It's different, and many would say improved - but what do you say?

Right now, the hottest thing in the Android Universe is the Galaxy S5. Usually we're the hottest thing in the Android universe, but we're OK being behind the new phone from the biggest Android OEM for a few weeks. And because this is the Internet, you can't say the words Galaxy S5 without someone else saying the words TouchWiz.

Alex spent some time up to his armpits in TouchWiz, busy working in the best damn review you'll read for the Galaxy S5. You can see what we think of TouchWiz as a collective. But what you think is important is even more, well, important. As usual, I have to put my two cents in, and if you're expecting a world of hate you're going to be disappointed. TouchWiz is not yet software that I would want to use, but seeing Samsung give it some serious attention makes me love it. Samsung has to try and please about 50 million people, and the fact that they went deep with an overhaul says that they want to do it better. When Samsung wants to do something better, and they start throwing resources (read: money) at it they usually end up with something pretty darn good. I see the "new" TouchWiz as the beginning of the "great" TouchWiz. If HTC could do it with Sense (remember how bad Sense used to suck?) Samsung can certainly do it, and likely even better.

Enough from me. There's a poll in the right sidebar of the homepage, and you'll also find it embedded below. Take a minute, answer it. Let your voice be heard.


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Nah, it's not Samsung per se, it's just touch wiz and the horrible ways they changed settings menus and bogging down the phones with unnecessary features.
Being a former samsung galaxy owner makes you realize how crappy samsung implemented things compared to say HTC.
Even LG's G2 is seriously smoother and faster then the S4/S5

Can we make more of you? My first Samsung phone was the Galaxy Nexus. I loved that thing. Never even rooted it and still kind of wish I had it. Then it was a GS3, fast and great but slowed down so much due to touchwiz taking app and storage processing. Then S4 and the same thing happened. Now I have an LG G2 and it hasn't slowed down a single bit. 4 pages in app drawer, ~1500 photos, ~80 mins of 1080p60fps, and lots of texts. Its an amazing phone.

If Samsung just made a really fast phone, great battery, that amazing display, paid LG a bit for each phone to have buttons on the back so the small bezels happened, then we'd have an amazing Galaxy phone.

No clue where this comment is going haha but in the end, Samsung can do it. They can fix whatever they want but they won't. Ok. I'm gonna drink some water. Too tired to find any point or connection in this comment haha.

I don't have the S5, but I played with the settings at my local best buy and I thought it was a mess. Why put icons where they don't belong? I much prefer the list format.

Posted via my HTC One

You can change it to list format. I wasn't a fan of this phone, but then my wife got it and its actually pretty damn awesome. Camera is on point.

My Note 3, LG G2, or Nexus 7. you'll never know!!!

I think Samsung could do with rebranding the software iterations of TouchWiz like HTC does with Sense. Most often TouchWiz has a negative connotation. It shouldn't have that. TouchWiz on the S5 looks vastly improved design wise to the s3 at least visually if not functionally. I think there should be a naming convention to reflect the design change.

Most people with samsung devices don't know or have never heard of Touchwiz. There's a lot that don't even know they have an android phone. They have a 'galaxy'

Posted via Android Central App

Even more of those blissful ignorant 'Galaxy' users think that's what Android actually looks like in comparison to say a Nexus 5.

Sent via my Verizon Moto X

No it's true! Then if they get sick of Samsung they go back to Apple because they think that all Android devices will be the same as their awful Galaxy.

We get it, guy. You do not like touch wiz. There are plenty of people that are happy with it. Your point can go with any android, considering there are people with differing opinions. Brace yourself... that includes your opinion.

That's true. Then they end up saying Android isn't as good as iOS because that's all they know.
Posted via Android Central App

I know *far* more people who have made the jump from iOS to Android and *love* it than the other way around.

Love it .I like touchwiz ever since the s3 bright and coulor full unlike sense whitch looks old and outdated now

Posted via Android Central App

Even Sense 6? Really? Well, that proves people have different opinions.

NexusLogic - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

Interesting poll. I can put a launcher but still touchwiz is there in settings and other places.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah it's annoying when people act like you can just install another launcher if you don't like a skin. I love my Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, but I'd remove all traces of TouchWiz from it if I could.

