Sprint has recently announced the Sharp Aquos Crystal and we were very eager to see it in person. Tonight, at an event in New York City, Sprint has shown off this device with stunningly-slim bezels. It's heading to the carrier Sprint and its prepaid Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile brands. Interested? Watch our hands-on video and photos!

The Sharp Aquos Crystal features a 5-inch 720p screen with very little bezel on the top and sides. There's an 8-megapixel camera on the back with 1.2MP on the front, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, 8 GB for storage, and an embedded 2040mAh battery. It runs Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Other key features include Harman's LiveStage, which adds dimension to sound, and Clari-Fi technology, which improves digital sound quality by restoring all types of compressed digital music.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

Another interesting feature is a subscription service called App Pass that allows customers to access a hand-selected catalog of premium apps and games for $4.99 per month after a 14-day free trial. This is exclusive to Sprint in the United States. The App Pass catalog is curated with some of the world's top developers including Gameloft and Oceanhouse Media. It also includes select titles from other developers such as OfficeSuite 7 Pro, Camera Zoom FX, Minuum Keyboard, CamScanner and Color & Draw for Kids.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

We're not used to seeing slim bezels on most smartphones, but after playing with the the Aquos Crystal, we'd like to see more manufacturers do the same thing. It makes devices with big screens feel much better to hold.

Sharp Aquos Crystal

The Sharp Aquos Crystal costs $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $10 on Sprint Easy Pay. It will also available at Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile both for $149.99 plus tax.

What do you think? Is this your type of smartphone? Let us know in the comments!


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We go hands-on with the Sharp Aquos Crystal


Looks nice, I wish the specs were a little better for future proofing.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Fret not, I'm sure many other phones will be jumping on this bandwagon soon, with better specs too

Posted via Android Central App

Hopefully. A lot of people have been begging someone to do this for years.

Sharp, who normally would not get a footnote in the mobile space does it with weak specs and gets attention. Beautiful design. Will be interesting see reviews. They have a 1080p 5.5" version that is shown online too.

They need to hack away @ 1/2 the bottom and this would be perfect. Way to go Sharp!

Looks like it runs smooth on the demo unit, way faster than my GS3. I honestly like the look of the device, can't believe it is made by sharp

They should bring it here to the states. I hate when companies have a limited release.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

There's a 5.5 inch version with the snapdragon 801 & 2 gigs of ram, it might be available on Sprint. But 5.5 inch screens are too large for my taste, I like 4.7" & 5" screens.

More than likely if you tilt it to one side too much, you're probably going to completely flip over and bump your head. Unless you've taken up yoga to practice balance, I wouldn't risk it. Safety 1st.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

The display is the speaker. I guess that's why they had to get Harman Kardon on board, to calibrate the sound to work both for calls and a loud speaker. Will be interesting to see how it affects call quality.

Not that it would bother me but if you look at him when he's trying to scroll the web, the corner is clearly in his bottom palm part of his hand. Like it's wedged.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Coincidentally enough, I read this comment as the rounded bottom right corner of my phone was resting in my palm.

Posted via Android Central App

Having already had a phone that jabbed me in the palm when I held it, it's something I look for. The back of that one was beveled as well.

Also, for those of us who still put their phones in their front pocket, the corners tend to jab your hip when you bend over.

When I am doing just about anything besides talking on my HTC One, the bottom left corner is dead center of my palm.

Sooner or later they will throw a high end out there then we can really talk about it

Posted via Android Central App

Loading an uncached website utilizing a crowded conference room data signal is not indicative of anything.

Wait for reviews to assess functionality instead of bone headed immature pre judgment no basis in fact sniping.

Specs are not the only determinate of functionality. Simply consider Samsung, for example.

It's a Snapdragon 400...with this chip Chrome lags like a little bitch while loading pages until you turn on ART and then it's quite a bit better, after the page is loaded however it is very smooth either way.

I've been using Android since early 2010, before Chrome for Android was even released, and I've never encountered a phone that Chrome doesn't lag on. My HTC One (M7) is a very smooth phone, Chrome still runs like garbage.

Posted via the Android Central App

Exactly and because it's "MOTO" and because NERDS love "Moto X" he wouldn't talk trash about even MOTO G ;)

for price is pretty damn good.

It's low range. Should be cheap. They have a 1080p 5.5 incher too. Even looks better b/c the bottom bezel is identical in height to the smaller one, yet with the larger screen.

Looks nice but a bit low on the specs and you know that screen is going to crack so much easier.

