Streaming control will be available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Although there hasn't exactly been a flood of new services supporting Chromecast after the official SDK was announced, Vudu is ready to throw its hat into the ring. Vudu, if you're not familiar, streams TV shows and videos just like its competitors such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant, and a whole grouping of others.

Unfortunately there actually isn't a whole lot to report in terms of features or availability right now — Vudu simply confirmed today that Chromecast support is coming, and that it will be multi-platform as well. Updated Android and iOS apps will let you cast content under the control of your phone or tablet, while Windows and Mac compatibility comes by way of an updated website interface.

If you're looking to be ahead of the curve and want to join Vudu's beta testing group, you can potentially have an early look — you can register at the source link below.

Source: Vudu Blog


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Vudu Chromecast support 'coming soon' along with updated Android app and website


Good. I doesn't matter that I don't use the service, but it does matter that we are seeing a lot of support for the Cast.

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I disagree. If you don't tell me your app is coming, I'm more likely to leave your app for one of the other solutions. Looking your way spotify...

If WatchESPN makes it to Chromecast I will start packing away my Roku immediately.

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Seriously. That would be HUGE. I already use and chromecast the tab full screen on my Chromebook, but native app support would be delicious.

Nice. I wish Play Movies would add Ultraviolet support as well. My Vudu collection would be awesome to be linked to the Play app. Hopefully one day.

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Becoming a little frustrated with the lack of movement around chromecast support. I don't use this app but at least it's one more company lending support. Still many more to come hopefully

Too bad Amazon is such a bitch. I would love the Prime videos on my phone/tablet with Chromecast support.

I would be happy with an app that only sent to Chromecast or even a send to Chromecast from the website option. If amazon ups their price and offers no access other than tab casting I'm done with them. I happily rent movies from the play store or vudu.

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Have you tried it? Does it work well?

I haven't been super impressed with Avia local streaming.

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This is awesome-- I've had lots of playback issues with Google Play content, to the point where I went back to Vudu on the wired player. It will be awesome to use the Chromecast instead, knowing I can fall back to the wired player if anything starts acting up.

Anyone know a replacement for AirVideo (Apple app...) Just want to play video files stored on PC on my TV using nexus 5 to control it?

Has anyone had any luck signing up for the beta? I have tried several times from different devices even, and it just keeps telling my that my user id/password is incorrect when not 30 seconds earlier I used the same credentials to sign in to watch a movie

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