Yeah I played with the TabPro 8.4" at BestBuy a few weeks ago and after deciding this was a really nice tablet, the first two things I thought of was: "Can I install CM on this?" and "Can I install Ubuntu Touch on this?".

Just because mom lives under a bridge doesn't make her a troll. You should have more respect for her

Posted via Android Central App

Inasmuch as I don't like the look of touchwiz, am pretty grateful for it I rather have aĺ the features that samsung packs into their touchwiz. I would really love if Samsung buys Go launcher or NOVA launcher and use it instead plus the smart features.

The GS5 is a piece of junk in my eyes, and I didn't even need an article to tell me that. Nothing about the GS5 is desirable to me, it just lacks the refined class and smoothness of other handsets such as the m8 and Z2 and quite frankly not in the same league at all. My opinion of course, yours may differ.

Time to open those eyes, the S5 beats the phones you mentioned in every category, waterproof, better camera, removable battery, expandable storage, should I go on, and have you heard about launchers, Nova is great one, you sound like a fan boy, if you going to disparage a device at least give some data with your blind comment. I guess the S5 is so terrible that it has sold millions of devices already, just like the S4 and S3 before it, Lol. If HTC "crappy camera" or Sony could sell a quarter of the phones Samsung is selling they would do cart wheels. Who cares about a metal body phone when it will be placed in a case.
Posted via Android Central App

+the 40,000,000 sales they'll get on it

Posted on my Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Nexus 7 (2013) or Gateway ID49C

Dude the z2 is waterproof, has stereo front facing speakers, a better ui, better build, better camera, and a wayy bigger battery (so there's no need for an extra). And the m8 just needs a better camera and to be waterproof and then it's better in every way.

Posted via Android Central App

The M8 is already pretty good at its waterproof stuff from what I've seen on a video.

NexusLogic - Working on his HTC One Max in the Nexus Lab

I respect your opinion... However it's better for you ... Many of us pic the phone that's better for themselves.. the S5 is a great device but it's not better if what it offers is not what I'm looking for..and I've owned Many Galaxy devices GS3, Note 2 ,GNex, GS4 (gave to mom) sooo I don't wanna hear nothing about being a hater or fan boy... After going back to HTC on the M7 I couldn't bring myself to carry the cartoonish looking device again and my camera on this M8 does me more than fine... Yes I'd like more mp but I'd also like Samsung to make a mature UI and not so sluggish phone...I have expandable memory and although I wanted water proofing.. it's not a deal breaker....I'd rather have BoomSound.. and a solid build ... Again that's just me .. the M8 is better for me .. both phones are equal period

Posted via Android Central App

I had the M7 and I thought I was going to go to the S5 for the camera and water resistant.. but the more I played with the S5 and even after to installed Nova launcher ... "I can't do it" no way.. the dialer app , text app, settings, notification bar, gallery, all ugly as hell!!! Loving my M8 .. and I'm no Samsung hater I've had plenty of em... But they need to get with it ASAP

Posted via Android Central App

Until you take a picture with the terrible 4mp camera........yeah you know it's bad, really bad.

Posted via Android Central App

Until you figure out its not as bad as people paint it out to be...

"Android is a Robot, not a Galaxy."

You are the fanboy. I am not. Here is a list of Android devices in my household, all purchased by me:

Nexus 4 - Me - Appreciates simplicity and a UI that gets out of your way
HTC One (M7) - Son - Listens to a lot of music
Note 2 - Wife - Takes notes in business meetings. Likes the large screen.
Note 2 - Daughter - Watches a lot of video and uses the S Pen for drawing.
Nexus 7 (2012) - Son#2 - Plays lots of games.

I appreciate all the devices for different reasons and each is perfect for the member of the family that uses it.

Why do you assume that the average consumer will not like the camera on the m8? My wife had the m7 and now has the m8 she thought the camera on the m7 was good and she loves the camera on the m8 she is the average consumer who really doesn't care about numbers the reason she upgraded was mainly cause she loves sense ui and the much improved battery in fact the battery is even more efficient then my G2.

Posted via Android Central App

I haven't had an s5,but I did have a g2, and I can say without equivocation that the m8 camera is better. And that pretty much disqualifies it from being called bad.