Posted via Android Central App

I honestly wouldn't bet on that. On many newer smartphones, the glass goes to the very edge of the device anyways, covering both the LCD panel and the bezels around it. The glass on this is no different, except that there's LCD under all of it.

i am deleting this website for good unless the auto play on videos isnt stopped....in french nonetheless.

either way i wont have anything to do with auto play...get your shit together androidcentral........its invasive and counterproductive

Wow Richard, it's shocking to see you branching out of copypasta Samsung and TMobile endorsements and actually offering some (unwarranted) commentary for a change! Keep up the good work!

Posted via Android Central App

Autoplay? What are you talking about? None of their videos autoplay for me. Sounds like a problem with your browser.

There was a bug announced this week in the last YouTube player update that caused it to autoplay for people with the Chromecast extension installed in Chrome, although I have that and this STILL isn't autoplaying for me.

Either way, you're pointing the blame in the wrong place.

Ah! I was about to delete this website for all the porn pop-ups!!! But I guess I must just have a virus from my limewire.

Lololololol kidding

Posted via Android Central App

Sounds like you've installed some sort of plugin that auto-starts YouTube clips. I don't think it has anything to do with the website...

do you have the chromecast extension installed to your chrome browser? if so, thats the issue. not the site.

Yes suddenly all YouTube videos across all sites are now going AUTOPLAY for me. I'm using Chrome on Windows 8.1 Ultrabook. Something changed. Yes I have a Chromecast. This just started happening a few days ago. Very annoying. Thanks for the AP link.

It's a recent YouTube bug that Google has already admitted to and is fixing.

Research your problem on the Internet before you throw such vulgar and rude language out there, little tiger.

Posted via Android Central App

Lol there is no autoplay, it's a YouTube video for Christ sake... are you high (again)?

Lay off the medicin, bro

Lol - at least I'll gladly admit it.. when that image was taken I was high on my Galaxy S3 and Note 2... they sadly are gone long long time ago now... so is the rush I had at the occation... :)

The S3 ended its life in the toilet.. the Note got dropped in the sea in Recife (Brazil) and that was the end of my Samsung Phone adventure.... nowadays I'm wiser and smarter than that

Me goodness I really want the high end version. Worse thing they could do is make this exclusive. That phone is nice.

Posted via Android Central App

Another best thing Softbank will do to make Sprint the most desirable US carrier, exclusive range of excellent handset selections, in addition to deployment of the most advanced network transmission capabilities.

Not a joke. I suppose you and some others don't know.

Once the stores a stocked with 'exclusive' high value lower cost handsets like the HTC One E8 and the Sharp Aquos among others, you'll see a Sprint / Virgin / Boost advertising blitz that features their exclusives. Softbank is about to unleash a can of whoop ass in the US!

Of course Sprint will also stock the M8s, G3, S5, plus the new Motos, Nexus, iPhone 6, and Note 4.

And for those who don't rely on innuendo, unsubstantiated chit chat, and false suggestions, it has been known for some time Sprint has been actively deploying the most advanced network in the United States and has the financial resources and spectrum to do so.

Or he doesn't rely on stupid unsubstantiated comments and actually does his research...

Posted via Android Central App

Do you realize how long Sprint has promised "deploying the most advanced network in the United States" while the company's users have suffered with 2g speeds while only the large metro areas get to do better but still far worse than the competition? How long has it been since the OG Evo?

Stop predicting "whoop ass" and just get to adequate or even competitive, Sprint. Thanks.

Only thing worse would be to put those monsterous bezels on it like the HTC One or any Nokia phone. Then nobody would care if it was coming or not.

Lol, everyone is all like "WE NEED ZERO BESLES!!" then a phone actually features that demand.

Then the complaints pour in:

"I can't use a case"
"I have sooo many accidental taps because there is nowhere to hold it on the sides"
"I set it on the table and the side of the screen shattered!!1"
"The bezels are TOO thinl! Returning ASAP!"

And so on. Be careful what you wish for, geeks.

I think they pushed it too far. I never was one of those you mentioned but IMO the perfect balance is on G3. You need top and bottom bezels to hold phone in portrait mode. A little side bezel is also necessary not to block the content on the screen.
This phone also looks weird because the bottom chin is too big

I agree with u. These punks keep complaining about something. So what if it doesnt have high end specs, i dont play games on my phone, so it might be a good option for me or maybe for my pops, he only use his phone for calls and occasionally use skype.

Punks huh? Wow you must be such a tough guy to call people that while hiding behind a screen and keyboard. :P

Posted via Android Central App

I don't like the look off this at all. Don't get me wrong, I love slim bezels, But the humongous chin and the chinsy metal looks cheap. The specs aren't very good either. Moving on...

Haha. Dude has a strange way of using the thing too. Just looks awkward. I think Chrome was trying to load up a page and dude was scrolling (poking) away before the page was loaded. It's a mid range spec phone anyway, but looked quick in some other vids I saw.

