have to train them, it is a different platform. It is an investment though. Its like saying one must program for both Mac and Windows. Duhh, you need to learn how to program for both platforms. Exception is java I believe. By the way, i program VB, PHP, FoxPro, C#, and Android; and most of the programming is the same, it has all the same logic, the only difference is knowing how they work on the different languages, the different operators to use, and how they exclusively work, The biggest difference actually is structure of language, the rest is almost the same; android app development is basically java with android libraries. Gets me mad when i hear developers say things like what he said.

Thank GOD !! T-Pain is nothing but a HACK. Talentless rappers have resorted to using this auto-tune effect which just makes them sound like Cher. What a joke. They should stick to lurking around the ghetto and selling drugs and pulling drive-by's. Worthless.

I commend your intelligence and virtue. Its truly hard to find a individual who understands the simple minded, barbaric and uncivilized nature of those encumbered by the malicious activities carried out by all in the hip hop community. And when I say ALL...I genuinly mean ALL. You really are ahead of your time. Here I was thinking that nobody realized that all rappers sell drugs...that all rappers commit drive bys...that all Mexicans were illegal...I guess not. Thanks for the enlightenment.

The man being interviewed is a complete buffoon if he thinks there's no use in making his fad of an app for Android.

He'd better make as much money off of this thing as he can before autotune gets played out. Otherwise some imitator will take his following. Oh, wait a minute...that's exactly how Android made it big!


I had actually emailed Smule about bringing I Am T-Pain to android between the time that the previous article was published and this one was published...strange.

Yaaawwwwn!! Who cares? Rather than use this crappy app, learn to actually sing with your OWN voice. Sounds like crap anyway. Glad I grew up in the 80s.

I had twitter battle with T-Pain on which was better the iphone or the Droid. It was fun. Just my guess, but I'm pretty sure he's not against Droid and would like to have the app here (why would he turn down a chance to make more money?), but the developers are gonna do what they're gonna do, so he was just pumping up the iphone in our twit battle just because that's where he makes his money.

There really isn't much time until someone else makes an immitation app for the android platform which may be (maybe) even better than the I am t pain app.(when I said maybe its because u never know if a developer adds more features other than the "T-Pain" sound.) Then smule will see what they missed out on if they would've transfered this to android phones.