The turn-around time between source releases and dev community releases seems to be shrinking more and more these days.  Just two days after Google released the Honeycomb SDK Preview, dev deeper-blue now has a (very early) port of it running on his Nook Color.

Originally describing it as a "zombie" without any touchscreen or hardware acceleration, he later reported that he has the touchscreen working and hopes to work on acceleration over the weekend.

While this won't be able to escalate into full-blown Honeycomb on the Nook until after Google releases the full source (presumably sometime after the release of the Motorola Xoom), this could be quite a treat for those itching for the buzz of Android 3.0.   [xda-developers]


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Honeycomb booting on the Nook Color!


Sweet. Can't wait for it. Least I'll have a tablet without a contract that didn't / doesn't break the bank. This makes my samsung epic look sooo bad.

I cant wait! I have been waiting for this! 2.1 on the nook is great but this is gonna make it even better!

havent really gotten into the NOOK too much, but are u guys telling me that u can use the nOOK as a regular tablet just by rooting it?

It's a little limited, but yes it turns it into a full tablet. It's very good for things like web browsing and has a very nice screen, but there are limitations. For example is sucks for playing videos.

This would be sweet. While the Nookie Froyo is cool, Froyo isn't really designed to be a tablet OS. You can use it, but it just doesn't cut it.

Any idea what this will do for speed? I'm currently getting between 1500 & 1600 Quadrant scores, even with a class 4 SD card (a class 10 is on the way). Will Honeycomb make it even faster?

Just picked up a Nook a couple of days ago. I was going to wait until the return period expired to root and overclock it, but it's great to know that Honeycomb is on the horizon.

Just think about loading Honeycomb on the ASUS EP121 with a I5 and 4 Gigs of ram kicks the Xoom to the corner or no to the next block yea

For a user like myself (general web surfing, email..etc) This sounds too good to be true.

Plus I think I saw a coupon recently from B&N for 50%

I may have to call shinanigans on this one.