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OMG! The Motorola Droid's getting the Android 2.2 Froyo update "in the near future." Which makes sense, because we don't have it at the moment, and we can't get it in the past. So the future makes sense, right? As for the "near future?" Heh. We've heard that before, right? Here's the actual quote from Moto:

“We’re excited to see Google’s news of the next version of the Android operating system and look forward to integrating it on our Android-based devices as it’s made available to the open source community.”

While I can’t comment on specifics, we do expect DROID by Motorola users will receive Android 2.2 as a software upgrade in the near future.”

Thanks, everybody, for blowing up our inbox over this. And not to be a Debby Downer (though technically its in our job description), but this doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Yes, it's coming. No, we don't know when. [via Slashgear]


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For what it's worth: Motorola says Droid getting Froyo 'in the near future'


I love my Droid...and I will love 2.2...whenever it gets here...but...if the "near future" could be like this week, that'd be great lol.

Hmm I do vaguely remember Motorola recently saying something along the same lines about 2.1... Oh wait that Was in January, and as we all know now 2.1 came in around the end of March.
If I were Moto, I probably would have just kept my mouth shut on the whole thing, seeing as public statements on updates to the Droid, seem to be not really in there warehouse...although it probably should be...

I never said I had a problem waiting, I had a problem with how they handled the flow of information to the public.

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Actually in January, they were talking about how it would be released the quarter (which it was). There was a leaked OTA build in February that didn't have a lot of 2.1 features and caused a huge public backlash.

And even with a march release, the droid was still one of the first phones to get upgraded, and the second phone available in the US with the software.

85% of the problems caused by the Droid update "debacle" were caused by bloggers and angry consumers. It was consumers and bloggers who expected the releases in January, February, and March, No matter what official statements said. Heck, it didn't even show up in Verizon paperwork until march and people still expected it earlier.

Cell phone companies are in a tough spot when it comes to updates. they are expected to have a release date as soon as the update is announced, and if they're even one week off, people complain about it. It's no surprise that they stick to vague terms. It's the lesser of three evils (Say nothing, be vague, be exact and wrong)

This may just be their official way of sharing that the Droid is officially being updated to 2.2

They did botch the 2.1 release, but at the same time, relatively speaking, it wasn't that long of a wait.

Also, this may go smoother from lessons learned on the last update. 2.01 was just what they couldn't do before release and with programming they already had access to. 2.1 was a from-the-ground-up update to the OS. I just can['t believe that I've had a phone that has only existed since Nov 2009 and it is getting ready to receive its 2nd major OS update. Awesome.

Ugh... here we go again...

OMG OMG OMG OMG 2.222222!!!!!!! Lulz! Moto why won't you release taht shizz!!1 MOto I hate uuuu!!!! LOL OMG WTF ROFL BBQ!!!!

Sounds like they haven't even started on it yet -- so realistically speaking I wouldn't expect it for a couple of months.

Well.. the 2.1 version was a joke. 2.2 version better be worth it. And what's up with droids updated 2.1 update 1 ? Are we getting 2.1.2 version before we get froyo??

Their version of 2.1 included EVERYTHING the official OTA did except the new launcher and more screens.

2.1 was never a big update. It's still the same version of android as 2.0/2.01 with a few cosmetic perks and some optimization.

People got all worked up about the 2.1 update like it was some major thing when in fact it was just a minor, minor update.

And if you don't know if 2.2 will be worth it or not, you've been hiding under a rock all week.

OMG! I created an account just two minutes ago to ask this very question on an Android 2.2(Froyo) article. But before i did i scrolled down some more and BAM! There's my answer before i ever even ask it. YAY 2.2 ON DROID FTW!

"When there's no limit to what DROID gets there's no limits to what DROID DOES!"

I think 2.2 is a critical update ALL android devices can benefit from simply because not all of them run with the 1GHZ Snapdragon processor. It's such a huge performance boost it feels like the device is supercharged, and I'm sure every device can experience similar results.

Since the intro of Android there's been a number of key features added, in my opinion, nothing as important as 2.2.

Think of a small sports car shedding a couple hundred pounds. That's 2.2

Glad Motorola is making it public, even if it's the obvious.

Here's my take on this. In the past Google have given this phone to developers so it seems to me it will be a priority for them to get 2.2 on this device and will be working overtime with and possibly pressuring Motorola to get it done ASAP, and given that it does not have Sense or any other manufacturer provided "enhancements" it should be fairly easy for them. A lot of the issues with the 2.1 upgrade were not the upgrade itself but the infrastructure to get it pushed and that should hopefully be taken care of now. *crosses fingers*