Weather Underground for Android

Weather Underground has long been a go-to source for weather information online. And now, finally, we have a proper Weather Underground Android app.

The main view is a nicely laid out three-panel screen.  The top section shows the current temperature, "feels like" temp, wind speed and direction, humidity and a thumbnail image of what it's like outside. Tap it and you'll get the current dewpoint, visibility, pressure (in inches), wind gusts, GPS coordinates, and when the conditions were last updated. Tap it a third time and you'll get a brief forecast for the rest of the week.

The second section, in the middle of the screen, shows three days at a glance, with high/low temperatures and chance of precipitation. You can swipe to get the next three days. Tap a day to get the hourly forecast.

And the bottom section of the main view, taking up a little less than half of the entire screen, is a Google map with nearby personal weather stations reporting the current temperature. Tap the map, and it goes to a full-screen version with radar laid on top. You can adjust the overlays of the "WunderMap," toggling storm tracks, satellite, visible satellite, temperatures, cameras and animation. 

Other options include making locations as favorites, seeing sever weather alerts for a location, and signing into your Weather Underground account.

All in all, the Weather Underground app continues Wunderground's penchant for excellent weather information, and it works well enough on Android smartphones and tablets. But the app's animations are fairly laggy, and it doesn't yet have a home screen widget. And while we're just starting the winter season, we'd hope to see a dedicated tropical weather section (if not an entire app from Wunderground) by the start of hurricane season June 1. But, hey, the app's free, and it's quickly found a place on our phones.

We've got download links, hands-on video and more screen shots after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Weather Underground for AndroidWeather Underground for Android

Weather Underground for AndroidWeather Underground for Android

Weather Underground for AndroidWeather Underground for Android

Weather Underground for AndroidWeather Underground for Android

Weather Underground for Android


Reader comments

Weather Underground for Android


I'll check it out, I need a weatherbug replacement. So far it has a lot of negative comments but I will give it a shot.

I recently uninstall Weatherbug due to the new intrustive ads. I was using the built-in "News and Weather" app, but it's really lacking. I find Weather Underground lacking, too, but it's better than both of the aforementioned apps.

Thanks.. It Works Great.. And I get none of the LAG you experienced with your Galaxy Nexus.. Even though our phones have the same parts, The Droid Charge's are far more refined...

Blazing w 4G @ 1,300 mhz on my Droid Charge.. Awaiting Quad-Core Greatness.. Hmm.. The Exynos 4412 Quad or KAL-EL's.. Its Great to have choices!

Well good luck to those fortunate few who can install it and get it to run!! If you're like me, and the majority of the commenters on the Market, it does nothing but force close!

I really wish we could rate apps like this lower than 1 star.

0 stars would mean your rating doesn't exist, and -10 is just...stupid/immature/unnecessary. Apparently, the concept of a scaled rating escapes you.

I bet you didn't even submit a bug report, but you had the time to come on here and bitch about it with multiple exclamation points.

Works for me on my Evo 3D after the initial force close. This isn't a weather app that tracks your location, so you are required to manually input.

Weather Underground is my go to app on PC & Galaxy Nexus.
The new Android App has a few kinks but functions and display the weather very well.
Seeing how Weather Underground has improved greatly their PC app over the years I expect that this app will soon be a 5 star app.
At present the price is right but for a future premium app I'll gladly support.
You can never have to many WX apps. Sometimes I just don't want to stick my head out of my cave and miss a "Rom" update.

The app is ok but could do with a major overhaul. The favorite section displayed the wrong synopsis of the current weather or repeats same for different cities

Wow, that's quite a laundry list of permissions it's asking for, not to mention the app looks clunky and there is no widget to put on your home screen. I'll stick with their classic site (the redesign layout they did a while back on the regular site still sucks IMO) via a browser bookmark when I need serious weather info, supplemented by Intellicast's awesome Flash-based radar maps (, and Beautiful Widgets on my home screen for everyday use. :)

Hmm... Since BeWeather uses Weather Underground as their data provider, I hope their relationship doesn't go sour by wunderground releasing their own app. From what I saw in that video, I'll stick with BeWeather for the time being, but the more the merrier. Hopefully Weather Underground can work out their app's issues.

I guess more options can't hurt. I don't trust InaccuWeather and NBC has really f'ed up The Weather Channel to the point I don't watch their TV and can't stand their mobile app. Google Weather? Does that even exist? Even the stock Android News & Weather app uses data from TWC.

I'll definitely try this out but after trying so many of the apps (and reading comments) of stuff already out there I've found my goto to be one put out by a local news channel. It's really just a template app with their branding on it. It's powered by WSI and for me specifically I use the WUSA 9 Weather App (in Wash DC area). I'm sure there are others for everywhere else around the country. It has good animated radar, follows your location, and gives basic forecasts. The only thing I don't like and thus don't use are the Status Bar notifications. I wouldn't mind if it just popped up when an alert came out but it leaves a temp icon all the time. I already have a widget with that so I don't need my status bar filling up.

This is a great app. I have it on my Windows tablet. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to obtain the Android version of this app from other than Google Play which I can't use. Is there a work around?