We already knew that CyanogenMod 7.1 was on its way to the LG Optimus 3D (aka LG Thrill 4G), but now we have some early video footage of the popular custom firmware running on LG's new flagship phone, courtesy of developer Ricardo Cerquiera. The video shows a surprisingly functional build, with video, Wifi, browsing and OpenGL all working without a hitch. The early build also manages an impressive 58 frames per second in the NenaMark benchmarking app.

Ricardo mentions on Google+ that he's already got 3D video working, so it looks like Optimus 3D owners won't have to sacrifice any of that stereoscopic goodness to run CM7 when the time comes. As ever, there's no ETA for any nightly builds or release candidates, but we look forward to seeing more of CM7 on the Optimus 3D just as soon as it's ready.

Source: Ricardo Cerquiera on Google+


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Video shows progress bringing CyanogenMod to LG Optimus 3D


I've been rocking CM on my OG EVO since May when I mustered up enough moxy to flash my first ROM (been rooted since I got the phone in December). I'm currently on RC 7.1 (which is 2.3.4) and I love every bit of CM!

I'm glad to see that CM is making the transition to other models. I think everyone should be able to get a little flavor of THE best AOSP ROM out there!

ADW launcher FTW!!