The fine people at the Linux Foundation have started a little project that deserves some attention -- some tutorials teaching beginning Android programming. So far things are pretty basic, but the beginning is always the best place to start. They have the basics of setting up a development environment covered, and will get you on your way to writing your first Android app.

Android is Linux after all, and it's great to see the traditional desktop users excited about Android and jumping in to make it better. While you won't learn how to build the next Angry Birds game, you will get some pointers and basic information that leads you on the road to building something of your very own. Remember, everyone started at the beginning. If you've got the inclination, hit the source link to get started.

Source: The Linux Foundation


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Want to learn basic Android programming? The Linux Foundation wants to help


Thanks Jerry. I've thought about programming for Android for quite awhile, but didn't know where to start. My New Year's resolution is to try and learn something new: so, I'll give this a shot for sure. I wouldn't have thought of this if you hadn't posted this article.

Not to sound rhetorical... but this was exactly one of my new year's resolutions!! This year might actually be looking up for me lol.

It's not a stupid question. It's my response when I strongly agree with something that someone said. I'm always trying to be different lol

I am pretty sure I looked at that a few months ago and it wasn't quite all there. I think for it to be effective, though, it will have to have a local client on-screen keyboard.


I was planning on learning to program when I moved from my apartment to a townhouse in a couple months, so I can have enough space to setup a new desk/computer/dual monitor system.

This should help a ton. I have a little experience from my computer science class in college and thought it was fun when I was getting it to work and the worst fucking thing in the world when I didn't get it... so we'll see how this goes.

Thanks for this Jerry, keep up these kind of programming tips, please

Check out the youtube channel MyBringBack and TheNewBoston. They have awesome tutorials from a guy named Travis. That's pretty much how I learned the basics. I'm still really new at it all comparitavely, but is another awesome resource.

PS: If AC wants to fund a trip for me to go to Google I/O that would be cool :-D

Thanks for this! My Tech class is about to start programming android apps and we are all so lost! Hopefully this will help!

I'm with a bunch of the others. Thanks Jerry for pointing this out. I've had this on my list to do since WebOS went downhill and this may just be what I need to get me moving!