Posted via Android Central App

I said I had the M7 and still got the M8 over the S5... I didn't. Have a huge issue with the pics on the M7 and the pics on this are fine so far...this camera is
fine ...
Posted via Android Central App

again how many people need a 20 MP camera? people who are in the photography field don't use camera phones so 4MP is enough for Twitter, instagram,Facebook mms etc.

Posted via Android Central App

As someone who reads the comments regularly, I know your not exactly a hater but you are certainly not gonna give Samsung a fair shake either. You have a bias...

Posted via Android Central App

I have read your stuff lol and yes you do have a bias towards Samsung and lately have shown a real dislike for Cm also.

Posted via Android Central App

Man if Samsung ran sense of something as clean... Say even Sony's UI .. It would be a wrap. ..I'd own another galaxy..
If HTC had the S5 camera... Oh my gosh... It would be by far the overall best phone imo ... Seeing they both have short comings , I just pic the one I can deal with... And that would be the 4mp camera that is honestly good to me ...

Posted via Android Central App

i still am not a sense fan. Just too many odd choices. TouchWiz is more the same but I like the choices made better.

Well, this poll is completely bunk because touchwiz is a variant of the android OS, not just a launcher. That said, GS5 touchwiz is one of the best OEM modifications of android to date, in my book. I honestly don't like how any OEM skin looks that much, but the latest touchwiz is better than most. Functionality wise its a bit overloaded, but its still not bad

I don't know, I haven't bought a Samsung since the S3. And with the additional Knox thing means I'll probably never buy another one.

What's the deal with phones being water proof? A lot of you dropping your phones in the pool and toilet? Hold that baby tight.

Posted via Android Central App

What about using it in the rain without worrying about it being damaged. That's the main reason I would want that feature.

Posted via Android Central App

I have never had a problem using a phone in the rain. I get what you are saying , after I bought the Moto X I found out it was water resistant which was a bonus. I just never have it at the top of my list when looking to purchase a phone.

Posted via Android Central App

It's not waterproof. I explain this to people daily now. Its water resistant. There is quite a difference

Posted via Android Central App

I'm sorry....

When you can dunk something in water for 30 minutes in 3 FEET of water, it's water proof.

All you care about is whether it will stand up to your spooge as you jack it to videos of midgets shitting on each other.

Midget SEX!!! WOOHOOO!!!

I'm jerking it to one vid right now that stars your wife. She's a dirty girl.

My week old nexii 4 was dropped in the bath tub. Carelessness happens, and yes, we (us clumsy people) are dropping our precious phones in water.

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

Even the moisture in the air from a shower could be enough to change the water danage indicators. Voids the warranty. You do take showers, right?
If not, you should start.

Posted via Android Central App

Wow... If you take your phone with you when you shower, don't complain when it gets wet...

Posted via Android Central App

"Moisture in the air", dude. Not "water from the shower".

If you have the phone sitting on the bathroom counter or somewhere near the bathroom, and take a hot shower, you could generate enough moisture in the air, several feet from the shower itself, to trip the moisture sensor.

Have not used a Samsung device since the captivate .. TouchWiz has improved tremendously

Posted via Android Central App

I have never had any complaints on TouchWiz. .and now with my GS5 TouchWiz looks and runs even better than ever!!

Posted via Android Central App

Improvement over the TouchWiz in the Note 3 and S4, but it's still TW :p

Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.2

TW is a factor in me not getting the S5. I couldn't go with it over the M8 because of the speakers and TW compared to Sense. Maybe if they polish it a bit more and dial it back so it is less cartoony then I might consider the S6 or 7.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. It's even a bigger factor than build quality. I chose the M8 because Sense is so much smoother and as a bonus I get a gorgeous phone. If the M8 had TW I probably wouldn't buy it but if the S5 had Sense I'd consider it.

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed...I even went as far as settings my nova launcher to look exactly like sense.. installed it on the S5 and still couldn't do it because touchwiz is soo deep in the UI that Nova doesn't cover it all
Posted via Android Central App

You are right, however to tell the difference that is what you need. You can't tell on 1080p TV or phone.

Posted via Android Central App

You're arguing something completely different to what he said. 4K does not equal 300 DPI.

A 60 inch TV at 1080p is only about 37 DPI. Most people (not saying you, cause I don't know) don't understand what "4k" even *means*. I have spoken with *so* many people who think it means "1080p x 4" which is absolutely not the case.

