The rumors are true. Flash 10.1 is in the ROM that was ported from the HTC Desire to the Nexus One. And it works ... OK, it's not great. But remember that this is an unofficial ROM, and things are likely to change by the time we get Flash (and the new version of Sense) on U.S. phones.

A full run-down of the new version of HTC's Sense is coming. In the meantime, here's a quick video look at what's been ported over. Have at it.

Update: OK, so it looks like this is an implementation of Flash Lite, and not full-on Flash 10.1. Whatever. It's still more Flash than you've had before. :-/


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Video hands-on: New HTC Sense ported to the Nexus One - with Flash (updated)


On another note when will Phil learn, that isn't flash 10.1 it's flash lite 4. So stop calling it 10.1!

Wow and he hasn't even updated name of the article or the information in it. I came over from as I had a Pre before I got an Android phone and the articles seemed to have a lot more meat to them. When I sold my Pre and got a Droid I was hoping for the same kind of content here since it's a sister site, but I find time and time again over-sensationalized articles full of hype and lacking on facts. Hell I still continue to read just because of their excellent content, great community and amazing developer scene. Maybe Android Central could poach some of their writers?

Thanks for the update, but just an FYI I do own a desktop and a laptop so I think I've still had way more flash than that. But either way I don't want flash on my phone and can barely stand it on my computer ;)

Thankfully this will not be officially pushed to the N1. One of the reasons I got the N1 is because it doesn't have some other company's UI. I feel bad for the people who actually buy the Desire for it's "sexy" UI because they will be waiting around a long time for any new Android updates. And when they don't get their update at the same time the N1 does, they will all be on the blogs screaming, "When will we get Android 3.0?!?!"

I know that I could be eating my words if the N1 isn't updated either but I believe that timely updates will be one of the advantages of buying a Google phone directly from Google. We will see.

A much sexier UI than the stock N1! And it's fast. I may consider doing this.

What are the downsides of doing this that you've found after using it?

Phil gets Sense on his Nexus the same day I get the Nexus ROM running on my Hero. Funny how we all want what we can't have :) So we all know Flash is giggity giggity good, regardless of what version you want to call it. What's your verdict on the Friend Stream app? I need to know if it's worth it before I try to port the libraries over the the Hero.