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The ever-hyped and just-announced OnePlus One is finally making its way into the wild, and we finally have our hands on the device to spend some quality time with it. We've given our initial impressions after just receiving it, but there's no way we can cover every question you have with just one post. To hopefully answer even more of your questions, we've opened up a thread in the forums where you can ask all of your burning questions so we can get more information on this thing out there.

Big or small, we want to hear all of your questions about the OnePlus One — hopefully we can clear up the air about some of the device's mysteries. Hop into the forums at the link below and get to asking!

I have a OnePlus One - ask me about it!


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We have a OnePlus One, you have questions - ask us in the forums!


i threw a screen quality question in the forum. "How is it compared to SAMOLED or iPhone or nexus 5?
something like color accuracy, brightness (indoor/outdoor) saturation, contrast etc.."

* Is this rooted, or a non-rooted version of CM11?
* Does it have a SD card slot? (I think not, but you never know)

Would be odd if it doesn't have an SD slot. The back is removable as far as I know? It would also be odd if it is rooted from the factory, as a lot of subscription services ban rooted devices.

It doesn't have micro SD card slot. But 64gb version I'd only $50 more than 16gb.

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I'm considering this upgrade from a note 2. Screen size is the same and according to specs foot print is very close. Does the rounded back make it feel smaller/slimmer/different than the comparable sized Samsung competition?

It has a better feel compared to the note 2, It's more rounded like the Moto X and the HTC one (M8) but it's much more grippy than the one M8

Quoted from the forums by Andrew:

"Haven't used the speakers for music or anything yet, but they seem quite loud for notifications and ringtones. Will have to spend more time to compare, but they sound average right now."

They are real dual bottom speakers. it will sound way better than the nexus 5 and the iPhone 5s because those have one mic and one speaker. The oneplus one is not as good as the HTC one but very close.

I'm considering to upgrade from note 2 can I use this for sprint does this comes in cdma version.

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"Too big" depends on what you're used to. I'm used to the Nexus 5 and I can say it seems very large, large enough that it's tough to use in one hand for some things.

Haven't used it long enough to give you a battery life estimate.

Does it have wireless charging and is it water resistant?

Is the theme engine the same that is in CM? Can you switch themes from the ones already in the store or does it have it's own store?

No wireless charging, no waterproofing.

The theme engine is brand new, but its not exclusive to this phone. There are three pre-installed themes, and you can install more from third parties.

It's not water resistant that's official. But wireless charging is not official. for the people who got it with invites or won smash the past contests it is a prototype model so no one knows yet there have been a couple of rumors though.

How is the PRL updated in oneplusone? I know from flashing CM roms on prior devices I always had to flash back to original rom to update to get the PRL updated then flash back to CM.

My only concern is USB connectivity to my PC. I've owned 2 Nexus products(N4 and N7 2012), and PCs wouldn't recognize them no matter what I tried to do, so I got rid of them. My current phone(HTC One M7) has no such issue. My reason to change phones is that I want a larger display, better battery life, and more storage. Everything else I'm completely happy with.
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That's a driver problem, not a problem with the phone. And there are plenty of people who hook up their Nexus 4's, 5's, 7's and 10's to PCs.

That being said I have a Mac and don't have to bother with drivers. I plug it in and it works.

That's funny you mention drivers, because I uninstalled every single driver I could find related to smartphones, even drivers of smartphones I no longer owned. Still wouldn't re cognize any Nexus devices when I reloaded their respective drivers. Doesn't matter now I guess.

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P It uses the 801 and 401 ppi, seriously people just take five minutes and check out the oneplus website and will have all this information... Also this phone is Gsm only so it will not work on Verizon or sprint, only Att and T-Mobile... The phone comes in a 16 gb white version and a 64gb black version, the phone doesn't have a SD card, and lastly it has a 3100 size battery

Edit also it doesn't have wireless charging or a ir blaster

Thanks, wanna answer every other question here? Because I don't recall you saying that you have the phone and that you're willing to answer things. There's no reason to be a smart-ass with people you don't know.

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Not being a smart as.. But most of these questions have already been answered. Either on one plus forums, or a few YouTube videos or from the press release..... No one has the phone other than a small number of reviewers... If you want a bit more detail can also check out a few hands on /campare videos by Android authority on YouTube

Don't have the phone,, no one really does because they using a contest /invite system. Which people either like or hate, but I guess it's what it is... The smash /give way phone to a good cause just ended and I believe the 100 winners are all getting notice. So those first lucky people will get the phone for $1 and be able to invite 3 people each to buy the phone, but if you get a invite be careful cause they seem to only have the 16 go version available until early or mid June

Edit : consider its a unlock phone don't have to worry carriers blocking Google wallet. Just think of this phone like stock android with a bit more features

It's sold unlocked, so you have to buy the phone full price. It has AT&T radios so it works on the network, it's just not sold through it

How is the camera performance? Recording wise. Can you take pictures of landscapes and other large locations to see how things come out? Thankyou, really do appreciate it and how is the battery life?

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It has good performance. but it's mic while recording video isn't as strong as the nexus 5. and the battery life is better than average.

You go to the OnePlus pre-order site, create your order choosing your phone and accessories, fill out your shipping and billing info (they only take payments through PayPal), and save your order. On November 17th there will be a one-hour window starting at 8am PST in which you can finalize the order. There is even a button that can add a notification to cloud-based calendars. I hope this helps.