Even a 4k television only has a DPI of about 73 DPI. The real difference is that we tend to view a 60" from 10' (feet) away, not 10" (inches).

For a handheld device, that is over 360 DPI and 10" (inches) from your face, you cannot visually detect any increase in DPI.

Many people won't see a *huge* difference with 4k, but since most people have only seen 4k in stores and at trade shows, where they are standing unusually close to the screen (or on enormous screens), they can readily tell a difference.

The necessary number of dots per inch (or pixels per inch, if that makes more sense to you) is *very* dependent on your distance from the screen.

To put that into perspective: these "jumbotron" screens that they have at stadiums are about 0.8 DPI.

Not unless you're watching it on a 4k screen you can't. Are you watching it on a 4k screen?

Posted via Android Central App

There is something to be said for using a higher resolution source, even if it's being down-scaled to a lower resolution. This is the same reason your photos look great on your phone, but show a lot of grain when viewed on a big TV.

So... no, 4K video recording will not allow you to view a higher resolution video on any 1080p screen, it can provide a "cleaner" looking image, since much of the normal grain introduced by the CCD will be "blended" as the image is down-scaled to the lower resolution, resulting in a better video output on the 1080p screen.

True, but the only thing really left then is the settings menu. I mean, if you hate TouchWiz, then hate TouchWiz and don't buy a Samsung phone. Many people don't find TouchWiz that bad, and some even (gasp) like it.

I've used TouchWiz on various Samsung phones and it's OK but after having a Nexus 4 and Moto G I now prefer vanilla Android.

Posted via my Motorola Startac

I have a Note 3 and rooted the first few hours and now running Stock Android CM11. That is how much I detest TouchWiz. It's features are wholly useless to me and its look is so gaudy and disgusting to me.

Posted via Android Central App

It isn't even so much that I don't like it. It is that it never really works right. From one phone to another I have given it a try and there has always been something that was messed up. BT, GPS,..... something.

Posted via Android Central App

Of coarse. But why add a launcher that breaks something that works on multiple phones, including Samsung's?

Of course. Every complex electronic device has bugs. It's the nature of the beast.

The difference is that you expect the basic stuff (BT, GPS, WiFi) to work correctly, and that's not always the case with CM ROM's. Plus, you tend to lose a lot of the "special" features of devices. With a Note, that would specifically include the stylus.

Might not matter to some, but it does seem like a bit of a waste.

I'm actually intrigued by this. Other than Air View and Multi-window and I guess the framework for Gear Manager and Gear Fit Manager what are you loosing? I did the exact same thing to an OG Note (N7000) and installed CarbonROM because Samsung would never upgrade the OG Note beyond 4.1.2. Now I'm running KitKat on said N7000.

Well there are Pen-enabled Note/Drawing apps in the Play Store that take advantage of an an external stylus to replace things like S-Note. Again other than Air View/Mult-Windows/Gear/Fit Manager on an AOSP/AOKP ROM what are you loosing? I've seen/used TouchWiz on the OG Note, Note 2, Note 3, Note 8 and just wish Samsung would run a leaner ROM much like they did with the GPe ROM for the S4. But with everything working 100%.

"External" stylus (I'm assuming you mean a capacitive stylus) are *nothing* like the stylus that actually comes with the Note. You won't even get close to the level of accuracy.

This comment is exactly what I'm talking about with you he is entitled to an opinion he likes Samsung hardware just not the software that's the same boat I'm in what's wrong with that.

Posted via Android Central App

I think it looks a lot cleaner. I hate that it is still so system intensive. Seriously, 8 GB for just the OS?

Posted via Android Central App

While I'll admit that's a lot of space to take up, but part of the reason is because they have a complete copy of the factory firmware in a "secure" storage that you can't alter that the device can use to revert to the stock, out-of-the-box state, in the event of catastrophic system corruption. It's one of those "nice idea" things where the implementation and lack of information leaves a lot to be desired.

The ONE problem with that is it turns the camera from top of the range to just passable. Well it did with my S3

Galaxy S3
Transformer Prime
Nexus 7

The awesome thing about the new TouchWiz is that... Oh oh oh! What's that!?? Nova Launcher?? Cooooolll.

