Espresso ROM on a Hero

Remember that HTC Espresso ROM that we'd seen ported onto an HTC Hero? There's video of the deed after the break. We'll take this on a new phone, no problem. But it'd be great if HTC were to spread the love around, ya know? [via HTCPedia]


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Video of Espresso ROM on a Hero


and seriously what was wrong with the bar on the bottom? I like the original one better.. they had to make it a straight line?

I like the edition of the last recent 3 programs in the notification tray though. But seriously I hope before its released that they take the bubbles off and and keep the original bar on the bottom of the homescreen.

Can someone like write an e mail or get a petition or something to take off these odd implements that makes Sense look tacky, unattractive, and like a cheap them? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Sense was beautiful.

I like the old sense UI. I usually love the newer stuff, but the old sense just hits me "right."

This is too ugly to be made by HTC. I think this ROM's UI is a hack or is for low end smartphones. HTC is smart, this isn't their finished product

I told my friend not to get the Hero. The device is ugly and now the UI is too. The Samsung Moment looks nice now.