And what's with spending 1/2 the vid of this beauty talking about some stillborn $4/mos app subscription? Compare it to a Galaxy S4 or HTC One or something. iPhone? Huh?

Not really...

I don't have a Sprint account, hence I can't buy this phone...

Not every "Sprint" comment needs to be taken negatively. Maybe you'll learn that one day...

I like the screenshot feature. Does any other phone make it that easy to take a screenshot?

Posted via Android Central App

Why do people want such a thin phone? It's not comfortable feeling like your holding a piece of glass as a phone. Personally I like bezels and I'm very satisfied with my Galaxy S5.

Posted via the Android Central App

S5 has relatively decent bezels. But, you simply get more display real estate in a smaller package when you dump the bezels. Smaller phone = desired. Larger display = desired. Win win.

People are complaining that the screen will be ready to break. But besides the M8 most Android phones top glass goes edge to edge anyway.

Posted via Android Central App

i will buy this phone on boost or virgin for 149 just to play with it. seems like a really cool phone even with the mid range specs. since the skin is minimal im sure it will work just fine

I believe your phone uses bone conduction, this one looks like the screen is the earpiece/speaker, so I'd wait for a review to even consider buying it. It's not the first phone to do this, but still seems like untested waters to me.

Posted via Android Central App

It's designed to come from the screen. Common in Japan and apparently works well. But, you'll have to wait on Apple to invent it in the next iPhone before it will be real.

Saw this comment elsewhere and I agree, how would you play games that require 2 hands. Example a racing game in landscape, how would you hold the phone, sure you can play with 1 hand but not comfortably really.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

But when is the release date, I currently got offered to switch to Sprint easy pay! And this is the perfect phone to do so with at only 10$ a month, and I will be out of a 2 year contract. So when ever a upcoming flagship gets my attention (might even go iPhone depending on what I see) I can just pay the remainder of the phone off which is super cheap (240) on Sprint retail price. Then I will be free to get a flagship at a discount price. For me Sprint is a great network in Phoenix az we have Sprint spark , and from home to work I have Lte the whole way so no complaints for me. Anyways yeah when's the release date .

Not the most attractive design. No bezel is absolutely hideous. You need some bezel. Also, that huge chin at the bottom is pretty hideous. Nice idea, bad execution. Maybe the next version will look a little better.

Posted via my 1+1

I completely agree, this phone is absolutely ugly. It seems like you would accidently press a lot of things on the screen and it would be frustrating. I agree, the huge chin is hideous.

Posted via Samsung Galaxy S5

Way too squared off for my liking. Find the other issue is with such small bezel, I would be more inclined to want to put a case on it. And I can't imagine it would be easy to have a case that didn't cover part of the screen, whilst still protecting the screen.

Posted via Android Central App

Though I like my on screen buttons on my Nexus 5, in this case I think they should have used capacitive buttons in the bezel at the bottom. It would have made the bottom bezel appear smaller and could have been easily done.


But, I've noticed pics on some of the Japanese sites where the buttons looked on screen like Nexus devices. This one and others look like a blacked out ribbon. Hmmm?

I may have to get one of these on Virgin Mobile. For price of one Galaxy S5 you can have four phones or lose or break it and replace it easily. The battery probably doesn't come near the LG Volt.

From my Note 2 to you

Well, this Sharp phone is not meant to be competing with G3, G4 or the G Pro 3..... what are you talking about?? lol, try to compare something in the same league plz?

Frankly, I think the fact that they made this type of device in a $150 price point to be the most amazing part of it. Usually we would only see that kind of "omg this is a new thing we've never seen before" in a $700 flagship that will eventually trickle down to the sub $200 phones.

the fact that this kind of bezel-less phone is coming first at the low end price point should be the story more than anything. If it were a GSM phone that worked on most North American bands I'd probably buy one just for the tech demo effect to pull out every so often.

Is there a speaker for the ear piece? Being it had such a small bezel, how does one listen to phone calls?

Posted via Android Central App

I can't see it feeling any different from a xperia z as it is also blocky if not more.

Brought to you buy a Gold G3

These specs work better with a windows phone. I expect lag for android...

Posted via Android Central App

I see the lag for this phone, but most likely it's not because of android, wp fanboy!
And I have used a windows phone before, and you know what? It lags like shit lol

anecdotal, not fact ;)
You fail when you dont mention the phone you used. Or even the age of the phone?
And I'm not a fanboy. I use all phones equally. But there is no doubt.. Android has a hard time running on these really low specs.

Posted via Android Central App

Clearly you've never used a Motorola phone.