Posted via Android Central App

I second that. I used to root for years, and used to swear by it, but started to realize all these roms have nothing but issues, I needed my phone to work like it was intended to by the manufacturer, with all my apps and system features working the way they should, unfortunately all these roms have nothing but issues, and since JB , there is not much of a reason to root anymore, no more wasting time trying to fix issued associated with these roms.

Posted via Android Central App

I had no problem with the TouchWiz, but I love Avaite so much that I put it on withing a couple days.

Posted via Android Central App

I doubt that I will ever use any launcher other than Aviate. I can't wait until the G3 drops so I can buy one and immediately install Aviate. Aviate is the 4th mobile OS.

Posted via Android Central App

I owe aviate now with custom icons but another one I like using is sick sky launcher it's super clean and utilizes gesture swipes really nicely.

Posted via Android Central App

the new version is way better than the last, lets you hide apps and create app drawer folders. I mostly just dont like it because i cant edit my icons or grid size, so I use Apex pro.

S5 is my first Samsung phone. I own a M7 and think TouchWiz is fine. I like it. For me it's refreshing. I can see why this phone is the iPhone competitor.

Lol @ TouchWiz must die. Bias much?
I got the S5 based on hardware and put a launcher on it right away. Don't most people who use AC tinker more than the average android user?

Posted via Android Central App

People always act like putting a launcher on a Samsung phone gets rid of touchcrap. It is still in plenty of places like the stings menu, status bar, and notification shade.

Posted via Android Central App

Pretty sure Jerry is delusional about how hot this site is in terms of the Android Universe. :P lol Amusing.
Posted via Android Central App

Never get any phone after my vs experience with the droid charge. Samsung jumped the shark with that phone. Motorola saved the day when Verizon let me have the RAZR in exchange for Samsung's garbage.

Posted via Android Central App

I like tw better than the other launchers even better than the google one. I have a nexus 7 2013 too.

Posted via Android Central App

Nova Launcher all the way! The lag is gone... Just wish I could say OK Google on the homescreen like TouchWiz. That will come in time. :)

Posted via Android Central App

Come on now! It's so blatantly obvious what you guys are doing here! Want a juicy thread? Mention touchwiz or Samsung

Posted via Android Central App

So, because a handful of Interturds can't act respectful, I shouldn't ask you guys what you think?

I ignore the average dipshit on the web. Everyone should.

You're one of the ones he ignores with this kind of comment. If he didn't care, he wouldn't ask. Besides, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

I installed a launcher, but it isn't out of hatred for TouchWiz, rather my preference to Action Launcher. To me, the difference between TouchWiz and Sense and Phil Blur is minimal as far as the launcher goes. The bigger differences are in the color palettes, the settings menus, and lock screens. Action Launcher is so different, and once I became familiar with it, there is no faster way for me to find what I'm looking for.

Posted via Android Central App

I love TouchWiz. .what the hell is wrong with you people..TouchWiz is such a nice os full of nice features and colors..

Posted via Android Central App

I suppose you also like One Direction, Nickelback, and Budweiser. There's no accounting for taste.

Never heard of or cared about touch wiz until I got my s3. I didn't have any problems then and now that I have my s5 I still don't have any problems. As long as my phone functions I could care less.

Posted via Android Central App

How very interesting...
Jerry im loving the new touchwiz. Ive owned all the S devices and better. If im buying a needs to be able to wow.
Touchwiz...and all its gimmicks, tricks, and functions... does just that.
Toolbox....multi window....the chatbox that appears when on a call, swipe to screen ..all of it. Just better. And 90% of nay-sayers havent used it.
Last year I tried the moto x And nexus 5.. could not do it, tried letting my wife and mom use it.. they couldn't either. Got bored and lost so quickly.
Vanilla android (which I highly respect) and anything close to it...will never be as fun, pretty, or user friendly as touchwiz.
Like you said...50+ million ppl to please..

Posted via Android Central App

To add to your point. I think that most readers who took the pole, didnt buy an S5 or sample the new touchwiz. Makes the pole unreliable.

