The HTC Merge has sure spent a lot of time in the spotlight, once emerging with Verizon branding, then heading its way to Alltel, and now more confusion to the pot. In the Android Market has surfaced the VZ Navigator for Merge application, which would be the HTC Merge specific version, as we have seen with other devices as well. Things get even more interesting when we have a look at Verizon's exclusive Indycar Mobile app page, where the Merge is listed alongside other known, newish devices that should be seeing the app soon. Could it be, could the HTC Merge be coming to Verizon after all? We have no release information, or if this is a goof up, but the VZ Navigator application appears to have just been released today. [Android Market] Thanks, David!


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VZ Navigator for the HTC Merge shows up in Android Market


Verizon Wireless just release the damn thing already! It's about 6 months old already, which is a lifetime in the cellphone world. I was thinking for a moment maybe HTC was just dumping it off to US Cellular and the like while prepping an awesome 4G version for Verizon.

Just when I think I'll never see the Merge, THEY PULL BACK IN!

I stopped reading at "My wife is due" and was going to say you should go there instead. Then I realized you had more to say. Children, make sure you read something completely.

On topic, I think Verizon is bipolar. One week they want it and the next they don't.

For one thing, there ARE PEOPLE who use and have used the Verizon Navigation.......that comment is absolutely incorrect.
But with an Android device anyone who uses it is throwing hard earned money away ! Google Vice Navigation is an excellent GPS and just as good as Verizon's.

I have used the VZ Navigation. I had Blackberry and unlike Android, there aren't free voice navigation applications.

So to say no one uses it is wrong. I know plenty of people who do use it. I am glad now though I am saving the 9.99 a month !