Also by your logic your first comment is also anecdotal not fact. ;)

Posted via Android Central App

Lol; you've activated my trap card.

Ive put no story. But it is common knowledge that windows phone works better on low spec phones than android can.

Google recently has helped and fixed some of those bad bugs that caused lag on android, but other than your new moto gen phones, can you name other phones that dont have lag while having low specs? Nexus 5 doesn't count. that one is mine, hehe

Posted via Android Central App

Also side note, htc one m8 w/ windows phone just got the second fastest phone award, according to basemark OS II. Do you know the place of the android counter part? The top 1 phone is the xperia z2.

Either way, whether the original android m8 is 3rd, 4th, or 20th, windows was still faster, despite both phones having the same specs. That speaks a lot.

Posted via Android Central App

Scrolling is not so smooth ...

After you update layout scrolling isnt smooth on my PC!!!
Great Phone tho

Really? If so that is even more interesting.

Why we are still stuck with breakable glass is beyond me. Seems that plastics would solve a lot of these issues. Less weight needed to protect the glass too. I like lighter phones.

The larger bezel at the bottom and onscreen buttons spoil the look for me, had they spread between top and bottom would have negated that a little.

I've got a moto g. I'll be upgrading to this. Bigger screen and extra ram and sexy as hell. I hate paying more for a phone than a couple hundred quid. Amy new on future UK availability?

Posted via Android Central App

I like this phone. I do. So I will buy this phone out right. After watching the "non" auto-playing video, the phone seems more buttery smooth than my G3. MMMMMM, I might wait for the other version that's coming out but who knows....

WHAT!? You calling this smooth? lol, wow, this phone is super laggy in any possible way. G3 is way faster and way more smooth than this.

Bezels that small seem like a pain in the butt, I already find issues on the current crop (before this phone) of slim bezel phones, I find all too often that bezel is slim enough on my HTC one M8 that the simple act of holding the phone can cause my fingers to touch the screen now and again, which is made even worse of an issue with the very slim edges, I honestly found the larger, thicker, with larger bezels LG optimus G pro I had prior to the M8 to be far more comfortable to hold.

It's not a "bezel" issue. It's a programming issue. Have you seen handwriting on a Surface Pro 3? It's very accurate at not registering improper touches. Phones can be programmed to ignore certain touches. You need to use it first before saying it sucks.

You guys may want to shoot me but... I personally like having a little bit of bezel. It makes it harder to accidentally hit buttons on the screen. Now I'm not talking massive but having a little there makes it easier to hold in my opinion.

Of course, I still haven't held a phone with none so I'll have to give it a shot.

It only lagged when he was scrolling on chrome. And that's because it wasn't done loading the page! That happens to all phones and browsers. Other wise out was pretty smooth.

Posted via Android Central App

Go ahead, admit it! This phone is going to make you do something you never thought you would do. So, pull your hoodie up tight and schlep into the Sprint store to check it out!

Just goes to show, takes an underdog to show the big guy's how to design a phone. Beautiful.

Posted via Android Central App

I just love the idiocy of blogs like this one. Dozens of people who have never even seen this phone in the flesh, much less held one, know as an absolute fact that it's going to be uncomfortable to hold, impossible to avoid unintentional taps, and myriad other problems. In spite of the fact that people who HAVE ACTUALLY USED the device think the super-thin bezels are great, and say

"after playing with the the Aquos Crystal, we'd like to see more manufacturers do the same thing. It makes devices with big screens feel much better to hold."

It must be nice to be so sure of yourself that you're convinced your totally unknowledgeable and uniformed opinion means more than actual experience.

Am I the only person who thinks this looks ugly and uncomfortable...? It's just a square. It's certainly striking, but I would never want it or lust after it.

Congrats on your first phone hands on! I know it's your first because you didn't give Chrome time to load before you started complaining about it not scrolling. And the new AC site is not that mobile-friendly.

Very nice except for the battery size. Should be 2500 mah or more. And gsm variant for 200 bucks. And moto g is 2nd best.

Posted via the Android Central App

Too bulky as newer phones go. Also they lost me with the huge plate on the bottom front. Bit it does have a beautiful display.

Posted via the Android Central App

Sharp Aquos Crystal is SO GOOD, I'm keeping it and listing my Tmo Note 3 today on eBay. Despite the supposedly slower processor and less RAM, this new phone feels as fast & smooth as Note 3. Colors are even better than Samsung (bit more saturated, whites are truly WHITE). Zero bezel makes watching live TV with Dish Anywhere app feel like you're a magician with a TV screen in your hand. Best of all it cost me 1/5 price of a Note 4 and Boost Mobile monthly is 30% less than Tmo. I'm a gadgetaholic and IMHO, this device has hit a home run.