Xperia Z.

A T-Mobile store in Prague has found a way to make everyone interested in the Xperia Z -- putting it in the hands of swimsuit models. Taking advantage of the Xperia Zs water-resistant design, both male and female models (look after the break, ladies) took turns in the showers with the Zs, and we assume the crowd was pleased with both the phones and the show.

The Xperia Z looks like a very impressive phone on its own, but advertisement like this certainly can't hurt. Hit the break to see the rest of the pictures.

via: Xperia Blog

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bad robot says:

The swimsuit is too large. Or maybe I'm just a bad robot.

Well... Now i really want the Xperia Z

LadySwift5 says:

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planoman says:

THAT... is effective marketing!

chubb says:

Thats how you sell phones!

bgbagz says:

If they did this in the US... there would be some issues like store furniture movin. you got to love the mind set of the folks over seas..... she should showed just a lil bit more of the tat... that would have drove sales even further

Roberts3000 says:

there's a phone in the picture?

hodan says:

Jerry, you shaved your beard, moved to Prague and became a male model! Sweet!

And traded my beer-keg physique for a six-pack :P

treb1797 says:

Giggity Giggity

ridie1389 says:


cegc135 says:

Does the male model come with the phone? If so, I'm buying it.

czm2000 says:

Are they really suggesting people use their phones in the shower? Is nothing sacred ;-)

mwara244 says:

Let's see them hold the phones with soap all over everything, gaurunteed to be dropped then

n25philly says:

Finally! If I had a dollar for everytime I was hanging out in the shower wearing a bikini trying to make a phone call...

ridie1389 says:

Not only is that going to have a massive effect on sales. But it also has a massive effect in my pants

klokateer123 says:

haha nice lol. xD

Taurus_G4 says:

indeed effective marketing

Good OL MC says:

I didn't put the brain cycles towards thinking about the Xperia Z and it's water resistant abilities before.

I just did now.

Good job.

Synycalwon says:

If people find this titillating and/or effective marketing they seriously need to get out more. It's about as exciting as looking at the swimsuit section of a department store catalog.


If they put Catherine Zeti-Jones(yes, "Zeti" not "Zeta" :) ) in there,
they can probably sell a thousand phones in one hour! :)

Yahma says:

Thats it! I'm switching to T-Mobile! =)

Joker22joe says:

I think her top is 2 big but her ass is pretty damn nice and the.wet phone is interesting also I can't wait 2 get home and hop in the shower and call one of those 1-900#'s and lather up with body wash, call me weird but I like it, like it yes I do!

MayhemMaybe says:

Does this phone make you me look sexy baby, YEAH Baby!

popartist says:

At least they had both a woman and a man as sex, I mean phone demonstrators. ;)

"advertisement like this certainly can't hurt."

Actually it can. Using girls in bikinis alienates half of your audience and patronises the other half.