Hang tight, folks. WhatsApp, Facebook's $16 billion baby, appears to be down for many this morning. While there's never a good time for an extremely popular service to go down, it's especially ironic given last night's boasting of a record number of messages sent and received — to the tune of 20 billion sent and 64 billion received.


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WhatsApp is down this morning


Not seeing the issue here, judging by the amount of morning memes I'm getting from my college buddies :P (Mexico here)

Yup, the 5 people worlwide still using it can confirm (actually only 4... one of them was still asleep) :P Haha sorry, too good of an opportunity to bash BBM to let it pass :P

(But seriously, I'm still baffled at how many downloads it had...and how VERY little people I've heard that are actually using it :S)

This app always seems to have problems, at least with me anyway. Ill send a message and it takes forever to send.

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