Posted via Android Central App

Most didn't try the new maybe right...but not only did I try it I got one for my mom (GS5) I set it up and used all day... It's better but it's still ugly as hell...Most people here can clearly see it in videos and post... It still looks like the cartoon touchwiz...yeah it's slightly smoother but it still has slow transitions and horrible icons and native apps like dialer and txt look like something from a Japanese animation (no disrespect intended) but I just don't like that look for my phone.... And why use 2-3G of my available 11G on apps replace basic functional apps..only feature I want on my M8 is to split screen..that's all I miss from my galaxy days

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung should pour money into making a decent phone, not screwing up a perfectly good Android UI. All the gimmicks they want to put in their crap phones can be done without a single UI change.

Posted via Android Central App

Crap phones, you are delusional, it's fine not liking the UI, but saying the S5 is crap makes you sound like a 5 year old, or a fan boy of another company.

Posted via Android Central App

I love it. This coming from the guy who used to flash aosp for the last two years. The S5 is the first Samsung phone that I probably will never flash aosp on.

With every Touch it takes a Wiz on your fingers....eeww!

NOVA PRIME! (actually GEL, due to Gnow side) I like the new Wiz'dTouch'O'GEL, except for no Gnow side panel.
I do love the extra $#!t they add to the phone though, just not the bog. Be nice to get the apps without the requisite "system bloat" overhead...thats what custom ROMs are for....sad how teenagers on xda and rootzwiki are able to better optimize and re-code this OS better than a muli-billion dollar international company. LOL
I was not happy when I heard about this "kids mode" as I don't have kids and I'm not loaning my phone to my nephews, EVER! But I was relieved to read that it was an added feature download as most their has been transitioned to. :D

Galaxys are like the new iPhones, people love to hate them. It comes with success. Not everything in is perfect. I remember when iPhones were the dominant smartphone and every would praise what Samsung for what they were doing. Now it's shifted, the hard core Android users for the most part especially on this sight have shifted to hating on Samsung, and anyone that uses one is a sheep (caught isheep). Funny how things change.

Posted via Android Central App

Its not my favorite, but I can see why the average consumer will buy it and but it again.

Posted via Android Central App

I've never actually owned a Galaxy phone but based on my research and limited experience playing the display models i don't actually hate touchwiz.

The design is very bright and colorful but honestly that is just different than stock not necessarily worse.
I actually appreciate that in many cases touchwiz behaves like stock android and even more so now that they have a proper multitasking button. I am far more annoyed with how sense completely rearranged multitasking or the app drawer scrolling.

Touchwiz is just busy but the only things that really bother me about touchwiz are the reported performance issues (not sure how serious that is without first hand experience) and the way Samsung clutters the notification drawer so that there is so little space for your notifications. The latter issue can't be fixed with a launcher either.

Question. How can you make that much of an observation having never used a touchwiz device on a day to day basis? In order to determine if the new version of Touchwiz is an improvement over the last one would think some experience outside of the 20 minutes spent at a display model would be necessary.

Posted via Android Central App

I bought the M8 first, then decided to get the GS5. I must say, as much as I like the screen and camera on the GS5, the performance is exactly as disappointing as I was expecting, especially coming from the snappy M8. There are little lags here and there and they really add up. The gallery is slow to launch, as is the camera (which is really disappointing). Then there are the redraws that occur with the launcher and stutters when swiping home screens. Even with My Magazine disabled, the launcher is nowhere near as smooth as it should be.

Samsung really needs to go back to the drawing board and rewrite Touchwiz and optimize it. HTC did it and they have the best skin around now.

You need to learn a bit more about the phone and it's settings, I own an S3 and no lag here, I am sure the S5 is better than the S3, I suggest before you make predetermined judgement do some research first.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks, but I'm fairly certain that I know more about this phone and every other Galaxy device ever released than you do since I either currently own or have owned every one. Even if it was as simple as tweaking settings, it still means that the out of box experience is laggy and novice users are not going to know what to "tweak".

I suggest before you make assumptions about someone's knowledge about a device, you do some research first.

"I'm sure the S5 is better than the S3". Talk about predetermined judgement, eh?

I currently own no less than 5 smartphones, including the Note 3 and GS5, so get off your fanboy soap box and take off your blinders. The lag is there and has always been there in Touchwiz.

That's one of the main reasons fans of Android in general are disliking Samsung now. Out of the box TW is not as fast as it should be. With the amount of horsepower in the modern smartphone there is no reason it shouldn't be smooth as butter. The sad part is that most of the "normal" users don't tinker with settings, launchers, etc and believe this is what Android is like. That's why many then go back to iOS, they arrive at the erroneous conclusion that Apple" just works" and Android is too complicated. That's why I vote I hope TW gives all Androids a bad reputation.

