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'Tis the season in most of the western world, where we're spending time with our loved ones celebrating the year-end holiday. It's also the time when we traditionally exchange gifts, so that is the focus of our poll this week.

Google is knocking it out of the park price-wise with their Nexus devices, and OEMs are offering phones and tablets that do some amazing things. I know a lot of people would love to see a new phone or tablet with their name on it this month, but we're asking the folks doing the giving -- are giving someone an Android device this holiday season?

Hit the poll in the sidebar to the right or after the break, and let us know if you're handing out some sweet Android hardware, have everything covered without it, or just plain can't get one from Google. We'll let it simmer for a week then tally up the numbers.

Speaking of numbers, last week we asked who has seen a Google Play Gift Card in the wild. The vote was a mixed bag.


Looks like we're not the only one not seeing them in the store. Keep vigilant, or just enter to win one in our Stocking Stuffer contest.


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This week's sidebar poll: Are you gifting an Android device to someone this holiday season?


I am now officially a walking Google advertisement with the amount of devices I've purchased this past month.

Picking up a Note 2 for myself...the wife will be opening an S3 on Christmas morning and the daughter is being passed down my Nexus. #nailedit

Nexus 7 for my daughter. I was also going to buy myself a Nexus 4 but Australia seems to have been forgotten (and overcharged).

I'd love to gift one to my nephew who turned a failing 9th grade in MD to a A & B student in TX and on the soccer team. He'd then re-gift it back to me, his wonderful Aunt, as he is an iProduct kid.

I had no problem finding the Google Play Gift cards in Target, and bundling it with a Nexus 7 under my Son's tree. I'm sure the grandkids will have Angry Birds on it in 2 minutes.

Sort of. I got my mom a Kindle Fire HD. I considered getting her an N7, but I think that the more locked-down, guided ecosystem is more her speed.

"Looks like we're not the only one not seeing them in the store. Keep vigilant, or just enter to won one in our Stocking Stuffer contest."

Um, that should be 'Win" not "Won"

Yes, Rooted Nook tablets running CM10 for both kids. Already have my new phone (Droid RAZR M). Gave my wife my old Rezound. Android Family!

I picked up two Nabi 2 tablets for my niece and nephew. I played around with one for a while, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. In terms of both specs and price, they're basically a point-for-point match with the Nexus 7 -- Tegra 3, 1GB RAM, 7" screen, etc. The viewing angles aren't fantastic and the resolution is a bit lower (1024x600 vs. 1280x800), but still not bad overall. On the plus side, it trumps the N7 with a Micro SD card slot and mini-HDMI port.

If you're looking for a tablet for someone around 4-8, this one looks like the one to beat. Definitely do your research though, maybe there IS something better overall. Also it goes without saying that every kid is different.. though I just went ahead and said it anyway.

I answered no. Because I am gifting an Android device. A Nexus 10. To myself in early January, so I dont think it counts. :)

My kids have asked me what I want for christmas. I say "A Nexus 7".
They have about $20 pocket money to spend.

"okay then, a plush Dalek."

I just bought myself an N4, bought the old man an N7, and the lady friend is getting me an N10. All Nexus all the time for me....

The only someone i would gift one to would be me, but I'm waiting to see whats coming next hardware wise. Tegra 4 maybe.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7" for the other half.

Jelly Bean and specced enough for her type of use.

With my 14 yr old son & 10 yr old daughter both getting Android devices for Christmas, this household is now renamed Google 24/7. I also migrated just about 100% of our families entertainment content to Google services from music to movies. The rotten Apple is completely expunged from our home.

Amazon is another story entirely. We still do entirely too much shopping & reading & music/movie rentals through Amazon.

This is a great Xmas season for android and myself... I already got myself an early Xmas gift of the Note 2. I am also getting a pair of ASUS Transformer Infinities, complete with Dock for myself and my wife... they are actually already delivered, I am just banned from breaking the plastic until the big day. Very hard to do!!! I also just ordered a Vizio CoStar online a few days ago for my father. Thats it for now.

Ditto. My wife found the 32 gb versions at Sam's for $239, so I told her to go for it. Then I realized my kids will each have more storage capacity than I will. I might try to swap mine out for one of theirs. Certainly he/she won't notice.

Yup,bought a Nexus 7 for the wife to replace her gen 1 kindle fire. We also picked up 2 Galaxy S3 during the Sprint BOGO sale.

I'm giving my old Eris to my 7 year old son to play with. He loves GPS's, compasses, cameras & clocks, which this will do. He loves games, which the Eris is weak at. I have CM7 on it & I have the call button disabled so he doesn't accidentally chat with cops!

Next Christmas he might get my Gnex (after I get a Nexus 5) :)

Maybe a Note 2 for my wife. Depends if she likes it or not and if it goes on sale for less than $280 from Sprint/Sam's Club/Best Buy, etc... I'd pay $199 at the most for an on contract phone.

Answered no because I'm purchasing a Nexus 4 in January, if they're available, to accompany my Nexus S 4G, Nexus 7, and Epic touch 4G. See, I have no more money to gift anything to anybody, LOL.

Lots of bunnies and gift cards to the family this year, LOL.

I want to; my GF's iPhone is crapping out on her, but she doesn't want a phone for Christmas... she went on about jewelery or something borring.

Chromebook doesn't count? Then probably not, still a chance I'll grab a kids tablet for my Niece/Nephews but its unlikely unless I find a super good deal on one.

the ball and chain is getting a Nexus 7 from me and she's getting me a Sony NSZ-GS7...
Jerry do you still use the review unit you had?