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Virgin Mobile and Kyocera have teamed up to offer an extremely low-cost Android device, the Event, for just $79.99 without a contract. Now you can't expect high-end specs at this price, but the Event shouldn't be a complete slouch. We're looking at a 3.5-inch HVGA (320x480) display, a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM (SDcard expandable), a 3.2MP camera and it's all running under Android 4.0. The software looks very slightly skinned as well, which is nice.

The Event can be purchased for just $79.99 without a contract, and paired with one of Virgin's plans that offers unlimited data starting at $35 per month for 300 minutes. This device would be a great option for a frugal first-time smartphone user.

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Smartphones can make even the most mundane situation an “event.”  Stuck in line?  Multitask by posting witty observations and pics on Facebook or Twitter.  On an endless road trip? A little online shopping makes time fly by.  The new Kyocera Event Android smartphone helps to make every moment – and dollar – count for anyone looking for an affordable phone, and especially the estimated 500,000 people who each week make the jump from feature phones to smartphones[1].  The black version of Event launches today at Virgin Mobile USA for $79.99[2] without a contract[3].  A red version of the phone will be available exclusively from RadioShack, where Kyocera recently was named the retailer’s 2012 Device Vendor of the Year, beginning March 3.

Kyocera Event’s 3.5” HVGA IPS touchscreen display ensures crisp, bright viewing from any angle while adjustable brightness allows optimum viewing in any light.  With Virgin Mobile USA on Sprint’s nationwide high-speed network[4] and the phone’s 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Event provides snappy access to apps, email and the Web and delivers Virgin’s “Higher Calling” promise to those new to smartphones with its Beyond Talk unlimited data[5] and messaging plans starting at $35 per month.

“Kyocera Event on Virgin Mobile is the perfect device for the millions of people buying their first smartphone, or those who simply want a full featured, yet affordable phone without a contract,” said Eric Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of global sales and marketing at Kyocera Communications.  “Whether it’s the simple elegance of black or the stand-out-in-a-crowd confidence of RadioShack’s  exclusive red, Kyocera Event has style and performance far beyond its affordable price tag.”

With Android™ 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), Kyocera Event offers access to the Google Play Store™ where users can download thousands of free Android apps including games, productivity tools, travel assistance and rewards programs.  Google Maps™ and Google Navigation™ eliminates the need  to ever ask for directions again.  A 3.2- megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash and video camcorder helps ensure each moment is captured, and the virtual QWERTY keypad with Swype® allows users to share messages faster and easier with rapid text entry.  Kyocera’s MagniFont is an extra-extra-large font size to help ensure users can always see what they’re doing, and Kyocera’s Eco Mode software monitors and conserves battery power.  With 4GB ROM/512MB RAM memory and support for microSD™ memory card expansion up to 32GB, Event owners can store and transfer thousands of photos, videos, music and more.


Reader comments

Virgin Mobile announces the Kyocera Event for just $79


Let me squash all the negative comments impending. Yes, it's a low spec'ed device. Not everyone needs dual core, 2GB of ram, 1080p screens, etc...and Virgin isn't sitting here saying it's state of the art.

It's a good value and Kyocera's Rise phone released earlier last year was a nice little phone with very little customization and bloat. I'm sure this will be a nice device for the budget conscious Android user who doesn't need the raw power of higher end phones.

+1000. I think these phones and plans are great for teens, or price / budget conscious shoppers, or someone that just needs something basic. There us nothing wrong with these devices. They are great.

The people who will buy this kind of phone are not going to shop for obscure chinese phones, they will buy what is in the store. Also, a GS2 on a prepaid plan will still cost you $300 new.

A teenager with their first paycheck on their first job could buy this, and that's Virgin Mobile's main customer. This is my old Optimus V only its faster, has more memory and is $100.00 cheaper.

This is why Android will win out in the long run. In a couple of years we may be able to buy a GS3 class device for about a 100 bucks.

This is actually a really nice phone for the price. I was between jobs and had to go prepaid for a while. I bought.a T-Mobile Concord for $99 new and this phone kills it in specs. Glad to see that for $79 you can get something this nice.

This would also make a great backup/throw away device. I used to have an HTC Wildfire S that I paid $250 for that I used when I went camping, etc when I didn't want to break my primary device. The device served me really well, until it ended up in a lake. I would have killed to have been able to use a phone like this as that type of secondary device.

yeah, another phone with specs from 3 years ago, isnt there already 200 of these similar specced models out there now. my old droid x has same specs but the screen is bigger and better and 16gb built in, you can buy them all day long off of ebay for $60-$80

Not everyone uses or even trusts ebay, and those prices are for used phones. This phone is $79 brand new. You are obviously not the target market for this phone. I know plenty of people that would line-up to buy this: people that don't care about high-end phones, big displays, internal memory, ram, etc. It's not for you: get over it and move on lol

dude didnt you read my post i said theres alot more phones out there with same specs and some are even cheaper than this $79 phone. just look at VM website. the droid x was just one example. man i didnt mean to make yall cry over this kyocera phone, next time i'll try to think about other peoples feelings first.

Show me that Droid X running on Virgin Mobile for $35 a month.

Waiting........still waiting........yeah.