What Android is

We all spend a lot of time discussing exactly what Android is, and isn't.  Because it's something relatively new, we always end up comparing it to something that isn't quite the same, like embedded or desktop Linux.  Finally, Tim Bray, one of our favorite Googlers, has taken the reigns and we now have a description of what Android is, written for people who don't spend all day fiddling around writing code.  Be sure to visit the source link and have a read, you'll be glad you did.  [Tim Bray]

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Ytaay says:

Android is a chunk of software that you port to a device.

OK, where's my prize? :)

frozencloud says:

Sorry, but most of the people i know dont call android "android"....they call it droid.

SevereDeceit says:

Then they are wrong. Android is an operating System, DROID is a phone...

derickso says:

And apparently 'most' of the people you know don't have a clue.

cesarb says:

That really ticks me off. Android is the os Droid is Motorola's phone...

level32 says:

"Droid" is only in the U.S. and only Verizon

maxiang says:

Same here, and its almost as irritating as people that call every smartphone an iPhone o_0

Omagus says:

I have quite a few friends who use Android phones and most of them actually refer to it as "Android." However, I do have one friend who just cannot seem to grasp the difference betweem "Android" and "Droid." Even after I tried to explain it to her, she still refers to her AT&T Galaxy S as her "Droid."

Eurotrash says:

MOST people you know must not be technical, you aren't. Android is an operating system by Google for smartphone/tablet platforms. "Droid" is a term made up by G.Lucas for Star wars which he then copyrighted. He then licensed the term to Verizon who used it to market a line of phones that just happened to run Android.

Eurotrash says:

They're marketing campaign was so successful that the majority of the mindless masses thinks wrongly that the term Droid means Android. Kind of like when people call tissue "Kleenex" or any Hot tub a "jacuzzi".

adavisme says:

Wow... Most people I know are idiots, but I don't really feel compelled to post this as a comment. Try to keep this nonsense inside your head.

Splendor says:

As a relatively non-technical Android lover, I found this fascinating. Thanks for the link!

dutch35#AC says:

I Like to refer to it as "the I-phone" killer. I think it fits.

derrick87 says:

Cesar got it right, android is the os