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Funny working in the wireless industry I have seen a pretty big shift in the iSheep community shifting to the Samsung phones. Also as far as people associating Samsung with Android the biggest reason is they are by far the most marketed phones with Android. So you could blame the other companies for not marketing their brand enough. I would say the Motorola is still pretty connected with Android as well because of the cleverly market DROID slogan.

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I neither like TW nor do I hate it. I just kinda deal with it cause I like the phone, note 3 to be exact.

I slap myself sometimes. But you....I'd beat the fuck out of with a wet noodle and make you like it.

Personally Touchwiz is the main thing stopping me buy an S5. It looks like it's improved over my S3 but only marginally. The S4 was the low point imo. The one thing that Samsung seem to do better than all the other Android manufacturers is the camera. My next phone will hopefully be the Nexus 6 with a quality camera.

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I never had a problem with touchwiz as a whole per say, there were certain parts I wish they would remove and tone down to alleviate some of the prominent issues that seem to plague samsung devices. I am surprised that such a large company can not get their software right. That is the achilles heel of all samsung devices. If they can figure that out, every other android OEM better watch out even more than they already have to.

Yes. The review of a EUROPEAN model. Not an American one. What the hell, you guys couldn't afford to buy a frakking AT&T or VZW version, you know, for the majority of people who read this site?

The new touchwiz is very smooth compared to the previous iterations of tw. I have been a Samsung fan since the start well the first s and it's insane how much Samsung have turned into the manufacturer that everyone dislikes. They make great phones as do htc apple LG Sony etc... who cares right. android central best app out there

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And where are people getting that touchwiz is 8gb no its not its just over 4gb see more crap it's funny

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I only have one problem with touchwiz. It's very minor, but at the same time it's confusing. Why is it that the latest iteration of devices are running Android 4.4+, but I can't drag one icon on another to create a folder?? What type of sorcery is this?

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Still using s3 because it is still the best phone, but i changed my launcher to nova prime almost right away because touchwiz is no good as a launcher, nova prime is more slicker.

WOW. For a pack of people who use an operating system that is based on sharing open source coding in order to promote individuality, originality and free expression... You all act like a bunch of little Steve Jobs'. Touting 'your' version is "the only version" and this one sucks and that one blows and this is how Android should be and shouldn't be.
For me, the poll was impossible to answer. After 3 months, I found Nova Launcher and I've modified my icon layouts, but the phone is still distinctly a Touch Wiz device... and I love it. (Note2, that is)

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I really don't know what is the problem with Touchwiz ,is not a great thing to enjoy but everybody just to remember the HTC sence it was terrible , and right now the IOS 7 of Apple is uggly , so I think that they make a great job and Touchwiz is changing for good

I don't understand why people who hate Samsung, would not buy a S5/Note3/S4, love their HTC/LG/Nexus/Moto/Sony/Apple, read all the Samsung articles and then hate in the comments. If you have the perfect phone then great. You don't have to hate because you know you got the best. But people hate greatness. People hate LeBron (me included), MJ, Jeter, Brady because they're great. TouchWiz is far from perfect and needs work. But it can't be as much trash as the comment people say judging by all the sales around the world. I still think my old iphone was smoother than my S3, and a tad smoother than my S5 but I'll trade that for a nice camera, widgets, SD card, and battery life (S5) since no phone is perfect. But this one has what works for me.

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I really don't have a problem with TouchWiz but the bloated apps and the magazine ui is useless. I don't have the s5 but I have the newest tablet and I can't stand the magazine portion.

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Whether we like it or not, I like Android because of its choice so if tw is something people like then long live tw. I have the s4 and I use nova launcher and thats nothing against tw launcher cause I put nova on my nexus 7 too. I just like setting my own grid sizes and icon packs too. Also the put a launcher and never see tw option makes no sense as you still see tw regardless if you have a different launcher. Overall I have no issue with tw, sure it has lots of options but I like the choice of picking what I want to use and what I don't. Example the eye scroll thing in the browser is useless Imo and I guess a lot feel the same but am sure there's 1 person in the world that uses and at least for that 1 person that feature is available even though I could careless if it was on my s4.

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