Google's Reto Meier — a great dude to do walkthroughs if we've ever seen one — dives through some of the more techy changes in Android 4.4 KitKat. Still a great watch for the rest of us. Set aside a dozen minutes and check it out.


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Video: What's new in Android 4.4


Are there non-techy changes?
In all seriousness, this seems a little light on features. Maybe that's why there was no big announcement, most of these changes are stuff that the average user isn't going to care about, they're not marketable to a wide audience.

The dialer app should be really useful, lower battery usage on music should be. I guess thats all i would really care about.

This might be the case forever now that Google Play Services and the majority of the major Apps have been taken out of the OS.

It will be techie behind the scenes stuff in the OS and the real big changes will be Google Play Services and individual apps to get around the carriers/manufacturers dragging their feet.

SELinux now defaults to ENFORCING vs PERMISSIVE. This has proven to be a PITA for many of us on the Note3 where it's already enforcing (with KNOX). Apps like TiBu, for example, still need to be updated to fix SELinux contexts upon restore, else they crash (unless you also run a temporary util app "TB fixer" after you restore anything)

With all the changes (many of which I have wanted in a smart phone, like printing), they should have released it as 'Android 5' to go with the Nexus 5.

With my galaxy nexus and my htc one, I can simply select print in some apps and it fires up the printer without even setting up anything. I haven't used it but a couple times, but it has been handy when I've used it.

Doesn't really matter what wonderful new features KitKat has probably won't get a sniff of it with my LG Optimus G !

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The Google Experience Launcher

Anyone know what is new about this and if it can be configured and what we can do? Seems like since it seems to have its own extension or type ".gel" there could be other
features that could be added to it. For example additional icon packs, or other customizations.

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